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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Humans Live In Electromagnetic Field Pollution

As regular Barf Stew (BS) readers know, sometimes this blog will be about rants and finds on the internet of interest - copy and pastes that must be shared. Here are some more.

I found this on 12/19/04

We humans live in a thick, invisible smog of electromagnetic (EM) field pollution produced by radio and television transmitters, computers, telecommunication towers, and power lines.
These artificial fields are in turn enhanced by the Earth’s own natural geomagnetic and geoelectrical fields created by geological faults, atmospheric disturbances, and lightning, and by our Sun’s geomagnetic storm influences. The intersection of these artificial and natural fields may well coalesce into ‘hot spots’ that can affect human physiology, especially the brain

This one was from 11/8/2004

Photons can be viewed as just dynamic propagated changes in the underlying potential energy/momentum/rotational energy/angularmomentum field that underlies space/time.They have no mass since they are only areas of changing the field. They are missing the structural field symmetry necessary for mass.

I enjoy bringing you this Stew.

More links too:

Today's YouTube -- Strange strange cloud Glow! Short cool video.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Is the Hobbit's Brain Unfeasibly Small?

A real meaty article with a very strong science angle about the small race of folks that have come to be known as the Hobbits - who existed up until nearly modern times. Ultimately, this article answers in a quantitative way whether human lineage includes examples of supposed de-evolution into smaller size and brain - the answer may be a surprise. Stewable.

Recapitulation (Castaneda) - - Other than controlled lucid dreaming - this may have been Castaneda's second heaviest idea. Stewable for most. - The due or die on Pot legalization is approaching in California. Read all about it. Stewable. - Great practical joke. Imagine making a call (and you can make up to 5 calls at this link) and being able to put ANYTHING onto the caller ID of the person you call? Yeah, I thought you'd get it.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rant 306 - From J.S.Flower - 7/10/2004

A 100 year old pin-head scientist pushing evolutionYet where is the INVOLUTION?
All of the unknowns that science cannot explainnor will they ever be able to explain (big-bang included)
Because they still think that time can be toldby looking at their wrist watch, or clock, or marking a calander from PopeGregory!
Please let us hope to wake up by 2008...2012...Time is of the essence, yet scientists cannot understand essence orbeing...Why?
Because our tools of measurement are faulty and only cover the surface ofmateriality(physic's included)
Unique metapatterns baffle these pinhead knowitalls, Dr.'s of illusionstudying what?
If we do a bit of bioscience we'll figure it all out, here a splice, therea splice, everywhere a splice, splice.
So how is that peach of a state? One of your breathren gored inSpain...bulls a running...
Where does the transformation of energy fit into these theories?Theomermalogos perhaps?!
Just so long as I can fill it up...Modern caveman behind the wheel of hismobile caveburning it up as fast as he can, with the pick your poision election, justdown the road...
Skull & BonesOil is turmoilPure poision from extraction to combustion, all for making money, big moneyVintage from a crafty industrialist now snakeoil on every corner
Seen 911 yet? What a bunch of propaganda
We have a choice4 more years ofdumbing down

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doppelgangers, Elvis and Jesus Sightings, And Project Blue Beam

First if you are coming from my doppelganger post on The Heavy Stuff - thanks. Regardless if you are or not - thanks for visiting with Barf Stew today - when you finish this post, look around, I have lots of cool content on this blog already.

Ok, so, a few weeks ago I'm thinking a bit about doppelgangers and suddenly the thought comes into my mind again about how people `see' Jesus with some regularity and immediately the tales of Elvis Presley being `seen' years after his death also popped into my mind. And that was all it took for a trip into the internet.

Almost immediately, I came across this `Elvis Sightings, Leads & Research' - and, the wikipedia take on his `faked death' - `Is Elvis alive?' - and finally, `Confirmed Elvis Sightings' - Unfortunately, when reading account after account of this -- I found none that really represented the more `esoteric' definitions of a doppelganger.

In other words, in none of these instances was Elvis `ghostly' or a phenomena that was living in the flesh for a few moments - followed by a sudden `vanishing'. Indeed, all of these reports seemed to revolve around the idea that Elvis `never died'. And, when you read the wikipedia page - and understand just `how important' he was to some - perhaps these `hopes and sightings' are not to be unexpected.

So, I turned to look for examples of Jesus sightings next. And, I was NOT disappointed. Indeed, this is an amazing link find if you are a believer - `Photographs of Jesus Face' - Literally, photo after photo of Jesus allegedly taken in Church's - by nuns - etc --- all with a source of the picture and the story behind it. And, without question, these photos seem to fit into the `expanded' definition of a doppelganger that I made in the previous post - that of a `living flesh image' of a `dead person'. (I also assume that these `images'/entities - vanished in some manner too.)

Now, as amazing as the above link and images are (nearly each image is virtually identical - yet another `confirming' factor?) - how about this link from 2006 about a French `sighting(s)' - - get ready for a HEAVY read to say the least. I'll have other, less serious links at the bottom of this post.

It was at this point that my mind twisted once more - taking a Jesus Doppelganger and comparing that to the supposed ideas of Project Blue Beam. Now, here's a link to that madness if it is new to you and a quote summarizing the expectations of the `next coming' event:
and to quote the posting:

"International world media will be used to introduce this spiritual imposter and monster to the nations, who is a spiritual counterfeit posing as Christ, using NASA HAARP blue beam technology to stage a completely false and fabricated phony "second coming" by projecting moving speaking holograms into the lower atmosphere, while simultaneously attempting to beam messages from Maitreya directly into the brains of innocent unsuspecting masses, using HAARP mind control technology. "

Yes, the holographic projection of Christ's image from space and the HAARP technology to speak inside our heads - is what these folks believe will proceed the NWO (new world order). I've read similar stuff that claimed the NWO forces would simply use a `false alien landing' to accomplish the same control outcome for the powers that be over the sheeple they lead. (Other versions of this have other religions represented too - such a Buddha in the sky in those believing areas - for example. Or that these religious symbols would be HUGE in the sky and totally overwhelming.)

