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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chemtrail Proof Starting To Add Up

To me, the worrisome part of the whole Chemtrail phenomena is that the common folks - for the most part - don't even remember that the skies of today are TOTALLY different than the skies just 15 or so years ago. It also disturbs me that the TV weatherman has been reduced to a `talking head' and one that isn't even interested with what is in the sky overhead.

As those who follow me on my blog called The Heavy Stuff - I've already speculated - years ago - that the Chemtrails purpose is to modify Global Warming - to which - they seem to have succeeded - as the temperature of Earth has indeed `leveled off' for the last decade or so. And, even more impressive - this leveling off has occured as MORE Co2 has been added to the atmosphere. It is obvious to anyone not attached to dogma that the change is caused by the ONE change to our skies worldwide - Contrails or Chemtrails.

Meanwhile - Nazis on the Moon? - Caused a stir with the picture at this link - make SURE to read the comments for an explanation too - Another example of the Barf that must be wadded thru daily in the ParaNormal and anomalous niches.

Here's a real heavy read - totally Stewable - How the Brain Encodes Memories at a Cellular Level -

This could be a re-post - if so - it's worth it - Global Consciousness Project Welcomes Collaboration With Skeptics -

Do you like UFO photos? Seek no more - UFO buzzes Sydney - and here's 'proof' - Barf Stew for you.

And, let's finish up today with another YouTube - Light in the Sky UFO -- Barf Stew.

Or, perhaps this is more your style - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Widescreen Edition)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are Dolphins Also Persons?

And, from the let me Stew about it category - comes the idea of how to treat self-aware creatures. (We do so well treating other humans so well you know.) Seems some are feeling a twinge of guilt about 300K dieing in nets each year and dozens entertaining in various aquariums. Barf or Stew - Clearly it's up to you -

How about a Poltergeist story?

Here's a real thoughtful blog post along the same lines - the unknown!

Hey, you hear what NPR is pushing these days? -- How about - Forget Taxing Marijuana; The Real Money's In Cocaine --- Yep - Barf Stew.

Wanna freak folks out? Get your car license plate on the news? Then, try this Barf Stew PRANK -

Did this story somehow not make the grade to be in your newspaper? -- Arab family denied right to rent home - Oh, that's right - doesn't fit the MSM's agenda - Barf and Stew.

Below - Another Levitation Video - Hmm.

One more click before you go? --> Incredible Tales of the Paranormal: Documented Accounts of Poltergeist, Levitations, Phantoms, and Other Phenomena

Monday, March 29, 2010

Gravity Emerges from Quantum Information, Say Physicists

How about a top of the line physics read that will leave your head spinning? Are they finally  going to figure it all out? Is it all really falling into place? A few highlights from the article:

One of the hottest new ideas in physics is that gravity is an emergent phenomena; that it somehow arises from the complex interaction of simpler things.

A few month's ago, Erik Verlinde at the the University of Amsterdam put forward one such idea which has taken the world of physics by storm. Verlinde suggested that gravity is merely a manifestation of entropy in the Universe. His idea is based on the second law of thermodynamics, that entropy always increases over time. It suggests that differences in entropy between parts of the Universe generates a force that redistributes matter in a way that maximises entropy. This is the force we call gravity.....Today, this idea gets a useful boost from Jae-Weon Lee at Jungwon University in South Korea and a couple of buddies. They use the idea of quantum information to derive a theory of gravity and they do it taking a slightly different tack to Verlinde.

At the heart of their idea is the tricky question of what happens to information when it enters a black hole. Physicists have puzzled over this for decades with little consensus. But one thing they agree on is Landauer's principle: that erasing a bit of quantum information always increases the entropy of the Universe by a certain small amount and requires a specific amount of energy.
Jae-Weon and co assume that this erasure process must occur at the black hole horizon. And if so, spacetime must organise itself in a way that maximises entropy at these horizons. In other words, it generates a gravity-like force. That's intriguing for several reasons. First, Jae-Weon and co assume the existence of spacetime and its geometry and simply ask what form it must take if information is being erased at horizons in this way. It also relates gravity to quantum information for the first time....

 Much more to these cool ideas here -  Super Stewworthy.

My UFO blog ended up here - on this listing site - not too long ago - - Barfy Stewy site.

With all the ails of the F'ing system itself -- here we have a group of folks that think - evidently - that taking on Ronald McDonald - to save our kids - is next in line for improvement to our system - Group: Time for Ronald McDonald to retire -,0,7799183.story Messy Barflike sloppy joe consistancy stuff right here for sure.  And, if you like restaurant links - or you know someone who owns a restaurant and you might want to turn them onto a cool site - try this one

You ask - how long is a UFO? -- And, The Professor answers - -- Stew over this.

