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It's really just easiest to get that Coinbase account and buy Bitcoin - or - get that Coinbase account and have someone who owns Bitcoin transfer it to you there via your free Bitcoin wallet and address. Thanks for reading...but, now you are actually ready and have the's up to you.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Hampshire Jury Nullifies its First Felony Marijuana Case

Due to the huge amount of material in the bin - even headline glimmers of hope like the above - fight for inclusion. Anyway, as if the fact that PEOPLE OWN THEIR OWN BODIES AND SHOULD BE ABLE TO PUT WHATEVER THEY WANT INTO THEM - it took a jury finding the defendant was a Rastafarian It's Worth Your Read..... the powers that be will only give up if NULLIFICATION becomes commonplace.
BS does Politics - well positioned picture, eh? Oh,..... is this the way it Works? --- simply not enough talent out there, right? Speaking of Not Enough Talent ......................
BUT, you are here for the Sexy Sweeties, right? The ones with the Booty Shorts or even less, right? Like wearing Nothing, bet you bookmark this picture men! Oh, did you answer the question at the top of this page in the poll? Don't stop now? Womanhood.
The latest sleaze? How about the news that Miss Teen Delaware abruptly resigned her reign - seems Her Slippery Slopes Had Too Much Exposure prior to her winning the crown. Yeah, there's a picture of her. Could her `communicative skills' have aided her in the win?
So, in the comments - among the first comments as I saw this when it had just a few hundred views - was that the girl was speaking some European language about oxygen and consciousness - TALKING about it.
I think that's enough barf for one posting - thanks for your readership - how about answering the `poll' at the top of this page (yes, scroll back up) - thanks.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Waahhhh Waaaahh,, BOMB Makers May Be Unemployed By `Sequester'

So, Obama misread the republinuts, at least the tea party end, and NEVER expected they would go along with `defense' cuts (hardly defense when one is blowing up folks IMO) -- wah, wah,.... such a shame that people who make bombs and who have been getting government subsidies FOREVER .... will actually have to find work that doesn't kill people they've never met...... Bring it on.
I bet you've never heard of the Raisin Marketing Order, right? Well, did you know that the Feds take up to 47% of all raisins from farmers, sometimes at no payment, for the privilege of selling via interstate commerce. More BS details at link. BS does politics.
IF it is news to you..... French women have a very interesting way of protesting............. by writing their protests on their Semi-Naked Bodies......... Might OWS have been more effective with this type of protest from 1/2 of our species?
The bs Product Below is being released to the public on Friday - I kid you not:
Ready for today's gallery? Downblouse Kiss, gotta love those pajama parties...... and, here's a classy photo of a tanned lovely Young Beauty of Model Level.
Where's the UFO stuff today? How about Regan Lee's Thoughts About An Unread Book - about Nick Redfern's latest BS about the government and aliens in cahoots to some degree..... 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Senator Dominicci `F'ed' Colleagues Daughter

Unbelievable. You're 50, a `conservative catholic' SENATOR for America - and you F..K the `other' Senators DAUGHTER? Who is 24? And then 34 years later have the NERVE to suggest that they were NEVER compromised in ANY manner? ........... And there's a bridge for sale in NYC too. Read all about IT here. Oh, here's two priceless comments from the `citizens':

He wanted to protect HER. He always wanted to tell his Republicon base that he had a love child, but that would have hurt her carreer as his lover. How many abortions has he paid for?
Or, this one:
  • mrk
  • Rank 5
Dominici was and is such a good family values Roman Catholic RepubliCon. I guess having nine children in his holy marriage to his wife Nancy did not contain enough sexual activity for this wonderful virile man of "valor."
YES, Barf Stew still does UFO videos:

We continue the barf stew with Are Those Triple D's? (so hot) - or this reason to worship the Gods for their sense of Beauty (wow)..... Speaking of D's ...... below are fictional pixels of'll see..............
The amazing Larry Hagman:
Hagman told the Times that after death he wanted his remains to be "spread over a field and have marijuana and wheat planted and harvest it in a couple of years and then have a big marijuana cake, enough for 200 to 300 people. People would eat a little of Larry."