Now, since such technology seemingly already exists to produce events of a similar nature - the real question is WHAT IF? What if Jesus DID return?

Now, let's imagine a world economic collapse or overwhelming natural event that did or was going to affect the entire world. Indeed, could a world full of fear, doubt, and dependency actually `trigger' a REAL doppelganger of Jesus? After all, it is certainly within the realm of possibility that the above `pictures' of Jesus ARE REAL. And, indeed, are Jesus's REAL doppelganger. (Except in this case `showing to one or a few folks' - as opposed to the world.)

Would Jesus's doppelganger, if real, choose to `display' in a manner already speculated by the (anti) conspiracy forces as the prelude to a world takeover by the world power elites? ----- Since obviously, the son of God would already know that?

Or, could a Jesus doppelganger `return' - in/on a more personal level. Perhaps even to each person individually, - even simultaneously. And, if so, would you be ready to believe in a real doppelganger -- or -- in the science possibility of you being manipulated by a Hologram and HAARP?

And, is this all Stew worthy -- or -- just a ladle full of hot Barf Stew?

Thanks for reading today - lots more if you go to my front page and page downward - -- and take a look at my new Barf Stew T-shirt being offered to BS fans at the top of the sidebar.

Other links:,4729,10-strangest-Jesus-sightings-of-2009,Daniel-Finkelstein---TimesOnline,page2#439935 -- This one has something similar to what happened to me as I described in THS.
The companion post to this one

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Speaking of Holograms - CNN Hologram TV First

Monday, January 25, 2010

Humans Were Once An Endangered Species

Fascinating read tracing the types of humans and where they were - in addition to the numbers of humans. To quote from the article:

"One such event was the Toba super-volcano in Indonesia that erupted around 70,000 years ago, triggering a nuclear winter. Only an estimated 15,000 humans are thought to have survived"

Lots of cool stuff like that - Stir the Stew please. If you like, angel, prayer, UFO stories - got one for you. Barf Stew. The Chess Master and the Computer - Great HEAVY article about Chess and Computers -- written by Kasparov. Best Stew Yet.

A visualization of what Too Big To Fail is composed of - --- Careful, total barf.

The lake that has no bottom - Good Barf Stew read.

And for today's fun - Beauty in a Green Dress - (for the male audience)

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is THIS The Great Lakes Whale?

A couple of fun links about `Bessie' and more - -- Excellent Stewable matter here. Alright, it could be Barfy.

'Peak water' could flush civilisation - Cute title - and serious, -- but, perhaps a little too serious as mankind can indeed convert air to water and salt water to water too - so, I'd say, this can be best viewed as Barf Stew - TV UFO report from Niagra Falls - interesting object and video. Stewable.

Google Faces The Slickest Click Fraud Yet - Interesting read about the world of internet clicks - Barffff Stewwww.

Harvesting the Human Commodity --- Careful, graphic material about a possible alien abduction and harvest. Stewable, unfortunately.

The 9/11 Commission Rejects own Report as Based on Government Lies - Again, disturbing. Barfable. Stewable.

The Ichnological Evidence For ABSMs - Ichnological you say? - Barf Stew most probably on the menu here - great read as all cryptomundo write-up's are. A very deep look at human overpopulation and employment in the modern age.

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Initial Field Investigation
MUFON Case# 17015
North Port Florida Encounter - And, from the report:

"The Mutual UFO Network of Florida performed an initial assessment of suspected
extraterrestrial entity activity at the Rowley residence located at 2556 Holland St, North
Port, Florida. Two witnesses gave testimony and accounts, Shane Rowley and father of
Shane, Michael Rowley. Suspect evidence was collected. The evidence consists of video,
photographs of footprint and associated negatives and a footprint plaster cast made by the

Great read --

Port Chatham left to spirits
• ‘Nantiinaq’ sightings and spirits led to desertion of Alaska village - One strange strange tale from Alaska -

Finally, another over the top UFO video - from Uruguay:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

U.S.-China Military Tensions Grow

In all honesty, I have no clue as to whether this is something we should be Barfing about or Stewing about. The writer does have several other posts as some of his background thinking on the base of the post. The Professor is new to the blog arena but a welcome addition. Hit this link to see how deeply a high strangeness idea can be dug into. Stewable, ok, a little burpy.

Magic, Mysticism & the Molecule: NOW AVAILABLE! - One of my favorites in the esoteric area - Micah A. Hanks - new book.

Why does God allow natural disasters? - Stewable. Dangerous.

Ok, after all that you know I like to bring you some fun - how about a contest on how many times you can kiss a fat guy in 30 seconds?

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Man Poses as Former Guess Model, Scams Thousands From Wealthy Men via Online Dating Site

And all with a high-pitched voice and someone Else's picture - classic Barf Stew with garlic -

Dumb Luck Stock Index Clobbers Top Wall Street Fund Managers - And from this article - "I was inspired to create the SRSI by Lusha, a chimpanzee in Russia. According to an article in the U.K. Daily Mail, Lusha's stock picks outperformed 94% of the country's investment funds. Her portfolio increased in value by 300%, leading to this insightful observation by the head of monetary policy at the Institute for the Economy in Transition in Moscow: "It shows that financial knowledge does not play a great role in giving forecasts to how the market will change." - Are you enjoying the Barf Stew?

Some of my Blog posts ended up here - Stew worthy.

A Shorpy for you called `Dead End - 1905' - Find out why --- Cool Stew.

It was no joke at security gate - Just to ask; would you find it FUNNY that a TSA employee would put a bag of white powder in your carry on luggage? Didn't think so - what a F'ing dick - Total Barf.

So, let's say you want to find out info on UFO's from the NSA - and file a FOIA request -- and then you see this list of terms under which UFO stuff has been asked for in the past -- only to find NONE of the terms listed produced ANYTHING -- CLASSIC ----- you must see this Barf filled list of denial -

Industrial Society and Its Future - Remember the Unibomber? Remember that he wrote a manifesto that was printed by the media? Well, here it is - - many stewable points. Dare you read it?