Here's another cool website ->Sell Books Online at

And, the YouTube below - Pretty sure it is Barf Stew. You decide.

I have much more entertainment for you at my new archive of prefered links on Squidoo - many of which appeared here first -- or perhaps I can suggest a book recently purchased by another reader - The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception: The Living Tapestry of Lujan Matus -- thanks for visiting today.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Incredible Video Of A DOG Eating A Police Car

Perhaps you have already heard of this one or seen a link and didn't hit it -- but -- really, this is a weird video. One has to wonder what in the world caused this dog to do this. BARF, Stew. --

And now this - Iraqi Elections Bad News for U.S. Troops - -- Yep; that's Barf Stew alright.

Want a long detailed `science' read about Alien Abduction? -- Hey, why not - B.S.

The internet undersea world -- Where the cables are - B.S. 10 of the worlds smallest things. -- Really cool photos. Stewable stuff.

Busy World - 1906 ---- Today's Shorpy -

Here's another Sunday Rant Classic - Dr. Steven Greer ET Apologist and General Bullshit Artist - B.S.  ----- And another follow-up about Greer that I think is dead on.

No way - work for 43 minutes and month - no way ---- WAY. Of course, it's government war crappola as only the government can do it -- Total Barf and No Stew. -

Another sexy girl pic - - Well, girls I guess I should say. BS.

Find that impossible to find record here -
Find 25 million rare CDs and out-of-print LPs at MusicStack

Tap your library for cash - Sell Books Online at

Here's a thoughtful post and a cool webpage - Artificial Immortality: At What Point Do We Stop Being Human? -

Ready for edgy? BARF they say.......

Clicking sponser ad's helps all webmasters - see if any appeal to you before you leave any website.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ranking The Four Most Powerful Forces In The Universe

Hello, and welcome to Barf Stew. I found this guys blog yesterday and wow - lots to explore and nicely written. Here, he ranks the four most powerful forces in the Universe in his opinion. It's an interesting list with lots of links within the article to more to explore this big idea. Number 4 is Supermassive Blackholes; can you guess 3,2 and 1?
Indeed, here's a HEAVY book refered to in the above post

Pyramid UFO over China - with video - A who knows, Barf Stew video for sure -

Worlds Tallest Woman - Google Video Fun

Friday, March 26, 2010

76-Year-Old Mystery Valentine's card Surfaces at Duke University

The great part about this story is the investigative aspect to find out more about the sender. Great pictures of the letter/postmark and the card itself too. Great mixture for the Stew today. -

I have some problems with this NG post - -- such as -  the size of the `visible' universe quoted (someones terms aren't right). This is more confirmation of this information/theory that has been around for a few years, but now has a bigger database - twice as big. Barf Stew.

This guys blog is like an addicting drug to those who love to read about space-time theories and such -- Might be some barf mixing in with this great Stew. - (Give it time to load or reload.)

Ready for another Bigfoot read? - BS.

Want a long intellectual read about the decline in civilization all around us? "Zero Point of Systemic Collapse" - Thought so. Barf Stew for sure. -

And, here's a blogger many think is the one with the most `respectable tinfoil' type writing - Bruce Duensing - Barf Stew.

Finally how about some YouTube fun today:

Sell Used Books - Ship Your Books For Free And Get Fast Cash Back!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spoonbending Party At The Rhine Center - Do These Folks Look Like Hoaxers?

A number of years ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Sally Rhine at the Rhine Center about an anomalous event that happened to me while enjoying an evening of juggling with a buddy and his juggling friends. She recorded my event (perhaps I will tell the story here someday) and I ended up on the mailing list for the Rhine Center.
Here's the Wiki take on The Rhine Center - The Rhine Research Center Institute for Parapsychology (successor to the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and Rhine's later laboratory, the Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man [FRNM]) is a parapsychology research unit that "aims to improve the human condition by creating a scientific understanding of those abilities and sensitivities that appear to transcend the ordinary limits of space and time." The institute is named after its founder J. B. Rhine.
The research that J.B.Rhine did and the data he collected is famous or infamous.

