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Friday, April 30, 2010

Moscow’s Stray Dogs

Today's title link is truly Barf Stew in every sense. This story covers the 30+ year history of the study of Moscow dogs that are said to number 35,000 or 80+ per square mile. The study has revealed four types of dogs - all of which are somewhat de-evolving into something between a wolf and a domestic dog. However, the study also found a very interesting sub-group of dogs - about 500 strong who live in the metro station - of which - about 20 have learned how to use the metro system itself. - This is a great article from a bit back that easily rises to Today's Barf Stew Tag. Much more of interest about these dogs so read it today. Read how they have been evolving.

Okay, let's be goofy - the MRI of a pineapple -

How's this for a Barfable link from Russia - Russia says genetically modified foods are harmful - - this link includes this statement - "The researchers discovered that animals that eat GM foodstuffs lose their ability to reproduce" - Barf Stew to the Max on this one.

In other thoughts about Dogs - All dogs go to heaven - here's a great look by Micheal Prescott at one aspect of the NDE - and that is the rarity of ones pets being in the immediate afterlife of NDE's. Stewable as all Prescott links are.
Here's the link to the book talked about in the above article of Prescott's - Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences

And in the news today from India - Man claims he ate, drank nothing for 70 years - they don't get much more Barf Stew worthy than this.

Finally, it's Garage Rock and Roll Friday -- and Barf Stew Entertains with this oldie that BS readers under 40 have never heard. Called, Love Love Love Love Love. 

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bruce Duensing - Actualizing `Tin Foil' Thinking Intentionalities

Hello, welcome to Barf Stew - thanks for visiting today. Indeed, it's a lucky day for you, because today I am featuring perhaps the very best internet blogger concerning `the event horizon' types of topics - most notably his speculations on paranormal events, but, really - as you would expect with the event horizon - ALL EVENTS.

Here's what I've said about Bruce's blog (over a year ago) on my Squidoo site: "Bruce Duensing's frequently updated blog on the event horizon -- cites Watts, Gurdijeff and other classics as influences. Known as the man who writes respectable Tin Foil. Always mindblowing and at the end of reality." -

Now, amusingly, just before I came to write this article on Bruce - I checked my dashboard for this blog and saw that I had a comment - it was from Bruce (I think the first time he has commented on this blog besides once before) who said "Only your equally twisted mind could have come up with a title like Barf Stew forcing us to say we love barf stew."

Now, one would think in normal society that `internet bloggers/friends' calling each other `Tin Foil' or `twisted mind' - might have a negative connotation (and I'm sure it does to some `normal' minded folks) - but, in Bruce's and my mind - it is a GREAT compliment - (even if it is only us patting each others on the back with no one knowing it). Why? Because Bruce and I both love to think about a very narrow segment of reality - the sliver of `now actualization'.

Bruce's mind approaches it with a hugely dense wall of words bringing the reader right into the fray of reality expressing itself - often mixing in correct armchair physics concepts to a stew of psychological concepts at the far end of human knowability - forming concepts that may express actual new thoughts about the reality structure. Literally, beconning the unknown to interact with his reality positionings.

Now, the actual motivation to talk about Bruce today was the fact that his most recent blog postings have been piling up in my Barf Stew bin - and rather than dribble them out with just a few words each - I wanted to present them all in one place; with actual comments and highlights.

So, I hope you have your very best, clearest, most non-ordinary mindset ready to absorb what you are about to read - and - if by some chance you are NOT aware of Bruce's word talents - strap on your seatbelt for your own safety.

First up - is a post titled `A Lost Expedition and The Third State of These Matters' and subtitled `Driving Against Traffic On The Expressway to Self Referential Logics or Paranormal Existentialism' - - Interestingly, Bruce does this post for Erik Stitt of The Blogsquatcher - who recently had some very intense personal revelations concerning the Bigfoot Phenomena - ultimately deciding just that - it was a phenomena instead of a real creature.

But, back to Bruce's sub-title - I mean, grab onto your seats  folks - `self-referential logics' - `paranormal existentialism' - who else would even attempt such a positioning! - Now, how about THIS for a first sentence of Bruce's post: "Vectoring Human Entanglement"

"We have the local, that is to say this demarcation is the storage and reciprocal transference of energy in what we term the material which has a certain geometry due to it's location, fed in our neighborhood by a star."