Overpopulation Means Declining Representation - Stewable material.

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Finally, for your fun link today - a YouTube video titled - " Street Beauties in NYC Meat Packing District - Summer Fashion" - Men, don't miss this.

Lastly, I have 200 strange links like this on my Squidoo site at . Thanks for your visit today.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Value of White House Drops by More Than $15 Million

132 rooms and 55,000 square feet with an underground bunker - now, before you read this link - how much do you think The White House is worth? Near as I can tell - Barf Stew.

Do you feel like doing some investigating? Here's a link to a post of which many follow (just page thru the blog) about a `situation' uncovered by a blogger about a UFO writer that is more than interesting and involves those ugly things called lawyers - - nearly total Barf - be careful. Here's a real interesting picture that Hillary Clinton I'm sure was not happy to see dug up. Seems she is taking a stroll and holding an UFO book - find out more about which one. Stewable. You say you want trippy 1000 times magnification upclose pictures of insects to blow your mind? Sure. Stewable.

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Item 2.56: Does U. S. Official UFO Secrecy Constitute the Ultimate Form of "Foreign Counterintelligence"? (See Items 2.6, 2.9, 2.10, 2.31, 2.32, and their Follow-ups) - Here's a bloggers post about requesting UFO info from the government -- you will love it. Barfffffffff Stewwwwwwww.

LINDSAY SELBY : Lone hunters of the last living dinosaur - This great link talks of two less mentioned visits into the Congo to look for the final dinosaur. Find out the animal the local natives identify as a `dinosaur'. Barf Stew for sure.

Huge UFO Spotted in Cleburne, Texas - - Here's a great first person account of a low flying UFO. Stewable.

And, how about a UFO Cow Abduction from 1983 to bubble that barf up - enjoy.

I do this nearly daily too at

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In Response To Joe Capp's - `The Politics Of Aliens'

Hello, welcome to Barf Stew - a new blog that is a mix of all kinds of steamy subjects - that I offer my stewed opinion about. And, in that regard, yesterday I found on the blogroll of (my UFO blog is on that roll) a hour old post of Joe Capp titled `The Politics Of Aliens'. Now, since I run the UDCC (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock) blog and often speculate or offer my opinions on a variety of UFO `political' issues (as disclosure of alien life or UFO's is indeed political - and I covered it Oct. 4th on my politics blog with a different take than Joe) - Joe's article caught my eye and click ( - it is worth the read and has a number of intriguing ideas and speculations on which I'd like to comment.

First off, this is NOT a post that will rip Joe in any way - as I said, his is a thought provoking article IMO. Anyway, it's all a matter of opinions, barf stew really - for both of us. That said, Joe, like myself, has seen a `solid' UFO at close range and indeed it has affected both of us. As anyone who has seen these crafts close up - one knows the realness at some level (that said, I have no idea who was driving this craft in the sky or if no one was in the craft). Joe also is a member of MUFON and I am not - just to disclose that information. Joe is also a big believer and supporter of witnesses to UFO's - and while I do too - my real basis for thinking about most anomalous events is based on phenomenology - of which perception enters into `the description'.

Now, all that said, ---- and it matters only somewhat - as Joe's ideas are SO big - as are his questions - about what human reality would be like after/if aliens became part of our daily life. So, without further ado - here's my take on his post.

Joe's first opinion - one on disclosure - is that the government hides the alien presence because it would be a form of `relinquishing power'. Interestingly, just two days ago in the comments of UDCC - this was the first point raised by one of my readers, and, in my response, I agreed that `giving up power' was not in the power structures interest. Joe, however, is going to expound on this idea greatly - as he is talking about relinquishing power in more ways than one.

That said, I really don't think this is the pervasive reason for the hiding of alien information and is only a part of the real concern of governments in power (if the whole alien issue is in any way a security issue, as the reported alien involvement at nuke facilities would suggest, then the security issue is obviously number one) - as I think the politicians in power at a nation level - are so full of themselves - to not even see a big danger to their power. Especially from the common folk. So, as far as `standing out' as a reason - I'd have to slightly disagree.
Joe then next makes the point that he is NOT talking about ET's taking over (agreed, as IMO, if they wanted this planet and they are Superior in technology - then - most likely that would have happened a long time ago if they wished to govern us sheeple) the planet. But then again, it is also possible that even with advanced technology, that they simply don't have enough `manpower' or resources to control a planets human population or military's.

Joe then speculates in his post that aliens would be Superior in many ways - such as politically, ethically, and culturally, - and that humans would mentally compare `our human system' to the alien beliefs and actions - all ideas that are plausible. ---- However, here's my take (or barf stew) on `how much' INFLUENCE aliens would have on human conditions: in my view, it is totally dependent on HOW MUCH interacting the aliens would do.

A government, like ours, that simply said there were aliens who have visited and may be visiting Earth - while DENYING direct government contact at any political or super government world level - would NOT - IMO - be subject to any significant damage to the worlds main interactions between people or countries - or to their own power structures. Indeed, (and perhaps unrelated) it's my conjecture that `the physical number count' of `aliens' in their observation of Earth in crafts/vehicles - is most likely a limited number.

Especially when one considers that the most likely `explorers' of the physical universe, if the light-cone is not transverable, - are conscious/intelligent machines - as compared to `beings'.

IMO, even if 1,000 `advanced' beings - even if it were just ONE extraterrestrial species - landed and interacted with the humans of all levels on the planet (or went into the mind of) - it would be pretty hard to change our overall `humanness or beliefs'. And, I, again just an opinion - find it hard to believe that 1000's of physical real aliens are in our skies. To me, Hundreds to Zero aliens in our skies - as a number count - makes the most sense.

All that said, if an aspect of `aliens' involves `multi-dimensionalism' (transversing outside of the time-cone - ie:coming thru portals) --- and IF `those type of aliens' were suddenly coming to Earth - in some real time fashion and coming as `advanced beings' --- yes, I'm literally thinking of some CNN type of `materialization' for interviews and such - THEN, I think that Joe is indeed correct about the possible influence of aliens on our culture.