However, regardless of that - the institute continues and seems to be developing an interesting approach and outreach to the public and members. So, in that regard - I bring to your attention that tomorrow night, in Durham, NC. - March 26th - at 7:30 - 9:00 PM - there will be a spoonbending party - this link will tell you more (if it isn't sold out yet) -
More pictures of the last spoonbending party ->

So, the topic that Uri Geller made famous and infamous and discredited -- has slowly been making a seeming comeback. Somehow, events are occuring that seem to be outside of the common consensus as to what is possible. Events that describe possible ways of perceiving not generally spoken about. Because if you really think these folks at the top of this page are hoaxers, then, for sure, you are a bigger skeptic than me.

Can bending a spoon be nothing more than the belief in a limited space location that it is possible?

Today's video is a Remote Viewing lecture at Rhine.

Books About This Subject Matter:

 Have you bookmarked Barf Stew Yet? ---

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Deformed babies in Fallujah/Iraq LETTER TO THE UNITED NATIONS

I hope that by now Barf Stew return readers would realize that BS is all about edgy stuff - UFO chatter, High Strangeness, Rants, and Hard Politics often will grab the headline (such as this hard politics link). And today's post - as always - deserves the Barf Stew tag as it shows front and center the `unintended' and totally Barfy results of war. Plenty of Barf to Stew about.

Here's the hard science link for today - How the Brain Encodes Memories at a Cellular Level - Totally Stewable.

Finally today - The Story Of Bottled Water (2010) - Be careful here folks - this Stew may just change the way you think about ever using a bottled water product again. Or worse.

Today's Book Feature Much more entertainment by going to the front page and paging down - --- lots more to explore. Bookmark today and return tomorrow for more fun too.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Triangle UFO Photographed In Broad Daylight Over Greenville, SC

Here's the number one Barf Stew link I could dig up for you today - picture from supposedly 3/16/10 at 8:03PM - story has more details and one more picture - make sure to see the large version of this picture - .

BTW, I am nearing competition of part two UFO Hall Of Shame list - stay tuned.

Next up Barf Stew way (BS) is a link I had on my blog The Heavy Stuff today in my post there - the link is to the blog of Lujan Matus and involves his ideas for how to create a separate perception structure via awareness techniques - in this case, specifically, Dreaming. -- Some big ideas here I may blog about soon on BS.

This is the title of that post I did on The Heavy Stuff - `The Embers Of Castaneda’s `Don Juan Legacy’ - Tensegrity, Lujan Matus, And Mystery' -- It provides some of the ideas, and such, that Carlos Castaneda is still influencing some people with until this day. - Lots to Stew about.

Here's a rarity - someone giving up going into the woods to get proof of a bigfoot - as a `researcher'. Realizing, evidently, that the technique has never worked to provide `proof' - yet - fully believing `experiencers' (witnesses) of the bigfoot `form'. - BS. Pork Brains anyone? Barf Stewwwww. You have to see this ingredients label for one thing in particular.

Is this the kind of girl you take home to mama? -- BS sexy pic.

NOT DOING is: - Using "our momentary chance" to choose action different from our normal response. Not Doing, a technique of Carlos Castaneda for awareness - BS.

And, today's YouTube video with Barf Stew approval. Heavy Man. Heavy.

Make sure to see my page on Squidoo --- - too. Oh, and make sure to interact with my sidebar over there -------------> Thanks.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Antarctic Glacier Has Five-story Blood-red Waterfall of Primordial Ooze

Hello, welcome to Barf Stew (BS) - thanks for visiting again today (you have a BS bookmark, right?). Today's top link has a cool story that has taken 2 million years to come to this stage and a GREAT unique picture.

Have I made you a Shorpy fan yet? Here's one of the very best I've seen in months - It's Coney Island in 1905 - and a picture titled `Dreamland Twilight' - Make sure to read the comments too (left side underneath) - Stewable.

Want some ParaNormal? - 5 Ghostly images caught on film you need to see to believe - -- Each one of these is Very Stewable.

MUFON member finds witness confirmation on 'horseshoe-shaped' UFO - You know - I wade thru a lot of UFO stories before one makes the grade - this one is for sure Barf Stew Worthy.

25 Most Extreme Female Bodies -- Tallest, shortest, biggest bust, most pierced, etc - - B.S.

And, finally, some YouTube - B.S. - FUN

Want to believe in magic?  I run another site as weird as this one at - see you there too.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mayan Pyramid Shoots out Beam of Light, in a Thunderstorm, as UFOs Hover All Around!

Hello, welcome to Barf Stew - took a day off BS yesterday to find you the hot, up and out mixture of links you desire - and this one will NOT disappoint. Barf Stew Tag. One helluva good blog too - tons and tons of content.

And, this link will have the picture of an alien - The Tomato Man - from a supposed UFO crash decades ago (as all UFO crashes are it seems) - Lon's link also includes the full story behind the crash with lots and lots of details all UFO buffs will slurp right up - GREAT Read for sure Very Stewable.