Now, I'm ONLY going to respond to Bruce's first statement of each of his posts - but - can you believe so much info in so few words - expressing SO much? -- Okay, first, perhaps only a twisted mind like mine enjoys such verbage - but - as a blogger who loves Phenomenology - I will respond in the manner that my mind pictures Bruce's word images.

Here goes my comment - All things (spaces) represent the `energy & geometry' of their instantaneous locations - presenting themselves as the `local' for human consumption (and beyond) - fed by the `life' for ANY area of `life' - the nearest Star.

Now, just imagine where Bruce takes you on the expressway of this first post. (BTW, the FIRST comment in the comment section mentions HUSSERL my favorite read.) ----------- Ready for post two? I thought so.

Titled - `The Superimposition of States of Energy As Information' - and sub-titled - `Homeostasis, Mutation, and A Physics of Information or, alternatively, The Bones Of Energy' - -- with a first statement title of `Systems Psychology and Theory In The Paranormal'

"In two posts I wrote of the living system theory and it's semi-closed nature in relation to self organization toward mutation, adaptation and it's vectoring a steady state in relation to those and other variables posed against the potential within the overall system. Energy in living systems is indeed coded information, whether it is a rock, a bird or the vegetarian pizza you ate."

My twisted mind response to the above: Bruce's statement reminds me of Julian Barbour's statements about `spaces' (Julian does not believe `time' exists - just spaces and actualization) and John Joe McFadden's comments about quantum information organizing beneath the event horizon - and, to me, combining BOTH of those thinkers - in Bruce's statement - says mucho.

Next Duensing post -------> `Part One: The "Non Human" And The Human Among Us' - sub-titled - `The Naturalism of The Paranormal' - and, Bruce's first statement: "Many have been puzzled when I refer to the naturalism of the paranormal, in that there is a more global point of view of a complex system, beyind whether it be this or that aspect of a differentiated process, all roads may indeed lead to Rome, regardless of whether or not we have tricked ourselves into thinking a map of the known world exists or does not exist. This is a story about soil and of seeds planted in the firmament. It is also a story of a gestation arising from the things that go bump in the night, the creature under your bed, the phantom in your closet."

I have a feeling that Bruce, like myself, thinks that `normal' human consciousness `looks' at a `common consensus' that we have all agreed upon. BUT, that the actualization process itself - also includes the `non-consensus' that may or may not be at the threshold of human perception potential. --- I'll leave it at that.

Finally, I hope that Bruce will find this post to be worthy of his fine world of word and concept play which is enjoyed by many individuals of a wo-wo orientation. Like myself. Like Barf Stew.

Lastly, MAKE SURE to visit Bruce's site and bookmark it for the mind stimulation it will bring to you. Perhaps I can convince Bruce to an internet exchange of ideas online for others to read - if so - I'll put the interview on my blog called The Heavy Stuff.

Ouspensky Went Looking For A Miracle - And Found Gurdijeff.

 - at a fantastic moment in this book Ouspensky says "and then the miracle began".

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The New Urban Caveman Lifestyle

No, this isn't one of those `urban explorers type of stories about going underground in the big city (but, those are cool stories too) - this is about REALLY adopting some pre-agriculture eating styles that certainly could be categorized as `caveman'. How are they caveman like you ask?

Well, according to the NY Times article "involves eating large quantities of meat and then fasting between meals to approximate the lean times that his distant ancestors faced between hunts. Vegetables and fruit are fine, but he avoids foods like bread that were unavailable before the invention of agriculture. - Believers in the lifestyle also believed caveman could do physical events way beyond modern man and that the “diet of our remote ancestors may be a reference standard for modern human nutrition.”  - Now, I don't doubt for a minute that all of this could indeed be true - even if it sounds like Barf. Nevertheless - The New Caveman Lifestyle rises to Today's Barf Stew Tag. More details too at the link
More Caveman Stuff

Here I provide onehelluva good Rock and Roll blog (especially the early early days) with a blogroll you will never get thru if you are indeed or were - a Rock and Roll fan - All Stew.Music fans will like this too -
Find 25 million rare CDs and out-of-print LPs at MusicStack

And, you may not believe it - but to the wo-wo crowd (of which I am one) the comment Stephen Hawking made the other day about reaching out to aliens was Big News - many reactions - including this A Response to Stephen Hawking's Alien Statement - Worthy Barf, with Stew.

How's this for Barf? Technology tracks eye movement and steers car where driver's looking - I mean, beware pretty girls walking down the street -

And, speaking of good looking women - 45 Sexy Demotivational Posters » - because, Barf Stew Entertains.