And, at the CNBC link find out who turned him on to LSD And who `Introduced' Him to Marijuana - the amazing JR.

link -

And, above, the blog Bizarre Bigfoot attempts to make sense of the very latest findings of Bigfoot DNA in the post - Bigfoot and Sex.
Barf Stew - The Unique Entertainment You Find Nowhere Else
YOU NEED THIS ESCAPE NOW - BOOK IT 542964_Save on trips to Las Vegas 300x100

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Only The 1% Has `Recovered' From The 2008 Bank Fraudsters

Seems in the Obama recovery that ONLY the super RICH have done `better' - with incomes up 11.2% while the other 99% are earning LESS. Big surprise there, right? The FED has obviously been engaged in RETURNING the money of the super rich at everyone else's expense. Gotta love the democraps and the Obama recovery, right? (How they always are watching out for the little guy with getting those good paying jobs to return from offshore that they sent there via Clinton and the worthless republinuts.)
But, you are here for the chicks anyway - Tight Yellow Short Shorts and a sexy Cleavage Sweetie and a sexy Tent Hottie.
Once in awhile the liberal democraps have a point or two or ten:
BS Does Politics and it often is a history lesson. Is this our coming History?
But, again, you are here probably NOT for the BS politics but for the rare Jailbait Photo - admit it. Short shorts and a tight top describe this chick that likes to Flaunt Her Sexuality.
Today's intellectual post - as often is the case - belongs to Bruce Duensing - The Broadcast Medium Of Quantum Television - as BD is celebrating about a year in this new blog. Oh, here's a snippet of the link:
No such thing will ever exist in anything other than a temporal state of storage, exchange or informational fluidity. 
Speaking of intellectual blogs - Dreaming In The Void - consider this your BLOGFIND - others in the sidebar too.
Now, the final video for today will probably cause HUGE BLACK boxes to appear on Barf Stew - too hot for Google. When you see the big black boxes on this site - please support it in some manner - thanks. BS's sleazy side.
Why Not Join Second Life Today To Show Your Support For BS

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What IF Meteor Bombs Became Commonplace?

As I predicted at UDCC, there was at least one additional LARGE asteroid to enter the atmosphere yesterday as it was in videos above Los Angeles - both the Russian meteorite bomb in Russia the day before - is also said to be NOT related to the near miss with the real threat 17,000 miles away in space. Trippy stuff - and interesting for the MSM to admit that boulders the size of what went off over Russia are simply undetectable. Meaning...... we could indeed enter a swarm in an unannounced fashion..... just sayin. BS of course.
Okay, your gut feel on this - do you think that in a state that more people are killed by rifles or fist fights? Well, find out here in a BS link that breaks down for you the true Weapons Of Death...... the slippery slope

decorative table                                                          real product
Entertained yet?
Tasty Treat.............. Tight Athletic Shorts
Turning to our paranormal side - 200 Million year old Human Giant Footprint or Simply An Unusual Rock? ... oh, it didn't change history or even get a buzz.

Some say that the picture above is of a human animal cross breeding - it's supposedly the second time it has happened (and I think BS covered the first mishap) - Humanized Thing - Sheep
and for a deeper appreciation of just what could be going on - One For The Transhumanist Scrapbook --- yeah, barfy. But probably very tasty?
334771_What Happens 300X250

Friday, February 15, 2013

Mysterious Booms And Light Flashes

The website Earthfiles by L.M. Howe is well known for its thoroughness - and this article is no exception. TONS of referenced links about what seems to be a more frequent occurrence for human observation - strange sky sounds, in this case the BOOM variety. Mysterious Booms.
But, you are probably here for the Sexy Shots, correct? Especially lovely Blue Bumps Like These, almost artsy. And, here's a Self Done cleavage shot the boys like. Finally for this set - Sexy Graduation Girl, all grown up and the figure to prove it.
In the glimmers of hope category, in addition to NYC deciding they have intimidated pot smokers long enough with jail,  we now have `patients' discovering `through their doctor' the benefits and Side Benefits Of Pot - such as enhanced parenting skills.
Speaking of the endless war on adult smokers:
I think we can say that this `nasty truth' has been sufficiently suppressed so far - Wouldn't You?  Those gulf seafood anomalies like missing eyes and such. Barf or Brunswick Stew.
Here's a little Barf Stew for you. You are a teacher and are taking difficult students on a trip to a bookstore --- and one of them has slipped LSD into your coffee BEFORE the field trip. Then, it hits you and fortunately you can call on your 10 Years Of Following the Grateful Dead. Yeah, it's a trippy story alright. 
No..... the powers that be do NOT get off lightly today when this BS is going on for `our safety'. BS does the hard politics the MSM TV stations are scared to do. BS politics in a BS society on the slippery slopes.
This one Does Not Get Taken Home To Mama - but, does get taken elsewhere. Like to Model Shoots which feature the opened up look. Finally, as we enter the weekend --- how about 100% male teaser girl.
WHERE YOUR LITTLE ONE BECOMES A SUPERHERO $6.95 Shipping for all costumes-No Min Purchase-120x240