Monkeys learn more from females - Interesting study - quick read. Stewable.

I have blogged about this link before - it's the one where the FAA says to call Robert Bigelow if pilots see a UFO -

Case closed: MUFON says Euclid, OH, UFOs are planes - Something, I don't know what, doesn't smell right here - one night to prove a host of daily nightly sightings? Seems a little hasty and forced. IMO. You mean this guy and the people didn't see the planes/UFO's then going to the airport? Fishy stew. BS.

Here's a real thought provoker - The desert and the sea - This is by Michael Prescott - one of the nets real thinkers - here he talks about his observation that NDE's and such do NOT include oceans and deserts - and then he makes this observation - "If the various accounts of the afterlife were purely the product of fantasy, one might reasonably expect some of those fantasies to include the desert or the ocean. As far as I can tell, none of them do. Perhaps this argues that there is an underlying reality to these reports. This still leaves the question of why the desert and the sea have been omitted from the geography of the next world. The only tentative answer I can suggest is that both environments involve wide open spaces, and perhaps in a world consisting of consensual thought forms, it is simply not possible to have a great deal of open, essentially undeveloped space. Perhaps the natural tendency is for people's imaginative projections to fill up that space with life and activity, so that a vast expanse of sparsely vegetated land or a huge stretch of open water cannot be established, or at least cannot be maintained for long. "  Well worth your read for Stewable ideas.

World's Tallest Model - In a bikini -

And today - I leave you with a video titled "Actual Ghost / Demon Sounds recording *Warning: Disturbing*" - You have been warned.

And, if you really want to know what the dead say - check this out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

McCain-Lieberman Bill Would Deny Civilian Trials for "Enemy Belligerents"

Now, don't get belligerent with me - OMG - To quote `If you thought some of the legislation introduced and passed by Congress under Bush II was scary, then in the immortal words of Bachman and Turner you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.' - Barf Stew Tag.

Did a phantom kangaroo once haunt Chicago? - (hat tip, as often, to The Anomalist) - Stew worthy. Great read.

Economic Stimulus Was a Waste of Time: Analyst - - Barf Stew. (BS)

CIA Waterboarding Guidelines Uncovered - - Barf Stew, can be heavy on the stomach.

International Probe Targets Secretive Catholic Group - Another Barf Stew story that simmers on and on. Very thoughtful guess at what 2000 would be like in the year 1900. Some accuracy - Stewable.

Ants vs. Crabs, a surprising conclusion. - Really cool video. Stewable crab.

Finally, a buddy of a buddy knows this guy in this video - amazing juggling set to hard rock - enjoy.


Solar Power Station Produces An Endless Supply Of Electricity For Free!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Soldiers Call It `War Porn'

In our welcome to the 2000's war article here - we have the story of `war drone pilots' - you know, the ones (7,000 systems in the air via 43 countries with pilots) flown by someone who ends up killing in the morning - only to go home to cuddle his kid in the evening. - Worthy of the Barf Stew tag.,1518,682852,00.html

Porn: Good for us? - Scientific examination of the subject has found that as the use of porn increases, the rate of sex crimes goes down. - Speaking of porn - BS here too.

Use Cash And Enjoy Privacy? You’re A Terrorist  - Sadly, this is a real story - and total Barf Stew.

Local Man Jailed For Crossing Street - Did you know that in certain parts of the United States that crossing into Canada was as easy as crossing the street? -

UFOs / 'Tall Humanoids' Reported in Post-Earthquake Chile - A super high strangeness report by Lon Strickler about encounters with huge humanoids after the Chile earthquake. Makes one wonder if prayers to God concentrated in a certain area might have `side effects' -- The sky UFO seems to be another orb. Stewable.

How to Live in a Tree House, From a Guy Who Did It for Five Years - Cool pictures and story here -- Smooth Stew.

Took LSD Last Night...Woke up with this written on a piece of paper... - And from the post on Reddit - ""I am seeing the same pattern, on everything from the floor to the ceiling. From the cement on the street to the branches on the trees. It's almost as if my brain is mapping the pattern of neurons firing throughout my onto everything I look at. Everything from every plant to every surface I see all have the same fractal pattern that can only be described as the map of the neurons that fire every second in our brains". But, make SURE to see the comments below - Barf Stew warning.