And, leave it to Forgetomori to have ideas to redesign the Oujia Board for our modern age. Stewable of course.

And, the TOP High Strangeness tale of the day - from Lon of course - called - The Nain Rouge: Harbinger of Tragedy - "In 1976, two employees of Detroit Edison (the local utility company) are enjoying lunch in their truck. They spot a small child climbing a utility pole, and run from their vehicle shouting for him to come down before he falls to his death. As they reach the pole, the child looks down at them from the top, and leaps to the ground a few feet from where they stand. He runs off under gathering clouds, and leaves the two men in shock.Realizing this was no child, they later described the creature as small in stature and covered in short red fur. He had red eyes and rotted teeth" - turns out, this entity has been seen multiple times in the Detroit area - read about more historic sightings here - Stew that will raise the hair on your neck.

Finally, have you got 6 seconds?

I do links like this daily at -- thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chemtrails - Stopping Global Warming In Its Tracks

Perhaps the Barfiest example of a `world authority' has been the spraying - for over a decade - of `Chemtrails' all over the sky - all over the world. Longtime readers of my views know that on June 4th 2008, in reaction to a story about the relation of carbon dioxide and temperatures, I predicted that the Contrails were being used for world climate control Have ChemTrails Stopped Global Warming? -

For me, one of the strangest phenomena of all concerning ConTrails has been the denial by the MSM - especially the weathermen on TV. What kind of profession would allow the increase of this phenomena in the sky without making reference to it? Indeed, to me, it's the lack of their involvement that has allowed this to phenomena to be ignored by the masses. An ignorance almost hard to believe for those who have been aware of the changes to the skyview over our heads since 1995 or so.

And, now, it seems that the world may bring the subject above board.  Chemtrails easily rise to Today's Barf Stew Tag. Please share this video if you think more than 500 should see it (number of views when posted) - can interest in Chemtrails REALLY be this low?

Are Chemtrails the proof of a New World Authority?
Chemtrails: The DVD
Chemtrails Confirmed
Cloud Seeding: Weather control, Cloud, Cloud condensation nuclei, Ice nucleus, Bioprecipitation, Precipitation (meteorology), Earth's atmosphere, Terpene, Chemtrail conspiracy theory, Project Cumulus

You did see the Gorilla on April 22nd's post, right?
I post links daily at too. Check that out.

Monday, April 26, 2010

"Moreover, Today’s UFO Hippies Create Blogs or Web-Sites With A Jokey Overlay or Name"

A UFO blog/website with a Jokey Name? Now, who would do that?

(To know more about my `hippies' side - )

Today's title is a direct quote from another UFO blog slicing up the `competition' in this pompous post
A post certainly rising to Today's Barf Stew Tag. (Make sure to read the comments.)

In other Barf Stew phenomena - Nova Scotia's Phantom of Parker Road - .

More first person accounts of high strangeness - with Claws -Cryptids with Claws: Monsters of the American South -

Fortean Times (October 2009) Tales of Mass Hysteria; Alien Riots; Possessed Nuns; Indian Cat Girls; Smurf Terror; Crop Circles of 2009; Synagogue Spook; Lizard Man Murder; Mothman John Keel Tribute; Megalithomania; Lodowicke Muggleton Part 1 (FT253)

And, today's Barf or Stew UFO Video:

I hope I entertained you -- tons of posts just as good as this if you go to front and page down -- tons of UFO videos to Barf about.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

“There Was Never Any Pay-day For the Negroes”:

This is a link to a letter written by an ex-slave to his former Master (who was wishing for his return) asking for back wages for he and his wife. The tone of the letter is classic and fully rises to Today's Barf Stew Tag.

More Below:
Ar'n't I a Woman?: Female Slaves in the Plantation South
The Underground Railroad: Authentic Narratives and First-Hand Accounts

Here's real Barf Stew for you - the plastic vials and even petri dishes that scientists have been using for DNA analysis - have been leaking DNA into the results - Plastics hamper DNA assays

Sometimes, technology can bring real results - this link may be one indication about solving the parking problem in urban areas - StreetParkNYC and Roadify Run on Mobile Technology and Parking Philanthropy - Stewable.

In other news - in the Gaza Strip - Gaza facing genie hysteria - yes, real Barf Stew GENIES are setting fires it seems -

Finally, it's Sunday Morning - and in the CBS news morning show tradition - lets take a leisurely look at one of mankinds real neighbors. The Orangutan. Very Stewy.