Thursday, February 14, 2013

`Loan Modification' Lets FRAUDSTER BANKS Off The Hook

I crack up when I hear the MSM talk about the `financial crisis' of 2008; as not everyone has forgotten how we got to that point. As I see it, the FRAUDSTER Bankers played a ponzi scheme and got caught. Millions upon millions of folks were taken in by the ponzi scheme - in which the big banks bought up the fraudulent loans to sell `securities' to make even more fraudulent money. And on and on.

So, they NOW come along and want to make things right? You have got to be kidding me? These are fraudster bankers WHO DON'T EVEN HAVE LEGITIMATE LOANS - MOST OF THEM DON'T EVEN HAVE THE MORTGAGE NOTE - WHICH IS REQUIRED TO `COLLECT' ON THE LOAN. 

Isn't that robbery? Again!

So, in my opinion - the ONLY thing that Loan Modification is - IS A WAY FOR THE FRAUDSTER BANKS TO suddenly have legitimate loans on their books ------------ instead of WORTHLESS paper with lists of loans and loan addresses - that HAVE NO MORTGAGE NOTE AND NO VALUE. 

The banks IMO want to CREATE legitimate loans - they don't HAVE REAL loans to even modify. But, as they know, most folks don't have the 1000's it takes to get them to admit they HAVE NO LOAN THAT ISN'T A FRAUD ON YOUR HOME. And, meanwhile, every dollar they take in IS FRAUDULENT. 

So, the next time you hear the talking heads - the government spokespeople in the news - remember that Mortgage Modification is NOT ultimately for your benefit in any manner - it is for the Fraudster Bankers and no one else. So, maybe, the next time you hear the talking heads wondering why more folks aren't doing the modification - perhaps it's that they don't want to help FRAUDSTERS...................... what barf!
Your opinion?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Those Mortgage Free States

As is well known but totally unspoken about by the mainstream media - IS - that thousands and thousands of folks live in states where they haven't made a mortgage payment IN YEARS - but, simply remain in the homes. Just part of the `fairness' involved in the `housing crisis' brought on and bought and paid for by the big banks. The Fraudsters. Anyway, read all about those smart folks who live in homes TOTALLY FREE While DUPES Like You Continue To Pay The Fraudsters during the Obama Recovery.
Did you know that you can BORROW Amazon Kindle Books? And guess where you can borrow them from? The Library. Here's how to get started borrowing Kindle Books - why not BORROW one of my books? My Books.
Of course, many of you are here for the sexy pictures of women who want to be seen - like this Sexy Self-Shot and this Undies Outside Shot. Only one group of ladies looks like this - Sorority Hotties.
BS Entertains, as you know....... like a good read about how it's finally official An Asteroid Killed Off The Dinosaurs. If you liked this story,..... make sure to read my `science blog' too. Such as links about How Close The Nearest `Earth-like' Planet May Be using real statistics based on observations. Or, how Quantum Gas Has Archived BELOW Absolute Zero In Temperature - worth a click.
When you ask what's next - does your mind run to Sensual Cyborgs?
Speaking of sensual - I call this the One Purpose Dress - what do you think is her purpose? 
BS Entertains.
Kill You Parents - Ambien Walrus
Cut Off Your Hair - Ambien Walrus
Image Link
Eat All The Cookies and Go For a Drive - Ambien Walrus
Image Link
More of the Ambien Walrus

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Metallic Robot Arm On Mars

The evidence might be piling up that something is going on - on Mars - that said, I don't think this `robotic arm' is going to be the breakthrough that `life elsewhere in the universe' advocates are hoping for. Barf or Stew - up to you.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Perfect Correlation - Penicillin, Risky Sexual Behavior