Let’s Teach WalMart A Lesson About Medical Marijuana - And from this link - During these periods of rapid and dizzying change – a perfect and current example being the huge shift in American attitudes toward marijuana — major corporations often reveal themselves to be big, dumb, lumbering beasts. That was exactly what WalMart, notorious for its corporate stance of social conservatism, looked like this week when it summarily sacked a cancer patient who had been “Associate of the Year” for using medical marijuana with his doctor’s recommendation – in Michigan, a state where that is perfectly legal. WalMart, so far at least, hasn’t budged. But the wave of revulsion and outrage over their treatment of Associate of the Year Joseph Casias hasn’t crested yet, and it’s going to get a lot bigger before it does. - Barf Warning.

Let's finish up today with a very thought provoking YouTube video -- Lots to Stew over on this one.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cincinnati - America's Craziest City?

Now, I know as an old riverboat town, that in the forgotten days of yesteryear Cincinnati was indeed known as a crazy fun place (actually it was across the river that its reputation arose from). But, now, in 2010 - using the criteria of - psychiatrists per capita, stress, eccentricity and drinking levels - once again, the Ohio city can claim to be the best in something. Craziness.

Here are some other highlights of the `study':

#2, San Francisco
Psychiatrists per capita: 1
Local Character: Samir “Sammy” Keishk spent 18 months and $12,000 working on a 2,260-pound rubber-band ball in a quest to set a Guinness world record.

#4, Milwaukee
Psychiatrists per capita: 10
Stress: 33 (tie)
Eccentricity: 29
Drinking: 1 (tie)
Colorful Character: 36-year-old Don Gorske, who lives an hour away from Milwaukee, is known as the "Big Mac Enthusiast" for having eaten over 23,000 Big Macs in his lifetime. That's two a day for 30 years.

#5, Las Vegas
Psychiatrists per capita: 55
Stress: 9
Eccentricity: 9
Drinking: 1 (tie)
Local Color: Gamblers looking to make an apt political statement should visit Las Vegas’ Main Street Station Casino, where male patrons are invited to relieve themselves on a large chunk of the Berlin Wall.

#10, New Orleans
Psychiatrists per capita: 3
Stress: 30
Eccentricity: 1
Drinking: 49 (tie)

#12, Austin
Psychiatrists per capita: 33
Stress: 46
Eccentricity: 3
Drinking: 1 (tie)
Colorful Character: Keep Austin Weird: In 1988, Vince Hannemann began building his Cathedral of Junk, which, today, is a trashy hub packed with 60 tons of castoffs: lawnmower wheels, car bumpers, kitchen utensils, ladders, cables, bottles, circuit boards, bicycle parts, bric-a-brac, and a lot of unidentifiable junk

#13, Cleveland
Women are forbidden from wearing patent leather shoes, so that men will not see the reflections of their underwear.

#15, Memphis
Psychiatrists per capita: 40
Stress: 1
Eccentricity: 10
Drinking: 38 (tie)

#36, Jacksonville, FL
A 62-foot tall can of 7-Up holds 65,000 gallons.

#47, Norfolk, VA
There are over 300 10-foot long statues of mermaids placed throughout Norfolk, and it is up to the tourists to see how many they can spot before leaving the city.

And, America's Most Sane City -

#57, Salt Lake City
Psychiatrists per capita: 36
Stress: 55
Eccentricity: 56
Drinking: 49 (tie)
Crazy Law: If you persist in walking on the cracks between paving stones on the sidewalk of a state highway, you are committing a felony.

You can read the methodology and the other goofy stuff at this link -

More links today too - including: - Pictures of the worlds tallest model - horse - building and more.

Here's what you get when you use 465,000 Legos - World’s Tallest Lego Tower - Great picture.

Now that your primed for World Records - here you go -

Monday, March 15, 2010

Zorgy Awards, Exopolitics, UFO/Alien Disclosure, And Barf Stew - Part One

Hello, and welcome to my blog called Barf Stew - thanks for visiting today. Most likely, many of you are shaking your heads at the title of today's post  - that's okay - here's the explanation. First, the Zorgy awards are an annual public vote on several areas of a Fortean nature - such as `Top Paranormal Blog' and such - indeed, since I came across the form in time - I myself voted too. Here's a link to the results page and the sidebar that I want you to note - .

You will note that in the sidebar on the left is an area known as the UFO Hall of Fame and the UFO Hall of Shame. And, in the shame list - two figures have been added this year 2010, bringing the total number of `shameful' players in the history of the UFO saga to 9 - including a gentleman named Alfred Webre. Who, IMO, for name recognition, probably isn't on most of your top of mind recalls. Is he?

