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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stupid Talking Heads

Have you thought about IF the world was flat?

And, you can imagine how sophisticated she is with other intellectual topics she spews about.
BUT, The BS Entertains
You'll note that the above graphic was made from data gathered by the marketing research company called - I've been offering a link to YouGov.Com for Barfsters to become part of the panel at When you join, they begin to send you research surveys that ultimately give you a REAL chance for your opinion to count in interesting manners. You also earn points that are redeemable for cash and merchandise.  So, Sign Up With This Link Please and when you complete FIVE surveys - they flip me a buck or two. The surveys are generally fun and often are political in nature.
The BS Connects
The BS Gallery
Crusted Bits Of BS
The YOU Are Not Ready For Contact Theory About UFOs
Today's ParaNormal Read
The Robots Have Won - Panera Bread Replaces Cashiers With Machine
Wait a second, isn't that what the Unibomber warned of
Gamble For Free On The Internet

Monday, August 25, 2014

Only In Africa

The BS seldom begins with a picture - but this rose above the rest for today's Barfstew:
I don't think this fits in swamp boats
The BS Entertains
The BS Gallery
Crusted Bits Of BS
Is Ferguson Part Of Cyops?
was CNN part of a set up?
Washington Post Declares Pot Cheap Compared To Beer
strange article that compares a joint to a six pack
Italy To Release 10,000 Marijuana Prisoners
a major law was overturned there
The below was supposedly found on a Police Facebook page

Hey Marcel America - ATT Brands

What The War On Pot And `Drugs' Did To The Black American Family
crusted bits of BS alright, dare you to read this

Kygo Mellow
The BS Entertains
So Does Amazon
and would that be regular or large girth?

And Finally Today
for those that don't know, you can purchase FRACTIONS of a bitcoin - say like a `nickles worth' or .05 bitcoin or even less like .01 bitcoin (about FIVE bucks per .01 as of today)
A note to Barfsters, I bought my first part of a bitcoin this month via the above link to Coinbase (one of the largest exchanges) .05 to be exact (at 591.49) and then .035 (at 523.98) - after you give all the bank info (which is slightly creepy - but you can choose an option where you aren't entering the password - simply wait a few days for the transaction to complete) - you get the bitcoin into your `wallet' in about 4 working days (6 total for me) - they send you an e when its in. So, you build up your amount of bitcoin a bit at a piece, literally..... like a savings account.... except this one has an potential upside. Bitcoin has been relatively stable all year and is establishing a price about 450-600 per full bitcoin. The assumption is that E-bay will take bitcoins in the near future, and the same assumption is that E-bay will dump them as fast as they arrive - which could drive prices lower..... but, IF they hang onto them....... OMG.

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