So, ultimately, it may depend on `what type' of `alien' - hyper-dimensional or `regular' `tool around the galaxy craft type of aliens' - that matters.

If aliens, who wanted to interact with humans for control at the world news level are multi-dimensional; they will be viewed as nearly gods and could have significant influence. But, `simple phenomenological aliens' would need to have huge numbers to have a similar influence. I truly don't believe that if we suddenly on Earth `captured' an alien - or if one landed for a limited time to interact and answer the peoples questions - that it would be anything more than a one month media event and perhaps as short as a couple weeks (as I blogged about here before about purposeful alien disclosure by sitting crafts over major cities

"the media, by the second day - would be mixing in `how life goes on’. The media would be interviewing truckers and asking them why they are working still (and others like cops or nurses) - and the answer would be that `life goes on’.
THIS `Life Goes On’ - would nearly become a mantra within 72 hours.
Sure, some humans would immediately go into their church’s the first day or days. But, few would remain there - as the bonding outside the church would probably be as meaningful. The bonding as earthlings, as humans, living their life — would move into the forefront.
It would be an emotional bomb for perhaps two weeks - max. Most, if not nearly all folks would return to `their work’ - most without missing a day even. The adrenaline would be nearly out of our systems.
Normal, negative emotions would return. The government, would still `have enemies’ and would still need conventional weapons (and more). Hunger in the world will still go on with no new determination to help our fellow man or overcome the human politics. A new nobility will not be the new norm for world politics.
And, slowly, it would creep into all of our consciousnesses - nothing has really changed.

Now, granted, aliens walking around the planet and interacting is different than sitting in the skies to prove a point. But, again, I would maintain that fear of losing their grip on power is not the reason for hiding the presence of aliens from the worlds populous. And, I think the fear of the end of capitalism, (Joe's thoughts on the best system as of now, despite seemingly heading for disaster with overpopulation and diminishing resources), - is also NOT a reason that governments hide the truth.

Next, Joe gets into various `attributes' and characteristics that aliens might have and that those characteristics might have some appeal to humans - `hivelike' minds being one. And Joe may have been pulling our collective legs to say that humans in power may emulate ET's by being militarylike and squashing individual rights - but - to me - that is already the case. (I also don't believe `ethics' had anything to do with leaving the alien dead bodies at Roswell - as I think Joe was just pushing the envelope on that one.)

Then Mr. Capp hits an inside the park homer on his talk about the appearance of possible ET's and what if they were like the "beautiful; similar to the Nordics, as so often reported." and "How would we react to a species that could literally design it's member including their IQs.? Wouldn't some in our species want a child which has a great IQ and looks beautiful? ......."Suppose they had Robots or specially designed bioengineered helpers to do the hard work, and this left the majority of the population of the species to peruse art and science with their highly intelligent modified brains. What would happen if this was offered to the public, including a way to increase everyone's IQ?"..."If appearance could be modified into beauty only dreamt of, wouldn't there be a line of humans around the world waiting to be changed?"...."Let's take a look at the psychological makeup of these possible aliens. Would their emotional makeup be modified to feel a certain way, like say… good? Wouldn't a species, if they could, modify any negative feelings that may interfere with their pursuits… a type of technological happy pill? How many people would jump on that band wagon?"

Ok, I'll admit it -- Joe is right and all of my above opinions are probably nothing more than Barf Stew. IF indeed, the aliens are ONLY Nordic type, all thoughtful, all powerful (mind reading etc) - than appearance may overrule or undermine our government authorities. The illusion of `goodness/beauty/wisdom' is very strong to the human form. 1000 of these type beings could indeed challenge the world belief system.

I don't think that is the case however if they are 3.5 feet tall, or, look like a reptile.

Joe, then ends with his best point about this hypothetical alien "A world of one species united will challenge earth's nationalism in the public's eyes, especially when placed in contrast to another intelligent species success story. To which I will offer this final opinion on Joe's thought provoking post - Indeed, if a Godlike race of other worldly beings - with all the attributes mankind desires - including beauty, intelligence and emotional balance comes to Earth and announces itself - it would change the worldview and is reason the government may be hiding the ET presence.

But, if the human observations are even remotely correct - by all the tens of thousands of observers of anomalous events (like Joe and I) - then we would seem to know that the crafts and entities come in all shapes and sizes and descriptions. And, that the whole phenomena of high strangeness, and, UFO's and entities, has boundaries well beyond any concerted effort by a single ONE species trying to `raise up' humankind to another higher level.

No, to me, IMO, it's much more likely that the governments don't say more about the `Fortean Phenomena' because it is a HUGE array of `types of spaces' only one of which includes `E.T.'s' that are here for the betterment of mankind.

Indeed, even at the physical level of `beings and crafts' - it is more likely IMO that multiple species are following us and our development than one species. It is also, IMO, more likely that we are studied `in a scientific `hands-off' manner' than by alien anthropologists wishing to interact with us and convert us. (I am NOT talking about multi-dimensional beings here - they indeed - on a subjective level of space - may indeed wish to evolve humankind. In other posts on my blog The Heavy Stuff I've speculated about `types' of entities.)

Finally, Joe takes one parting shot at all of our minds by challenging our thoughts with `what if the aliens were atheist'? (And how that would affect official religion.) ---- To which I'd add these `what if' questions --- what if the E.T's said ONE particular religion was `right' -- or that there were TWO or MORE Gods?

I thank Joe for stimulating thoughts about the possible culture of aliens.