That said, he probably is on this Hall Of Shame list for what his set of beliefs are within the Exopolitics movement - beliefs that he expresses quite well - as he is a scholarly man. I will expound to the best of my ability.

But first, why am I focusing on Alfred? Well, he took the time in the last few days to comment on my UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock blog - wanting me to separate his ideas from others in the Exopolitics movement. And, on my blog - without really digging into what I could find out about Alfred - I gave my quick, top of mind - somewhat curt - reply.

In my reply I questionned if his blogger identity was really him - only to realize that when I went to his website that it is the acronym for it- the website (that is okay, I assumed it was him in my reply). Also, he provides a link for me and all of us to consider in his UDCC reply - the link is one that I was familiar with already, and is indeed - one of the alltime classics links of Exopolitics for sure - . One thing about Mr. Webre - he doesn't go halfway in his beliefs or at drawing connections - IF this link is representative of that.

Now, this was not my first exposure to Mr. Webre, and I've even blogged about him to a small degree before ( ). But, I never delved into his public background; so, I then decided to see if Wikipedia might fill in my understanding of Mr. Webre - -- and, interestingly, when I did - I found things that I admired about this guy. To quote wiki "futurist, peace activist, environmental activist, and a space activist who promotes the ban of space weapons.[2][3][4][5] He was a co-architect of the Space Preservation Treaty and the Space Preservation Act that was introduced to the U.S. Congress by Congressman Dennis Kucinich and is endorsed by more than 270 NGO's worldwide.[6][7][8][5] He helped draft the Citizen Hearing in 2000 with Stephen Bassett and serves as a member of the Board of Advisors. Webre is also on the Board of Advisers at the Exopolitics Institute [7], is the congressional coordinator for The Disclosure Project [9], is a judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal [3], and is the International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space."

Interesting what qualifies for the Hall of Shame isn't it?

But, then again, - he does have that fictionlike link he points to in his reply on my blog.

As frankly, I believe it isn't his desire to keep space `weapons free' which puts him in the Hall Of Shame - indeed, isn't this - keeping weapons out of space if possible -  an idea normal humans could agree upon? Is this NOT a noble idea? (Could it be his connection to Kucinich that turns off some?) Well? 

Also, as Mr. Webre points out in his comment on my other blog - "Exopolitics, which my 1999 book founded is the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the Universe." - And, IMO, he has the background to create such a document/positioning if you read his education, etc, -  or to boldly position a path of possible `understanding' that might be reasonable for a species IF (A BIG IF) it actually were a part of an intergalatic federation. And, I for one am glad someone has, in a sense, `thought this idea out'. But, that is just my opinion (and it can't be the reason to be on the HOShame, right? Even if the idea itself is a little far out, and, not much more than the science fiction that has been put forth by very skilled writers for decades).

But, it seems that the year 2000, for whatever reason,  opened up lots of new horizons to the claims of intergalatic contacts and beliefs - by many folks on the fringes of the whole UFO internet thing. And, with video cameras coming into the population at a greater percentage as the decade went on - more and more anomalous sky phenomena seem to reach the public perception and awareness - which, perhaps, pushes the envelope on `what the fringe believe' -- much like the 1950's spaceman contactees like Billy Meier (who was in the first introduction class to the HOShame). (You will find in this post that claims of Real Life - `normal consciousness' contacts with `physical extraterretrials' is the absolute no-no.)

So, how outrageous does one have to be in 2010 to get onto that HOS list? Well, lets look at the list of the Top 10 Exopolitics stories that Mr. Webre points to for our examination. (via his link above)

#10 - Nothing new here - the interuption of electronics has been ascribed to some UFO events forever. Certainly not HOS material one would hope.
#9 - Nothing new here - except a very high quality - 1950's looking UFO video that seemed to be on a TV report. Now, both #10 and this #9 are foreign reports - but - why would that be important. Could it be that highlighting `saucer shaped crafts' isn't stylish with those folks that have `moved into the V-shaped crafts' era? No HOS material IMO.
#8- NASA Oct. 9, 2009 moon bombing violated space law & could have caused conflict with lunar ET/UFO civilizations - OK, now we seem to be getting somewhere. "This story is remarkable because it vividly illustrates the dividing line between the how space law should function in our populated solar system, and the view held by the U.S. black budget space complex which feels entitled to colonize all celestial bodies in our solar system irrespective of their being inhabited and of what space law requires."

IMO, certainly almost nobody within mainstream public thought thinks that the NASA event represented this view presented by Mr. Webre - except for a very few fringe folks. IMO, the probability that NASA was doing this for scientific reasons as opposed to knowingly violating `space law' - is overwhelming IMO - but it is still just my opinion.