I have more links here - .
Or, check this out if you have used books you don't intend to read again - Sell Books Online at

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Are `Rods' The Next Frontier?

Some folks can go outside and film `orbs' nearly everyday or even on command so they say - but - one level `down' from Orbs are the pesky `rods' that occasionally also `show up' on video. Folks into the wo-wo, including myself, have all kinds of theories about Orbs - however, few bloggers want to even venture into the Rods area. So, to that end, Rods earn Today's Barf Stew Tag.

Orbs - Know more.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Demonic Encounter

I don't know about you - but this story, and dozens like it, have convinced me that human intentionalities mixed with Ouija Boards can be at times a seeming `portal' to `negative' entities. In this story it happens and seemingly continues to happen to a 17 year old who has experiences such as encounters with cloaked entities. Evil Ouija Boards earn Today's Barf Stew Tag.

More Ouija Stuff Below - Caution, Of Course.
Warning: Beware of the Ouija Board Mousepad

Ouija: The Most Dangerous Game
How to Contact Spirits Vol. 2 Learn to use a Spirit/Ouija Board & Hold a Seance - Reiki

And, speaking of spirits from beyond - let's go to the positive side too - how about some Spiritual Healing: You Can Do It - - now, before you think I would diss this in a offhand manner - I too certainly think that intentionalities can have such an effect at times - that said, it, like the above Ouija Board Story - both deserve the full Barf Stew tag.

Here's a cool science read about the discovery of an ancient rock wall blocking a cave entrance - for 23,000 years. More Stewy stuff too at this short link with pictures

OH, and I have more about BAASS and MUFON'S troubles perhaps -- as this link was posted yesterday - which had this to say:
Christine (unregistered) wrote:

I do know this about BAASS..In August of 2009 my daughter and I videotaped a UFO and witnessed Greys on the ground outside our home. We filed a Mufon report and the very next day we were contacted by a BAASS representative to arrange a personal visit. One month later a team of two retired LA Police Detectives and an astrophysicist arrived to take our samples and copies of our videos and pictures. This event happened in conjunction with the multiple sightings in the Newman Lake area outside Spokane, WA. We are about 50 miles south of there. Mufon was furious and very angry that we allowed BAASS first access. BAASS assured us that they owned Mufon and they had first access. In any case, all we wanted was help and answers. We strongly feel our government is letting us down. Something is happening out there and no one in authority is doing a thing about it. It amounts to drive by rape, what they did to my daughter. Why is no one from the government doing anything? I watched dozens of Black Hawk helicopters chase a UFO. I watched one of the UFO's capture a fighter jet in a tractor beam. I watched what appeared to be small planes morph into orange balls of light. It is so damn scary and there is no where to turn for help. "They" have been gone over the winter and now "they" are back. Who's going to help us? NO ONE. Investigating `portals' other than Ouija Boards - Barf Stew for sure.

Finally, how about a UFO and Fighter Jets in the same video (actually you can only hear the fighter jets I think) - the UFO does look relatively close and this is a daytime video. You decide, Barf or Stew?

This is where I keep the secret links that my visitors liked the most according to clickouts - you will like these UFO links and more -

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is Phobos, A Mars Moon, Artificial?

One of the earliest whispers by a few renegade `scientists', nearly half a century ago, about Phobos, was that it didn't fit the common characteristics of a solar system moon (growing up in the 50's-60's). Nowadays, that has progressed into `proofs' of Solar System Wars eons ago according to this link (with different and cool close up photos) Old space station, destroyed in a battle or falling apart at the seams? - So, Today's Barf Stew Tag - belongs to Phobos stories.

As you know, Barf Stew LOVES rants againist the MSM, especially those IN it (in a sense) --- here's Billy Cox's latest - Endless repetition repetition from CBS -

One of the best investigative pieces covering `alien photos' on the internet was done by Forgetomori a few months ago. One of the articles I haven't linked to yet was this one called the Adults Only alien - Great article that shows where there is Barf - there is almost certainly - some Stew.

And squarely in the Barf Stew category - the NY Times asks if CNN can be saved? Isn't the real question, would anyone care? At the end of today's post - I'm going to have another link to a Forgetomori article --- but first - try a visual cognition test. See if you are really exceptional, check this video and count how many times the ball is passed. Come on, it’s just takes a few seconds, count the passes. Ready?

More links -

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lining up at Midnight at Wal-Mart to buy Food is part of the new Recovery.