Please make sure to read Joe's full post

Stew to Barf about - and you find it here nearly everyday at -- please go to the front page and page down. Lots of fun links, YouTube videos, and stories for you to discover. A great sidebar too. Thanks, give us a bookmark.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Legalizing Marijuana Would Increase Unemployment And Would Unfairly Interfere With The Free Market System - Rant 305

45% of the justice business in this country depends on the inflow of marijuana arrests to keep judges, police, prison guards, probation officers and other civil servants employed to deal with non-violent criminals. Drug testing companies depend heavily on marijuana laws to market their products all over the country in response to fear based marketing. Drug companies sell expensive drugs that wouldn't be used if the ordinary consumer could replace them with home grown remedies such as marijuana which, although shown to be quite effective, do not generate revenue for corporate entities - which in turn provide money to politicians. Legalizing marijuana is just another attempt at Socialism and we all know where that leads...Communism. Keep marijuana illegal and if possible increase the penalties for possession to something even more profitable for the controllers of the public.

Except for the last six words - this is a copy and paste that I found in a comment section somewhere on the web recently - I believe in response to the recent moves to legalize in California. While OBVIOUSLY satire and a good one at that -- it's great satire because EVERY WORD IS TRUE. About the only twist that I would have added, would have been to point out how the media depends on the advertising revenue from politicians and that if they couldn't report pot busts as `news' - what use would the politicians have at all and what `news' would they fill the drug war time with?

I now have a ton of great content on this blog - go to the front page and page down for great entertainment - .

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Vermont Candidates Join Growing Secessionist Ranks

It may seem impossible to be a candidate that supports getting out of the United States --- but, it certainly isn't crazy - read why - Very Stewable. Fortean reads are plentiful here. Yes, ONE person and one person only was in both Japan cities the day the A-Bomb dropped - read his story here. Barf-Stew.

Found my blog here on one of Leslie's other blogs - Lots of Barf to Stew about.

Remember when people strolled? In 1900 - it was entertainment - today's Shorpy - Stewable.

Ancient hominids may have been seafarers - You know, the stupid cavemen -
Stewable - but, could come up as Barf.

MUFON - Bigelow - Read all about it.

MUFON - Bigelow - Read all about it. My latest take - already on several sites.

Science project prompts SD school evacuation - Touchy Touchy Touchy. Barf all over it.

Several Witnesses Report Flashing Object Near Moon - 1/11/10 - A great anomaly from last week. Interesting read.

And for fun - a little Bigfoot.

I have 200 more links for you on Squidoo -

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Todd Sees Case: Alien Abduction, Murder and Coverup

How's that for an intriguing title? Wait till you read the long detailed story - Very Stewable.

Found my FULL post (hmm) about the UFO/Mr. Bigelow story here

Why I believe that full UFO "Disclosure" is almost impossible for the U.S. or other governments - Here's a thought out piece very very similar to the position on UFO disclosure I have taken before. Interestingly, this guy was once `Former director of the Civilian Intelligence Network, a loosely-knit citizens' watchdog group on government accountability and network of researchers, investigators and intelligence gatherers whose primary focus was on the government's so-called Black Budget Programs at locations such as the operating base at Groom Lake, Nevada (Area 51).' - Stewable. Crop circles --- and NOW as you will see in these pictures `snow circles' - interesting - Stewable Barf.

An Irvine cop ejaculates on a motorist but escapes criminal liability - Truly insane Barf Stew you can't make up. (Adult in nature)

Fox spent weeks promoting apparent tea party scam - Barf or Stew - you decide.

The Swimming Submarine
"The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim." - Edsger Dijkstra - A blogs first and only post - and worth reading.

And, how about a FUN clip to end all this Barf mess today - one titled - "Bonobo chimp plays Pac-Man" - Enjoy.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

If I wanted to see a long nose and a big ass, I'd look at a horse."

Here's an absolute gem of a website find -- called Sleep Talking Man - it's done by the wife of a guy who talks in his sleep nearly every night and utters some real gems. A website you will probably bookmark and return to - I'm not doing it justice but here's a few of his nighttime comments:

"You can't be a pirate if you don't have a beard. I said so. MY boat, MY rules."
"Pork chops are most satisfying. Mmmmmmm. Dangle them from the ceiling."
"Please just walk away. I don't want to have to stand here and say something so awesome that I'll have to remember it the rest of the day. Thank you!"

Almost all the things he says with his subconscious is interesting - give it a read - they are even selling t-shirts with this guys nighttime lines Stewable. (Some swearing - don't hit if offended by four letter words.)

TSA lied: naked-scanners can store and transmit images - A government agency LIED? ..... Barf Stew, coming up.

Obama wants record $708B for military next year - I run this for my friends who voted democrap in the last election so that the military budget might become more reasonable. ----------------Barf.

Remember Scott Ritter? The weapons inspector? Yeah him. --- Seems he is a scumbag --- read this GRAPHIC link for more Total Barf - read only if you have a strong stomach (adult in nature).

India Scientist detects sign on life on MOON - Some Stewable stuff here - fun read at worst.

Humanoid / Cryptid Encounter Reports 3 -- Another great trio of `humanoid encounters' dug up by Lon Strickler. Great two minute read.

Bookmark and return as I do this nearly daily here.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Deja Vu All Over Again for UFOs and Bigelow

Wow. --------- This website is TWICE linked to concerning this fantastic overview of the whole connection of Robert Bigelow to the investigation of anomalous events, including UFO's and his apparent quasi-connection to the government. Specifically, the Barf Stew post about my question asking `Where are the UFO investigations?' is linked too as is my first BS post on all of this. Lon Strickler's sites are also linked to as part of this commentary. Mysterious Universe has now linked to my material on their podcast and blog. --- It is important to understand this when thinking about UFO investigations likely to be mentioned within the press. Careful, probable Barf Stew (BS)

I also have found my THS blog linked to here recently - Stewable stuff.

7 Mysterious Moments in Evolution - Ever question evolution before? Is this Stewable Barf?

The UFO Movement’s Ball and Chain - Wow; here's a REAL serious look at one persons opinion about what is WRONG about the folks leading the UFO `movement' -- well written - Stewable.

Here's another VERY Stewable article about the emergence of 1984 about 25 years late. ----------- Forget Frisks; So-long Scanners: Airports Will Read Your Mind -

And, BS will finish today off with a FUN video -- titled - The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog - Believe it!