Still, Mr. Webre is an activist, a peace activist - therefore it certainly can be seen as within his perspective that this action was somehow `wrong' in some regard. (And if he needs to create/fallback on a `space law' for possible justification --- wweeellllllllll, there are worse things in the world.) A HOS violation? - Perhaps, at most. (And note that the black budget aspect of government/s is under pressure too. Finally, he also points out, "The U.N. Outer Space Treaty, which the U.S. has ratified, requires that ‘ The moon and other celestial bodies shall be used by all States Parties to the Treaty exclusively for peaceful purposes. The establishment of military bases, installations and fortifications, the testing of any type of weapons and the conduct of military manoeuvres on celestial bodies shall be forbidden.’ 98 nations have ratified and 125 nations have signed the U.N. Outer Space Treaty.”Frankly, Mr. Webre IS a lawyer also - pointing this out - the US violating the treaty - is just his mindset on things. Could it be that he doesn't believe in the civilizations he will claim belief in ( a belief which seems to get him in trouble) just the concepts of Exopolitics he exposes? And uses the civilaztions idea as a cover and `attention getter'. IE: Playing the internet-media for coverage thru the diversion of outrageous claims?)
#7 - ET/UFO researcher Gary McKinnon’s continued battle against extradition to the U.S. - Now, certainly - this isn't reason to be on a HOS list either I would hope - or - perhaps Mr. Webre and my politics are closer than others who are ready to condemn. Am I starting to smell politics in all this? Well, there are six more to go.
#6 - The Vatican opens a window to extraterrestrial life - Frankly, this point number six is twisted by Mr. Webre in so many ways in his commentary that it is sad. Ultimately this Vatican comment is tied to the supposed U.N. meetings about ET's; and even the Stephenville UFO incidents - it - to me - IMO - is a mishmash of BS (except for the Stephenville event). Now, I know that some HATE the propoganding of the supposed U.N. meetings and I certainly can't say that I've read any proof of such events (even thought I've read about exact dates and exact people supposedly at these events via the web) - and certainly, IF it was KNOWN to be lies (how could anyone know it was a lie, really - remember folks, I take NOTHING at face value) - then it could be reason for the HOS honor.

But, let me present another take -- we have a peace activist who believes there SHOULD be a meeting (at the U.N. or by aliens wanting to include humans in some world federation)  and thereby, by claiming one happened - `it' the `idea' gets into the noosphere of Earth. And, while delayed, potentially creates a real event - the desired outcome. I certainly don't put it past the Exopolitics folks to use the internet/belief world in such a manner to try to actualize goals. But, then again, at the end of #6 - Mr. Webre adds this "CAVEAT: If official state disclosure is to occur around specific species of extraterrestrial civilizations such as the Reptilians and the Greys that have been in secret agreements against the public interest with the U.S. government for decades, then any Vatican association with such a disclosure plan is suspect as well." OK, the Reptilians reference, and the phrase decades of association - moves most of us (folks with sane positions on all this) to the edges of belief - I admit. (But, just because multi-dimensional aliens is more popular than - permanant aliens in 2010 as an explanation - let alone aliens in cahoots with the F-ing government/s - might not be a reason for the HOS.) But, I am going to present an even more bizzare posibilitiy to end this Barf Stew post. Five to go.
#5 - U.K. Ministry of Defense closes its UFO desk after 50 years
On this point - Mr. Webre gives a long discussion - but - his early point is "The cover story – that the approximately $70,000 saved are being spent in Barack Obama’s Afghan war – is implausible" - And, as I have blogged before - this is my position too.
#4 - Norway light spiral/Moscow pyramid and Obama Nobel Prize connection? - So, much is thrown into this one - it's hard to know where to begin. First - IMO, the Norway Spiral was almost for sure a failed missile launch (98%IMO) or HAARP (2%IMO) - and 0% aliens in any manner. One would have to question ones beliefs if all ones eggs were in the Exopolitics explanation. And, could almost be a HOS list maker - but - even skeptics and rational folks have to admit - that was one hell of a coincidence.
However, the Moscow Pyramid - to me - IMO - if not a complete hoax (my feeling overall) is as strange of an event as I can envision almost. An event which begs for a far out explanation if true IMO.
#3 - Denver ET ballot initiative places next step in extraterrestrial disclosure on August 2010 vote - It is easy to understand why Mr. Webre would think this is very important. Unfortunately, the media will make any person who lives in Denver who votes for this idea look to be an idiot. I guarantee it. That said, this is further proof - to me - that Mr. Webre is really after the big picture - a slow movement in the direction he desires. And, I guess, this ballot measure is indeed that.
#2 - Time travel and teleportation are confirmed by independent whistleblowers -



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Canadians Also Win Gold For Synchronized Peeing

You've seen these graphs before - the surge in water use at commericals and other types of breaks; this graph tells the same tale too - see what sport formed it - - Barf Stew Link.