It's a real interesting idea - that penicillin and NOT `the pill' was what brought on the free love of the 1960's and the subsequent AIDS epidemic. The research analysis also gets into what happened when the treatments for AIDS got the upper hand too. Barf or Stew - It's An Interesting Read..... and, it sets up yet another Sexy Sunday at BS.
I think this one was ready for a party. I love the concept of the blog I got this picture at too (below) - set yourself up at a MILF resort and take pictures to upload - awesome capitalism at its best. More pictures than you can shake a ..... at.
Found At MILF Bikini
Yeaa.... every once in a while BS will share a picture in 2013 and not just provide the links to beauty and entertainment.
Speaking of BS - how about a UFO controversy in a small New England state? -- Who's Number One In NH UFO Research? - Barfsters can decide for themselves. Check the sidebar of this website for the latest UFO sightings in NH. Nicely run site for only 5,000 lifetime views.
And, sexy Sunday almost always means a Poolside Hottie and an Excitable Nip or two.... to arouse and titillate.
AMAZON for Lingerie? 

Finally, let's take one more sleazy leap of the mind today - and watch Kimmie the Robot:
erotic hypnosis - too hot for mainstream consumption - but, not on the slippery slope
Naughty Amazon Again
Hypnotize Your Lover, the erotic hypnosis book that will teach you everything about hypnosis and sex. Learn covert hypnosis, secret sleep hypnosis technique, erotic stories.

perfect gift for someone

Friday, February 8, 2013

Jobs Returning From China - Going To Robots In USA

Only over time are folks gonna realize the full extent of how un-needed they are in the modern world (and how a new structure will need to be developed in a hurry) - and, you can bet that these type of BS stories will be kept strictly to a Minimum by our near worthless press.
But, that hardly matters when most are really here to see the Young Blonde Cleavage, right? Or the fun ones like this hottie who wants to be Seen. And, finally for this set Buxom Young Hotties fill this hot hot tub.
BS does politics - sometimes it only takes one phrase to sum it all UP - what would your protest sign say?
In the Obama recovery - one must be innovative to keep ahead of the pace of the interest on ones debt - in this case the new business of offering one's body in return for money. NO - not PROSTITUTION! Why F when you can Cuddle For 260 Dollars A Day? Franchise's available?
Or, you can pose for daddy:
Man uses Scantily Clad Daughter To Sell 1977 Datsun - other photos of daughter at the link.
As the call for sleaze continues to mount - I present The Erotic Hypnotist - for those in control of themselves.
For the BS music fans:
70-1 positive to negative ratio of opinion on this one
Feel The Wonder Once Again 349792_Orion's Gear up for the Comets - 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Top 10 Libertarian States In 2012's Presidential Election - Or - What The Media Failed To Tell You Once Again

These figures are the official figures as found in Wikipedia - 2012 Presidential Results:
* candidate was previous office holder in * state

NEW MEXICO* - 3.5%
MONTANA - 2.9%
ALASKA - 2.4%
WYOMING - 2.1%
INDIANA - 1.9%
KANSAS - 1.7%
.99% Of Americans voted Libertarian for President in 2012 up from .40% in 2008 
Top Libertarian States In 2008
INDIANA - 1.0%
GEORGIA* - .7%
UTAH - .7%
TEXAS - .6%
IDAHO - .5%
KANSAS - .5% 
The Democraps got 69,498,516 votes in 2008
The Democraps got 65,899,660 votes in 2012
The Republinuts got 59,948,323 votes in 2008
The Republinuts got 60,929,152 votes in 2012
2008 Libertarian vote - 523,715
2012 Libertarian vote - 1,275,804
The increases in Indiana and Kansas can't be comforting to the mainstream power players.
No Rand Paul effect in Kentucky?
If you are new to the stew - these were the top 10 Barfiest Links Of 2012 (where you can find links to the best of 2011, 2010 etc.
the sticker above is priced at 4.25

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Legend Of Bub Kucharuk - And, Delivering The Jack Of Spades

BK, who I met in college, was the most unlikely of superhero characters. A simple guy from nowheresville Ohio - thrown in with mainly the smart ass folks from the Cleveland suburbs - at OU in the fall of 1970. The university itself, just re-opening after the spring riots shut it for good, - after the Kent State shootings in the spring. The whole lot of us - all freshmen - were tossed together as the folks who wanted to live in the all freshman dorm - while skating on our student deferment. And, except for our RA's - we all started equal. 

Equally non-hip that was,  as the first question put to the group of us by our dorm RA was `who has gotten high' - and only 3 or 4 of 29 raised their hands. By the spring of that next year - that figure had changed, to 27/29 - and the high times were upon us all; and, the escalation of the partying in the 1970's was at hand. By fall of 71, his name was widely known as Bub, and he was already seemingly in a different category from everyone else when it came to `the party' side of things.  Why BUB and not his real name? 