Solar Power Station Produces An Endless Supply Of Electricity For Free!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blue sky thinking: The 'skyscraper' farms that could be feeding millions by 2050

Since it seems most lead articles are about Barfable stories - here's a change of pace - a visionary idea that is definitely Stewable. Here's a cool post with some REAL UFO data - which is not easy to find. To boot, it's about UFO data by time of day, shape of craft - decade of sighting, ect. Barf Stew at its best.
Police fight cellphone recordings - Witnesses taking audio of officers arrested, charged with illegal surveillance - More Barf Stew at its finest. Here's a quote “The police apparently do not want witnesses to what they do in public,’’ said Sarah Wunsch, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, who helped to get the criminal charges against Surmacz dismissed.
The Fake Freeway Sign that Became a Real Public Service - Could be the LINK OF THE MONTH? -- You gotta love it when a citizen takes it into their own hands to fixed the F-ed up system. -------- Read here the story and see the pictures of an example of citizen power. ------ Great Stew.
Weird Object Zooming by Earth Wednesday is Likely an Asteroid - Only 1/3 the way to the moon - that is close. And, even more asteroid news here --- UFO Contactee Warns Apophis Asteroid Could Devastate Europe - - Archaeology: "Neanderthals Used Makeup and Jewelry?" - Neanderthal reads are always so much fun - as they only stir the Stew to know.
UFO Photo from Argentina Touted as "Best of 2009" - Hardly! Indeed, probably not even the UFO photo of the day if compared I bet. That said, a photo of interest. Barf Stew. -- Check on Jan 10th for this site - and there is my blog THS (I found 10 folks came to my THS from here the first day.). If you are a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, this blog is for you - or if you appreciate "Illuminating the Dark Spheres of Weird Horror". Could be a BlogFind.
And how about ending with `new' `Roswell' Crash Footage? BarfStew Baby.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Palin To Become Fox News Contributor

One of the two most vapid women in America (the other is Nancy Pelosi) now will have a platform to spew her Barf Stew about the airwaves - it is said that Jon Stewart immediately had a staff party.

`Strict' Medical Marijuana Bill Passes In New Jersey - I don't even think of this as a baby step - Barf legislation.

UFOlogy : What Is It? - A very Stewable post by The Biggest Study - one of the new - excellent - blogs on the internet. - More on the Move Your Money Movement. Very Stewable.

Here's a total Barf Stew about a cop pushing his `power' titled `Warwick Township Cop Assaults, Kidnaps and Imprisons Me Over My Request for Business Card' - Classic example of F'ed up things -- as the website says `Arm You Mind For Liberty'.

The Internet Mob's Porn Bomb - Barfable, but interesting too.

Reader Submitted Cryptid Encounters - Stew or Barf? You decide. Fun reads.

BTW, more `entity' links on my Squidoo page right here -

Monday, January 11, 2010

Explain This to IRS: Tax Agency Is $32 Billion Short

Please - Don't step in the Barf Stew on this one. To quote the article:

"The Internal Revenue Service suddenly reduced the amount of revenue it reported from delinquent collections by $32 billion, or about 27 percent, providing little information about what happened to the money,"

Yep, things are so over the top in our bloated government that they suddenly lose 27% of what they are seeking. Beyond F-ing belief -

A BRITISH woman on a break in Dubai went to police after being raped - but SHE was arrested for having illegal sex. -- Those oh so silly Arabs and their funny religion - so glad we depend on them for our energy. Total BARF.

Found my UFO blog linked on this site - Barfable.

Possible Sasquatch on video -- This is worth the click as it has an imbeded YouTube video only 27 seconds long - but is very interesting. Barf or Stew -- you decide.

Barf Stew Bigfoot Footage?

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Saturday, January 9, 2010


I must say - Bragalia is deep into the oldtime cases - the classics. Here, he gets words like this out of a widow of a General who knew the score "...The object was flying and it was unidentified. The machine was tracked by White Sands radar and those folks didn't know what the hell was happening. ....Jesse Marcel told the truth. But if I tell you the details you will never view life the same" And more of course - good Stew of Barf coming up

hat tip to (I often use and advise you to use - The Anomalist.)

Here's a ton of Barf for you - found this site in my THS blog stats -

But, not more Barf than this - found in the same manner - --- Paranoid files?

And, here's a Stewable one into Alan Watts -

MagicJack's Next Act: Disappearing Cell Phone Fees - From the article - "The device is, in essence, a very small cellular tower for the home."

1 in 5 Working-Age American Men Don't Have A Job - Wait, it gets worse - From the article "Overall, the percentage of Americans over age 16 that holds a job continues to slide, reaching 58.2 percent. That's a 25-year-low." -

Here's a Shorpy for you called SaltAir in 1900 - who said the world of 1900 didn't have cool sites on the waterfront -

Remember, the sexy photos on this site will be a little more `spicy' than on my Squidoo page - for example - Very Stewable.

What Happened at Dyatlov Pass? - Oh my; leave it to Lon at Monsters & Phantoms to bring us an incredible story about what happened to a group of skiers in 1959 - a must read. ------ Incredible Stew mixed very well right here.

Finally, I leave with an amazing YouTube video of the Eagle --- titled -- "Golden Eagle dragging mountains goats off cliffs" --- Make sure to watch until at least 1;15 for full amazement.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

FAA-Bigelow UFO Connection In December Was NOT NEW

As you might remember, last Monday - 10 days ago - I barfed up a big stink about how the FAA had made BAASS the `go-to' company for pilot and air controller reports of UFO's or anomalous phenomena - this was the link for that I also made a stew about wondering WHY after all these decades that `suddenly' the FAA was making such a designation of where the reports should be filed to be investigated (assuming they were to be investigated). And, indeed, the final curious point I thought was that Mr. Bigelow was suddenly (last year) a new moneyman behind MUFON.

Finally, I made the point that when Mr. Bigelow was the money behind NIDS - another group he funded to study the anomalous - that other than the groundbreaking `Hunt For The Skinwalker' connection -- that NIDS itself - never seemed to `find the smoking gun' on anything they ultimately studied. Not a debunking group as much as a not a confirmation group.