As I often talk about on my politics blog Real Heavy Politics (back in the Alexa ratings again - yeah) - I OFTEN point out the complete and total disconnect between the actual economic numbers and the shrill MSM's `cheerleading' about the numbers in some sort of arcaine manner. And, as you can see from today's headline - the Barf of it is NOT good news (such as more states with higher unemployment last month compared to states with lower unemployment - and 44 states having a HIGHER unemployment rate than a year ago. -- All this is deserving of Today's Barf Stew Tag.

Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41% - Certainly, this poll is Barfy as the republinuts would NEVER allow Paul the nomination (let alone his age in 2012) - nevertheless - poll results like these have tidbits worth Stewing about.

Here's a trippy link I found in a forum recently about a strange alien-encounter perhaps -- sounds very much like some DMT `firing' in this persons brain. Interesting description - Stewable Barf.

This is a customer review of `The Secret' book that causes(d) such a sensation - the review is titled The Secret saved my life - Barf Stew - but, FUNNY. (Barf Stew entertains.) The Secret

Here's one you may have missed - No Underwear Subway Ride (April Fool’s 2010) - - a Barf Stew `joke'.

Hot adult model (PG picture as always) - Stewy.

In other news - Unique Birthday Gift Idea #117 -Hire An Evil Clown To Terrorize Your Child On His Birthday - with pictures  BaxterKing is similar to Barf Stew and worth your visit.

Want more of my postings? or --- thanks for your visit today.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warcraft Music Instrument

and more is at the site - all deserving of Today's Barf Stew Tag.

If you are a hipster - you probably know that DMT has been tagged as a chemical that can literally `take you to the aliens' - well, it turns out that DMT is actually IN the human body naturally - DMT is in your head, but it may be too weird for the psychedelic renaissance -  Stewy with mixed in Barf probably.

Sexy picture -

Here is a website that `Morphs' animal pictures Cool Barf Stew for sure.

Here's some Russian Barf Stew - Villagers Remember Descendants of a Bigfoot - With pictures of `son'.

Very occasionally, I'm going to do a music video to end Barf Stew entertainment for a day. This one was an absolute favorite of mine in the 1980's . Get ready to F-ing Rock.

OR, Perhaps This!
Tina Turner: Live In Amsterdam/One Last Time (2 DVD Set)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Were 100 MILLION Already Living In America In 1491?

Sometimes on the internet - well, actually often, - one encounters `facts' which challenge the imagination and assumptions one has about the world. And, when this link - mentioned that "There may have been far more people, too, than was previously thought. Some modern estimates put the population of pre-Columbian America at above 100 million; in his book "1491," author Charles C. Mann suggests that there may even have been more people living in America than in Europe." I was astonished.

So, I took a look at Mr. Mann's book - 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus - indeed, I `searched' his book for this 100 million figure -- and could never find it. That said, I found the `method' that was used for the estimate - and it had to do with the `die-off' that would happen when populations are destroyed by new viruses and such that they have no defense against. And, using that method - I saw estimates in the book as high as 25 million as the population but NOT 100 million. Perhaps it is there, somewhere, in the book. Even 25 million almost blows my mind.

This is the original paper by the Ohio University prof that is sited in the AOL link - talking about the impact that native Americans had on the environment - all based on the sediment in local streams and the stalagmite found in a cave in West Virgina. Some super Barf Stew today and well worth today's Barf Stew Tag.

The creepiest video you may ever watch - if you can even make it to the end --- BARF STEW.

Speaking of Creepy
 -----> Please check out the sidebar too. ----->

Sunday, April 18, 2010

America’s Obesity Epidemic: Bringing Sideshow Freaks Into The Discussion

Yes, the above man, (the same one at the link) was used as a SideShow Freak - because he was so fat. People would PAY to see how fat he was. Makes one wonder the size of humans a hundred years into the future -doesn't it? And, this is the link deserving of Today's Barf Stew Tag.

A UFO conference in one spot for over 20 years? Impossible they say -- Nope - Hmm, I see a UFO Hall of Shame person on this list.

In other news: Urban Explorers Arrested In Montreal Sewers - Yep, a Barfy one here. Cool read.

Finally, how about a little `sexy' nostalgia from 1901 in NYC

Want more info on the SideShow Freak Era?

