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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mohawk Punk `Time Traveler' Caught At Banana Pier In A 1905 Picture

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Could time travelers actually be caught in oldtime photos? Certainly, the concept is appealing, at least to some people. Indeed, earlier in 2010 we had the same idea promoted in a fun way on FARK of a time traveling `Hipster' and, shortly after that one, again earlier this year,  some guy who believes in humanoid life on Mars,  says he is seen in a 1860's civil war photo
and, btw, his time-travel is somewhat vital to his humanoid life on Mars theories. (In some regards, this civil war childs ideas about Mars might be deserving of a bigger audience.)

So, when seeing this picture, Barf Stew thought - hey, `obviously' - the guy in the very center of this photo MUST be a `time traveler' too - right?

Let's examine some easy to confirm observations.

Just look at his clothing - almost totally different than everyone else - and, just look at the spacey look on his face  - like he came  from slam-dancing in some nightclub in 1993 - and is wondering at the moment of the photo -  `where the F am I'?

And, ONE suspender? Was that the style you see on anyone in this picture? Could the time machine not supply that full feature of existence?

And, look at his MOHAWK hair style - see anyone else with that in this picture? What more proof do you need?

Ok, here's more, we can only see the top half of his body - most of it must not have materialized for the photo (using the logic of the Mars huminoid believer) - further proving - of course - that this picture contains a Time Traveler.

Might there be - somewhere - a Punk Rocker, who once had a Mohawk - that has this memory of being on a banana dock in 1905? Would time-travel be proven if such memories exist?

Still not convinced?

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Original Link - (Shorpy is a great website btw)

Digging Deeper:

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  1. You ARE kidding, right? You DO see that it's more of "high and tight", with a fairly full top; and certainly no "landing strip" of hair on top as with the true Mohawk?

    Also, you DO know that from late in the 19th century until well in the middle of the 20th that it was quite common for Caucasian men, particularly if they had at one time served in the American, British or Western European military, to wear their hair almost to the scalp on the sides and backs, but with their top longer...sometimes MUCH longer?

    Even if you were goofing here, this kind of intellectual slovenliness just displays the ignorance of your poster....and how ready other ignorant cretins are to carry on with his work.

  2. You give retarded people a bad name.
    He is just a dock worker dressed exactly like the individual behind him to the right.
    Such ludicrous supposition only re-enforces my view.

  3. LOL,welcome to Barf Stew - have a look around for MUCH more Barf!

    Of course I'm not serious - it's totally a joke.

    thanks for commenting.

    Rick Phillips

  4. He is unique in at least one fashion, he is virtually the only one the photo not wearing some type of hat. It's possible that everyone is wearing the same hairstyle. More likely that he woke up after a hard night of drinking and couldn't find his other suspender. Kind of a cool picture though. I like the old photos.

  5. If you will look at the whole picture there are several men either taking off or putting on shirts, etc. So the fact the subject doesn't have a coat on is not unusual. Also the other half of his suspender is probably behind his back. If you look closely at the so-called 'Mohawk' it looks more like a piece of cloth, though I don't know why it would be on his head. Like many professionally taken pictures of this time period this one is extremely sharp and from looking at everything going on and the people that are moving something in their hands I think this is a photo of American-style clothing being given to some new immigrants and this person just happens to be a bit slow about getting his. No "time-traveller" here, just a very good example of a person not looking at what he is seeing.

  6. Pateriot - That's funny and one of the best `ideas' I've heard or read. Here's some other good ones too at a forum
    Hoytshooter - Cliff Pickover focused on the out of focus Man With A White Hat just in front of our subject.
    I'm glad everyone is having fun with this - Shorpy is a great site for real time-travel.

  7. i worked in an old age home and an old man saw my mohawk and called it a johnny eagle. my guess was the guy was in his nineties.

  8. He is "so" deferent from the other men in the pictures, because of his hair style, and the fact that everyone else is wearing bowl hats and jackets.
    Who’s jacket and hat is hanged up against the inner wall of the ship in the bottom right corner? Right next to the big bunch of Bananas.

  9. > we can only see the top half of his body - most of it must not have materialized for the photo

    That's pretty funny. But you could have gone even further: the bottom half of his body is embedded in the USS Eldridge! Thus using this photo to *ahem* prove the Philadelphia Experiment.

  10. Through history there have been so many humans hidden away in the cracks of every day life that have been born and died millions upon millions of times over as the past rolls bye.The chances of one unknown everyday person dressing in a way that looks quite modern to us today in one of these old photos is much higher then we may think.Trends that never caught on and died with the creator. Millions of times over

  11. The real story on this guy is much different than what it appears. The guy standing just above the hat and coat on the low wall, staring at the camera, is obviously holding a detonator in his right hand, and is waiting for a signal from his masters to ignite some kind of banana boat trade war armageddon. Just look at the steely look on his face. He knows the future of banana trading is about to change. The guy with the mohawk is indeed a time traveller who was sent there by a banana consortium from the year 29677 AD. A split second after this picture was taken he leaped into action, and put a stop to what would have otherwise been a terrible scene of destruction. The people around him, all clueless, assumed he was just another banana hating madman, and he would have wound up in a mental hospital had his people not pulled him out at the last second.


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