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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Porn Consumption - By State And Politics (A Proud Kansas Tops Nation?)

Can't really put my finger on the usefulness of the graph below except for the obvious Kansas outlying (and the love of Barfsters for data about everything) ..... well except for the generally higher consumption of porn by democrats...... (doesn't the MSM normally love to focus in on data that tends to embarrass the worthless republicans for this ... you know, the repressed `religious' viewpoint?).... anyway... since the data comes from one source (the porn data that is).... isn't it possible that Pornhub has a racial slant to all of this ..... like a BLACK person slant for the `democratic' states? Or is it that blacks, who use Pornhub, use more porn than whites? - and, isn't that a lot more likely the cause of the graph than politics?


oR , IS all of the above The BS?
The BS - Entertains
The BS - Can Be Useful (bookmark today)
As memories of winter fade

Minnesota Hotties
Leftovers From Easter?
Worlds Largest Bunny

Over Four Feet - And Over 50 Pounds
The BS, Entertains
Survey Says - How The USA, Self Divides
I love the blending of the colors above - won't be too long before TEXAS makes it's own NATION (IMO) - the only real question is how many GREEN and Purple and Beige states will be joining them.?
The hard politics of a new USA
Today's Amazon Choice
237 Reviews
Bible stuff - get your mind out of the ....
More Data? You Glutton!
Learn more from the graph below than a years worth of listening to a worthless mainstream media.
You never know where the BS will lead you!
Like to the idea that mankind DIDN'T `come out of Africa' but began.... in Australia - there's a LOT of logic and perhaps a bit of the BS here:
Our claim is supported by genes, mtDNA, blood and many experts, that Australian Original people set sail from Australia, not to, 50,000 years ago. We claim that Australian Original people sailed to and settled in America over 40,000 years ago, and visited many other places including Egypt, Japan, Africa, India etc. They were the first Homo sapiens who evolved before the Sapiens of Africa, and who gave the world art, axes, religion, marine technology, culture, co-operative living, language and surgery.
Many may not know that Professor Alan Wilson, the person responsible for the claim that we evolved from Africa, recanted his theory and now believes a small group of Homo erectus got to Australia 400,000 years ago. He believes they evolved into Homo sapiens and then spread from Australia well before the Africans.
That's the slippery slope for today - see you tomorrow?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Camera Eyes With Zoom Abilities

Now, here's a slippery slope product if there ever was one.... yeah,.. Google behind this wonder product once again.... say with the ability to Zoom And Record Upskirts With A Glance (And A Dropped Pencil) - but BS like that is a bit under the spin and scope of the article.... of course.
Spinning Down The Technology BS Slope
Speaking Of Skirts
The BS Spin - Gets Your Attention
The BS Does Politics
Have you seen any Libertarian Interviews by the MSM? (Isn't the BS spin of the MSM that folks hate our political parties?) Thought so.
Will The Disgusted Point Of View Be Tolerated?
And, obviously, the blatantly sexual pushes the bar?
(The Sears Robuck Catalog Of Today)
Keeping It Spinning
the BS Entertains
And, makes those that consume too much
Barfstew, Seconds?
Hard Crusted BS Newsbites
Gotta See This Baby, Priceless Shame CNN Material
Everyday news? Or, Bluemoon Mention?
Three Months Into Legal MSM Makes BS Judgement
Oh, Our BS Media Has Yet To Find ONE Person In Colorado Who Says A Statement Like `I Like Pot Better Than Alcohol'. Hilarious.
no wonder the endless campaign on CNBC
The Reason, As You Know, For Your Visit Today
Beyond The Touch Of A Worthless Media
(reposting the classics)
And, Finally:
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