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Totally Over The Top UFO Video

Caution, the above video is from the same folks who TODAY declare "President Barack Obama to admit Knowledge of ETs this year" - "All News Web has been informed that on 14 March of this year a meeting took place involving the US President, Barack Obama, to discuss the possibility of admitting the reality of UFO visitation to Earth and informing the people of Earth that major governments of the world can confirm that we are not alone in the universe and contact with at least three, but up to sixty separate races has taken place. The meeting is believed to have taken place somewhere in a top secret military installation in the US: probably underground. It is believed that Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, along with former Canadian Defence Minister and UFO truth advocate, Paul Hellyer, were present: arguing the case for UFO disclosure. Also present were: Simon P. Worden of NASA's Ames research division, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and a Vatican representative. Two representatives from China and Russia also took part in the meeting as observers. A link up and communication with the three races visiting earth most frequently occurred during the meeting and it is rumoured that Edgar Mitchell passed out and was revived during the event by medical staff. The races contacted are believed to have included one group from Orion, one from Andromeda Galaxy and one from our galaxy, The Milky Way. Read more here. Now, I love fun stories as much as the next guy - really. But the above is priceless - I mean, Edgar Mitchell PASSED OUT? Pleaseeeee. What from shock? Oh, and a little tidbit - Orion is a multitude of stars IN the Milky Way (and are varying light years away from each other having nothing to do with each other - indeed, as most Barf Stew Readers probably know, The Andromeda Galaxy (the only one visible with the naked eye) IS one of the `stars' in the Orion `Sword'. Isn't it hilarious that only ONE race of all the other BILLIONS of stars that we can't see of the Milky Way was invited? I mean, get a better writer - this is nothing but the EXACT Barf Stew as last year.

Do you think this might be helpful to the authors of the above schlock? A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky: The Story of the Stars, Planets, and Constellations--and How You Can Find Them in the Sky

Friday, April 16, 2010

Antimatter Triggers Largest Explosion Ever Recorded in Universe

Believe it or not - this headline does NOT overstate what occurred. This is a real interesting science read that gets into the details of the whole extreme physics of the event. Stewable.

More Anti-Gravity Stuff
Anti Gravity: Allegedly Humorous Writing from Scientific American
Ufos & Anti-Gravity: Piece for a Jig Saw (Pt.1)
Anti-Gravity and the Unified Field (Lost Science Series)

Is this the first of the pushback or not? Nearly 800,000 U.S. TV households 'cut the cord,' report says - Gives lots of reasons to cut the cord (assuming you have cut the phone landline, right) -- and ways to save using alternative ways to get TV programming. Interesting comments to read too. Stewable.;_ylt=AthFBTG1PVCT2qb6.095JPYDW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTJ1azdzMGpzBGFzc2V0A3l0ZWNoX2dhZGcvMjAxMDA0MTMveXRlY2hfZ2FkZ190YzE1OTgEcG9zAzIEc2VjA3luX2FydGljbGVfc3VtbWFyeV9saXN0BHNsawNuZWFybHk4MDAwMDA-
And, for Today's MOST over the top - high strangeness - alien and reptilian related - alien abduction first person report - I give you ----> The Eckhart Encounters - Further Evidence - You may want seconds of this Barf Stew.

And, in the same manner that reality teases - another steamy video for the males - Barf Stew - Entertains. Bookmark Today.

If you are new to Barf Stew - here's a great place to catch up from

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Missing Time Experience?

As you might be aware - a lot of wo-wo type webmasters - myself included - have had - well - wo-wo experiences themselves. Some, that involve time - are SO wo-wo as to be almost unmentionable. That said, when you read this story - let it be known that I too, while with two people, have had a similar experience to the ones described in this posting. Unfortunately, this new, cool, blogger - with multiple cool posts - seems to have gone silent. Just some of the Barf that reality makes us all Stew about. And, well worth today's Barf Stew Tag.

But, as one gets out of the Barf Stew fray - another jumps in - here's a NEW website whos first story is of More living dinosaurs; the Mokele Mbembe -- One of our favorite BS topics.

UFOS Attack Earth: Accompanied by Warriors From Atlantis, Lost Cities, Living Dinosaurs And a Bloody Arsed Pirate Or Two <--- Read all about it.

Mokele-Mbembe: Mystery Beast of the Congo Basin

Finally, here's a Great Barf Stew read about Busting Fake guru's in India - Sceptic challenges guru to kill him live on TV - indeed, this read is quite enlightening about India in general -

Finally, you know I like to mix in some steamy videos too for our fun Barf Stew male audience. So, here you go -- Think Monroe.

Did you enjoy the Barf Stew today? Over 100 posts available - starting with these posts in 2009 - Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Live Forever? By 2040, Upload Your Brain...