Well; forget almost all of that. Seems it was nothing new after all. And, here is the interesting way I found this information out.

As you may know, when one blogs on UFO's, and other esoteric stuff - and when one then checks the `stat pages' on such sites -- I find `interesting' sites that link to my content. So, just a day or two ago I see. in my statistics. Being curious, I checked the link to find my first UFO post of the year on Disclosure Clock on this website - and - interestingly, I was being ripped apart as being grouped with bloggers/others who promote UFO Disclosure.

Now, while it is always nice to have folks moved enough by ones posts to link to them or comment on them - and part of being a blogger, who comments like me, is being able to take it when someone disagrees or offers another viewpoint - I was surprised to be linked-bunched with the `exopolitics' folks - as I regularly poke fun at them (at best) or ridicule their ideas. (Well, 95% of their wo0-wwo ideas.)
So, I wanted to point that out to the editor of Page News . Info. - and sent this e-mail:

Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 13:26:08 -0500Subject: Contact from the PAG E-News websiteTo:

Thanks for making my post on Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock as your number one link today - just saw the first hit in my stats. That said, you may not be familiar with the fact that I DISS the very people you have below me in linkage on a REGULAR basis. I suggest you read a little deeper in my blog as I didn't and never predict when disclosure will come -- indeed, I give a number of reasons it won't on a variety of posts not only on UDCC but my other blogs Barf Stew and The Heavy Stuff.

best to you,
Rick Phillips

To which I quickly received this answer:

"Rick, My rant was aimed at Webre, Wilcock, Bassett and their ilk - and not you. I apologize for the linkage but your commentary was well written and brought attention to the obvious fact that disclosure still hasn't occurred. On another note I believe that the FAA began several years ago to refer callers to Bigelow's earlier organization - the National Institute of Discoverey Science (NIDS) - so its latest statement is just a continuation of past policy."

To which I replied that I'd love to see the link to such information - and less than a day later - UfoLawyer sent me this PROOF that the FAA move in its operations manual is NOT new - see this June 25, 2001 link - titled `NIDS Becomes Sole RecieverOf FAA UFO Reports - Controversy Ensues' -

Indeed, check out this except:

"The FAA wording of the order mandating the changes is as follows: "In calendar year 1999, representatives from the National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS) contacted the FAA Administrator to offer their research institution as the single point of contact recognized by the FAA in regard to UFO information. On April 14, 2000, after being referred by the FAA Administrator, NIDS representatives met with ATP-200 to finalize a course of action. This document change proposal is a result of that meeting and is official FAA recognition that NIDS is the single point of contact for UFO research."

Now, you really need to read the comments on the above Rense link because in essence they raised the same point I did 10 days ago -- it might be like having the Fox watching the chickens. Or not; for I make no claims about this whole affair/mess; but, now, the public at least knows it is SOP (standard operating procedure for those under 40) for the FAA to report to Bigelow these types of reports.

SO........... what does this tell us - the public. Well, for one, it means that the MSM has ignored NIDS and Bigelow's connection to UFO's now for about a decade. EVEN while the O'hare UFO incident of 2006 was allowed to gather interest here and worldwide. Indeed, the MSM allowed the FAA to eventually - after investigation - to basically declare that NO UFO was present on that November day regardless of the sightings by airport personnel - INSTEAD of going to NIDS for an opinion or an investigation. Same for the Stephenville UFO incident of 2008 and the ongoing incidents in the same area. Indeed, in the Stephenville incident - a report eventually placed objects in the sky going over 700 miles per hour with no transponders (if I remember correctly) -- and, once again, we had no media mention of NIDS or Mr. Bigelow (I think NIDS was basically defunct by the time of these incidents come to think of it.)

So, once again, in summary ---- the FAA will continue to direct pilots and traffic control to direct reports of UFO's and anomalous phenomena to an institution/individual - who in a decade has never commented on an official investigation of that data - and has never been pressed by the media talking heads for even a reasoned opinion as to what is going on - even when reports involve restricted air space and possible security issues.

Something stinks with all of this - seems it is just a kettle of UFO, NIDS,FAA,BAASS Alphabet Barf Stew.
What do you think?
Comments welcome.

tip of the hat to UFOLawyer - thanks. Please go to my front page so you can see the last 7 posts - thanks for your visit today.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is This The White Culture That Glenn Beck Meant To Defend? - Rant 304

Hello, welcome to Barf Stew. As I told you in Rant 303 - I have a great buddy who can really rip off an over the top E-mail in response to links I send to him. Here, he reacts to the link I sent him of lightweight Katie Couric making Glenn Beck look like a fool with the question --- `What is white culture'. (If you want to read my post and see the video on this - it is at my politics blog - --------- So, this is J.S. Flower in his response.

Rant 304

"White Culture? This is the euro wig wearing foundations of the country called America. The big money player/plantation owners (WashAdJefMadMon...) who were interested in the milk & honey land grab. It evolved into the railway manifest destiny profit mongering pilfering of more land. Savages just a bit above a beast to be removed to a reservation. Their sacred land? A fitting place to carve the figure heads of these white so called "leaders". Morphing into the slimy oil gas industrialists(white men) who further destroy any natural habitat with more greed and profit as "the american way". This is the "white culture" of suit and tie all powerful businessmen who chainsaw 1,000 year old redwood trees for a patio deck to prop their fat white ass on and sip martinis after a nice round of golf sprayed with pesticide to keep it green and thus our 2000 year old dilemma, the roots of this so called great "civilized" Greco-Roman culture that rolls on its destructive course of zero collecting profit making at the expense of anything sane! This in my opinion is "White Culture".

Your comment is welcome.
See my front page too - thanks.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ghosts Caught on Tape 2008

How about I keep it simple today - a link with 10 great YouTube and more Ghost Videos -- well, make that nine to watch as this is one example.