The BUB was his acquisition of the nickname within the opening weeks at OU by a future mayor in Ohio - who mocked his own pronunciation of his name. The future mayor would say -- in a mocking tone after speaking with Bub - "my name is BUB KuCHARuk, my name is BUB KuCHARuk". Somehow, it stuck as everyone grasped at remembering names in the opening weeks of college. And, somehow, Bub's coke thick lenses of glasses, and being a bit portly,  gave him an aurora that fit the name even more aptly - almost, but not quite, a goofy Mr. Magoo type character.

But, Bub was hardly bumbling - and slowly was building a growing legend worthy of the old rum running crowd of days gone by. Running, in succession, a series of the ultimate party houses in a university town KNOWN for being an ultimate party school. Literally being partially responsible - and, as he said at one point - `I'm gonna have this whole town coughing' - while smiling with pride. And, for several years, coughing with blurry red eyes became the calling card of many a young man waking to the scent and flavor of imported smoke from South America. Indeed, the reach of Bub by these long gone days was well outside just the tentacles of Athens O.

By then, the legendary stories were already a ripe bunch. Including the balls the size of grapefruits when simply bringing carry-on's stuffed with party material was the methodology in the simple `before the demand' days. But, the demand for Bub's legend and legendary product would only grow in leaps and bounds - and suitcases onto jet liners would hardly do - as the legend needed to grow beyond the Athens county boundary.

There would be stories of Playboy playmate BJ's upon arrival at the opulent Florida center - before the long run back to feed the students demands. Talks and stories of sailboats and secret offload strategies - with stories of a growing fleet. During this time - the ultimate party man filled his shoes mightily - with legends of reimbursement to those that would `walk him around' when things got too close to the edge of life.  Everything above done while gathering a diploma from the University; and before gathering a persona non grata declaration from the city - for unrelated matters - even while the city thought they knew elsewise. (As the authorities searched for a mysterious legend called bubinisy - details as to why not included - and will remain a mystery to others.) The persona-non-grata tag only enhanced the legend.

With the court order in hand, the whole party moved elsewhere, and became more reclusive and exclusive. But, nonetheless, the legend was well into full swing with excesses beyond anything reasonable; including garbage bags of greenbacks and more. And, indoor bales of hay to the ceiling - before it began to all crash downward.

Then, and forever after, the only legendary highlights came from what could be read in the newspapers, - of the war with the new rum-runners - and a lifestyle that involved duplicate luxury cars, authorities breaking in doors, and erratic driving on interstates - with denials of knowledge of valuables on board. .......... Before his disappearance - and what was assumed, for decades,  to be perhaps an early ending.

But, that was not the exact case - despite a very long multi decade disappearance suggestive of an underground reason - outed only when the internet provided a new touch-base of information placement.

Well, it turned out that indeed, since his end was before being 60 years of age - that his was an early ending. But, not that early; and from what can be gathered via the news accounts, - not without a final twist to the story...... It turned out that Bub was a shop owner in a town similar to and not too far from Athens, O. It seemed the legend had become the towns headshop owner; and BUB,  - was targeted, perhaps, for one final fall - and, that targeting perhaps attributed to his ultimate demise. The legend of Bub had finally passed - most of his stories not retold or even known. Such as the ultimate wacky party at 40 Moore which explored the slippery slope of stonedness. 

Now, a few years has passed - his family with NO contact with anyone who knew of Bub's glory days of legend - stories that will probably never be told again except for this one final time. And the story is delivered today for only one reason .................................... - while playing a game of Texas Hold'em (Bub loved a good card game of guts) - this author flopped a four card, both ends open, straight flush possibility on the first hand of a recent tournament - in the 25 seconds or so between cards and bets - the holder of the 7-8-9-10 of spades, myself, - turned to the ethereal and beckoned the spirit of Bub to `deliver' on the NEXT card, to show that he was still bringing fulfillment to his legion of fans; and the - Jack of Spades - was the next card.

Of course, the names and labels of this story have been slightly changed to protect the innocent - and perhaps the story is just a legend, - the legend of Bub. 
(BTW, the next two hands in the Texas Hold'em tournament even more fulfilled the presence of Bub - but, that is another story.)




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