Here is that seldom printed speculative science stuff about nano technology. Here is the visionary uses one scientist sees possible in only a few decades - and it's overall - as amazing as the headline (like e-mailing toast). If you know this guy, the name is Ray Kurzweil Yes, the coming reality is so over the top it is today's Barf Stew Tag.

Here's another over the top post from The Professor. In this post he sites available evidence that exists about certain types of close up UFO encounters -- AND - he discovers two important things about the cited size of the craft and the size of the `aliens' in the crafts.  - Great Stew.

Haing an existential crisis? Here's your website. --- Barfy.

Super cool nature picture -

And here is the book spoke of in the lead story -- become the `expert' in your social group about the future - the nano future.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mortgage Defaults May Be Driving Consumer Spending

OMG. If this is true - you can expect this to be one of the only times you hear the MSM say it. How over the top is this? Totally deserving of today's Barf Stew Tag.

Don't know if I've done an AIDS post before - but here is some impressive research; followed - by an amazing comment that is really incredible. This is a Stewable read for the Barfers. Like you. -- Heavy duty blog too - look around.

This would have been top post today for the Barf Stew Tag had it not been for the top business story above. Titled - Is that paradise beckoning, or just CO2 in your blood? - Why? The sample was 11 that is being projected for these statements.

And, here's Micah Hanks, one of the internets better thinkers and writers, take on the same finding about CO2 and NDE - - again, I want to point out the sample size 11. B.S.

And, talk about taking an April Fools Joke too far -- "Man from the Future" Arrested At CERN's LHC Escaped Custody -True Identity Revealed" - B.S.

How about some sexy virtual girls in a lineup?

Hey, let's keep it unbelievable in the YouTube category - Like the MultiUniverse that includes a Laurence Welk - AS A HIPPIE.

More on NDE's - First person story.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What do you believe? Thoughts toward a theory of bigfoot!

You will NOT find a more thought out range of ideas about Bigfoot than in this amazing thought exercise. Excellent piece well worth the Barf Stew Tag.

Here's another amazing in-depth read about the paranormal - set in the style of an interview - about a movie which explores the Big Five of paranormal activities. Careful, mind altering. Interview with Renée Scheltema -

Extremely cute, tanned, teen in a bikini -

13 to 20 foot tall Giants? B.S.

Here's one that seems (via the comments) to have stepped on many toes - titled - THE LIE ABOUT ALIENS FROM THE INNER EARTH by Anthony Bragalia - Step right up for your Stew.

And, below, something VERY strange is on this home security camera - short of a hoax - it appears as perhaps a Ghost, Alien or Elf? A Gnome you say?

Gnomes anyone?

 - I have more than 100 posts, right here, at Barf Stew - for you to check out - -- see you tomorrow too I hope.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hawaii Multi-Orbs Video

What exactly are Orbs? Here's yet another spot on video showing what appears to be related balls of light in the daytime sky. To me - Stewable.

More about Orbs? Orbs: The Veil Is Lifting

ORBS: Clues To A More Exciting Universe

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dreams and the Art of Memory: A New Hypothesis About Dream Bizarreness

Every once in a bit of time one runs across an honest intellectual effort - and here's one for sure. A great Stewable post with lots to chew on and over. Your mind will be stimulated.

This is supposedly a picture drawn on LSD - give it time to load -

Not everyone - except smart Barf Stew readers of course - know that the Speed of Light can be slowed down --- Stewy read right here for sure - give it time to load -

Paul Davie's asks - Is Anybody Out There? - Leading to his speculation that mankind should look in some different areas to see if aliens may have ever been to Earth - starting with our DNA - Super Stew - put it in the freezer.

Finally, let's end today with the wisdom of Deepak Chopra - the man that can cause a quake in your mind. Yeah, nothings sacred. Sorry.

 <- Here's more. Oh, if you desire more similar to this -

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pac-Man Shows Up on the Surface of Saturn's Moon Mimas

As far as I know and can determine - this is not a fake story or picture. What this picture is - is an infrared temperture based picture of the Saturn moon called Mimas. Makes one wonder how many other human icons are waiting to be found in our univsere (thinking of the face on Mars as writing this). So, PacMan on Saturn Moon - deserving of today's Barf Stew Tag.