Here's where you can catch the other nine - - enjoy the Barf Stew.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stephen Hawking: "The Human Species Has Entered a New Stage of Evolution"

I ran across this yesterday - it was the Daily Galaxy's number one story of 2009 - since I had missed it, perhaps you did too. Great science speculation reading by Hawking for sure. Stewable.

Planet-hunting telescope unearths hot mysteries - Cool link about all the different types of planets and planetary bodies being found in just 1/400th of the nighttime sky. How about this - a `planet' at 26,000 degrees - or a `planet' with the density of ... well, read the link for that -;_ylt=AuMSSFL9YDoqNslsBB23uGEPLBIF;_ylu=X3oDMTJscWxpaGdoBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwMTA1L3VzX3NjaV9zcGFjZV9teXN0ZXJ5BGNwb3MDMQRwb3MDMgRzZWMDeW5fdG9wX3N0b3J5BHNsawNwbGFuZXQtaHVudGk-

Man Says Judge Arrested Him 'On a Hunch' - Careful, Barf all over this one.

New scanners break child porn laws - Barfable.

Doomsday argument - So, have you got about 10 minutes to challenge your mind? If so, you will encounter words like this:

"There is a 95% chance of extinction within 9120 years. The DA gives a 5% chance that some humans will still be alive in about the year 11125" Barf-Stew.

Underground Hill House -- Some folks want to build their house on top of a hill - others use the hill in a different way -- super pictures - Stew it.

The "move your money" movement gets noticed - The ONE thing your bank doesn't want you to do.

Sell Used Books - Ship Your Books For Free And Get Fast Cash Back! Super easy - just enter the ISBN # and it instantly tells you what they will pay for your book.

The Maine Tree Creature...What Is It? -- - Oh, you HAVE to see this one - includes a YouTube video --- is it a bear 80 feet up that tree, a bigfoot, or a porcupine? Or, is this guy a hoaxer in some regard as I will show in the follow-up link - and read these comments too

Ok, now for your WAY over the top UFO video: The Barf Stew Needs Stirring.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Will Big Media Usage Of `Twenty-Ten' Diminish `Two Thousand Twelve' Fever?

Immediately after Christmas I noticed it. Suddenly, many of the talking heads in the national media began calling 2010 - two thousand ten --------- twenty ten. Indeed, despite having heard the same year mentioned nearly countless times as two thousand ten by the SAME talking heads on TV -- here they were using a completely different usage than they did the previous days, weeks, months, and even years. And, being always suspicious of the main stream media (MSM), I wondered what was up.

Now, while it is true that 20-10 uses one less syllable than 2,010 - it wouldn't if it was pronounce twenty hundred ten. Indeed, could THAT be IT?

Could it be that the media has changed it for speed? OR, could it be - for conspiracy oriented folks - be a way to diminish the potential influence of `two thousand twelve' mentality taking hold in the nation or world --- especially, if the powers that be are unable to re-gain a real world economy after taking it to the edge of financial breakdown less than 18 months ago?

Indeed, if the economy doesn't improve in a direct line - if there is a double dip or worse -- dissatisfaction with the world power structure is not likely to improve from its low status today with the common folk. So, IF 2,012 represented to the power structure - a worrisome element about how things could be in the future - and one that the power structure of governments didn't want to support the perception of -- then, why NOT make the talking heads begin to use 20-10 INSTEAD of using the same words they had been using for nearly a decade 2,010.

The question now is will the sheeple-peons who listen to the MSM also adapt their language speaking patterns appropriately. Will you be a 20-10'er or a 2,010'er?

Or, could it be that 20-10 really IS better and that we as a society just hadn't thought this minor linguistic issue before we needed to? Or, is ALL this - this post - nothing more than a good idea for a post - and be nothing more than thick Barf Stew?

Go to my front page and page down for my last 7 posts - lots to explore. -- thanks for visiting today.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What Would Jesus See?

As I said on my Squidoo page today, yesterday I went blog hopping on Blog Catalog and found numerous things to bring to The AnomalyMan Listing and Barf Stew. So, with that said, today's lead link on Barf Stew is simple - set up a website that collects ALL of the purported links of `images' of Jesus. Such as this image link -

You won't believe how many this guy has collected - and - actually - some are quite startling as an image. Here's his website - Stewable.

Russian DNA Discoveries - Mind Blowing - First, this is mind blowing indeed -- even if some of this article seems to get a bit Barfy when talking of group consciousness being retrieved using these methods. Good edgy science article from a few weeks ago. Four minute read.

Most of the strange links I find for folks comes from checking my stats on my weird content webpages -- as a result - here you go for who links to my AnomalyMan Page

The Ghost Held Me Down - Real cool first person account of perhaps contact with the beyond. Barf Stew at its best. Two minute read.

“God Helmet” Inventor, Dr. Michael Persinger Discovers Telepathy Link in Lab Experiments - WOW - Incredible Article. Let me quote from the article --- "What we have found is that if you place two different people at a distance and put a circular magnetic field around both, and you make sure they are connected to the same computer so they get the same stimulation, then if you flash a light in one person’s eye the person in the other room receiving just the magnetic field will show changes in their brain as if they saw the flash of light. We think that’s tremendous because it may be the first macro demonstration of a quantum connection, or so-called quantum entanglement..."

The Interaction of Universal Species - As super Stewable as the links are above - this could be the link of the day, week, month. It's a long read of high strangeness to the maximum. I LOVE this quote from the article for one reason which I will share with you after the link - - "My earliest recorded memory “through hypnotism” was prior to birth, and when I described the memory to my parents, it was verified, the living room I described as well as the contents within, and the visiting family, it was all real, and it took place when my mother and father first met, before I was conceived. Strange? But definitely true." Now, here is why that is heavy -- IF we are indeed `alive' in some sense in our mothers egg - before birth -- and IF - determinism is possible in the NON-NOW - then, this indeed could be the earliest possible moment to access as a particular identity. Barf Stew Classic.

Okay, somehow your mind is STILL in the mode for more - well don't let me disappoint you -- how about a guy that films ORBS - swarms of orbs unlike the typical white orbs -- hmmmm....

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