As my regulars are probably aware - I'm not a big fan of the Bigfoot is in the woods theory (as far as an ongoing population) - but - am a big proponent of the `bigfoot' as a temporary entity phenomena theory ---- Here's something slightly different than both but with a lot of possibilities as being part of the Bigfoot `answer'. Barf with lots of Stew. -- This is called - The Explanatory Power of the Bigfoot/UFO Hypothesis

Sexy Picture - Neighborhood teaser - - More sexy pictures scattered in this blog too. Never R or X however.

The sexy girl above could sell her Textbooks here - Textbook Buy Back at

Ready for some fictionlike stuff about `Planet X'? (Sounds like a B52 song.) - Far out stuff to say the least.
Yeah, it's B.S.

Is this the earliest known Led Zepplin recording? -- Rare. Very Stewworthy.

Let's round out today with an Excellent Barf Stew UFO (ORB) video - this one taken by a TV crew filming a tornado.

Want to know more about Planet X? Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide

I've got over 100 posts as good as this one if you look around my site - thanks for visiting today.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Animals to Live Without Oxygen Discovered

Seems that life fits into any niche available - even ones without oxygen. As the article says - these `animals' represent what life on Earth was like until the rise in oxygen levels in the oceans about 550 million years ago. Also, while not mentioned in the article - doesn't this finding increase the likelihood of finding `life' in many more places in our universe? I'd think so. You will enjoy this short science read. Stewable.

Oh, before you throw out your `old fashioned' Scrabble game - thinking that the new game was going to replace it -- think again. The real rap is what you heard about NOUNS being allowed was not `all of the story' - find that out here. Barf Stew.

Former MUFON man has lots to say about the whole UFO scene and it isn't pretty - Goodbye Ufology, Hello Truth - I expect this is a bit of Barf and mucho Stew.

Here's another research study you can choose to believe or discard ---- Study Sheds Light on What Makes People Shy - B.S.

Sexy Virtual Girl? - Yep.

Have you ever heard the idea that eating lots of vegetables keeps cancer away? Bunch of Barf. Five-a-day has little impact on cancer, study finds -

Let's finish with a strange animation video with 2.9 million YouTube hits: Barfy.

If you want to read more about Life Without Oxygen - here's some resources.
Respiratory Physiology of Vertebrates: Life With and Without Oxygen

Metazoan Life without Oxygen

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chopra Blames Own Meditation for Baja Quake

And, just like that - the folks into meditation - get humiliated by a leader of the movement (much like the Exopolitics folks) spouting nonsense in almost all certainty. Expect a retraction. His exact `tweet' on Twitter was "Had a powerful meditation just now -- caused an earthquake in Southern California,"  - Earning today's Barf Stew Tag. -

The church of Google asks: Is Google God? and gives nine reasons to support the idea. Almost Stewable.

In other news: Free will is an illusion, biologist says - Somehow, I don't think this four minute read is the answer - - that said - great Barf Stew.

Is it possible for a human to be awake for 15 days in a row? Well, when you hit this link - you will encounter a story you will NOT believe possible. Assuming this is true - a bizarre Russian military experiment - you will be blown totally away. B.S.

More hidden government stuff here -; Underground Bases and Tunnels: What Is the Government Trying to Hide? (Alternative Science)

Only this story remotely approaches what you just read above - The dark legacy of Carlos Castaneda -  Barf Stew.

And, let's finish today's totally over the top links with something pretty stupid and meaningless.

Have you seen my blog called The Heavy Stuff? -- --- Also, always feel free to leave comments about today's post. Thanks for visiting today.

Monday, April 5, 2010

1st Choice for Extraterrestrial Life: Saturn's Titan or Jupiter's Europa?

By the early 1960's - most kids growing up knew that it was suggested that Titan and Europa were the most interesting `moons' in the solar system. Good to know some things don't change. Very short and Stewable.

Barf Stew means edgy and thought provoking - like this - A personal one-child policy? -

And, this was my post on my blog The Heavy Stuff - yesterday - A Twist To `Aliens’ Showing Us OUR Apocalypse - As you might expect - The `twist' has to do with my expectation that Real Aliens are not showing humans films in crafts of the apocalypse. Stewable.

Cool optical illusion -

The $250,000 Joint --- Could a society be that stupid? --- YEP.

Barf crazy story here - imagine keeping a Happy Meal on a shelf for a year - enjoy - Woman wishes Happy Meal a happy birthday -

Need more to Stew about? How about this YouTube video called - Pot Protesters get arrested and Crowd gets ANGRY!

Want to know more about Europa? Unmasking Europa: The Search for Life on Jupiter's Ocean Moon 

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