And from the you can't make this stuff up category - Moviegoer Stabbed With Meat Thermometer After Complaining About Cell Phone -,0,6105625.story Barf Stew (BS) link.

And, from Cleveland - a solution as to do with the empty malls of The Great Recession - Go Green - Real Green - "Galleria mall is giant greenhouse, raising organic crops in Cleveland" -

Here's some pure Barf - Same Crap, Different County: Another Small Texas Town Overpunishes Another Piddly Drug Offender -

And, hot, off the presses - Woman: Garn lying about 'no contact' in hot tub when she was 15 - -- Please, leave this out of the stew.

In what ways are psychoactive drugs useful for dealing with alcoholism and other addictions, terminal cancer, and what we now call post traumatic stress disorder - Finally, some Stew for you.

How did the big banks nearly take down the entire economy and still continue to profit? Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz explains. - Careful, Barf chunks.

And, finally, we end the BS today with two great stories of abduction and aliens found by Lon - "Puerto Rico: UFO Encounters / Alien Abductions" -

Abduction Questions?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally - Enter The Twilight Zone

I've nearly got that major post ready and expect it tomorrow - and I assure you - the set up of these videos the last three days will not be in vain. Stay tuned.

If you want more entertainment - try the front page - - and page down. Thanks for visiting again today.

And now you can enter The Twilight Zone too:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do You Remember - The Outer Limits?

Hope you caught yesterdays Barf Stew's YouTube video with the opening to the oldtime show science fiction show `One Step Beyond' - today - from the same area of thought - comes - `The Outer Limits' opening show intro. 

Do you detect a theme yet? Well, return tomorrow when I post a full response to one person of the Exopolitics movement. You can get a preview at my UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock if you wish - if you go to the comments section.

Thanks for visiting today - have you bookmarked BS (Barf Stew) yet?

And for the real Outer Limits - see below:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do You Remember - One Step Beyond?

If so, what an oldtimer you are - lol - like me. Here's 29 seconds of fun. Enjoy.

If you really want a ride down nostalgia lane - try these!

Have you told a friend about Barf Stew yet?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Woolly Mammoths Resurfacing In Siberia

Hello, welcome to today's serving of Barf Stew. As you can see by today's headline - I once again have succumbed to the desire to bring tales of `Woolly Mammoths' to your screen. In this cool article you will find that not only are the huge bodies possibly being eaten - but that villages are being sustained by the trade of their tusks. The link is also gives the chance to use the word `permafrost' - Stewable -,0,2703266.story
Firearms Freedom Act passes; governor to sign it - "it states that any state or federal official who tries to enforce any federal gun law on a firearms made and sold in Wyoming could face a $2,000 fine and up to a year in prison.  .... Jaggi, who authored the legislation. “I’m hoping that nothing really happens except that other states see, ‘Hey they did it — let’s do it. Let’s assert our state rights.’ Tasty & Chewable,  Stew here.

Awful Library Books - Really really awful library books - Totally Barfable and enjoyable at the same time. Warning - you might end up bookmarking this site - or - wasting the next hour there. A BS (barf stew) FIND. Sexy pictures are part (occasionally) of our steamy mix for our male readers. Here's an over the top one.

Police: 10-Year-Old Girl Poisons Fourth Grade Teacher - Barf Stew on steroids. - Witness Recalls Light Beam Encounters - Stew mixed with High Strangeness.

Finally, want to see the coolest pool table ever?

Thanks for stopping by for your daily stew - want more? - I do this also on Squidoo almost daily - just like here -- - hope to see you tomorrow too.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Biggest Crop Circle Ever

Extremely cool picture of this 60 acre image made in one day by sixty cropcircle makers - Very Stewable.

Facts about the craziest country in the world - - Barf Stew.

Gold Money: Power to the People - Want to read the biggest crappola about the US Government is quite a while? Something that is so over the top as to disgust you and make you send this link to others? Bloated Government defined. Total Barf.

Humanoid / Cryptid Encounter Reports 10 - Lon Stricklers series continues with more stories that go bump in the night - including Mermaids and more. Barf Stew on the menu.

Myth of Strange Matter And Black Hole at LHC - Myth? Some would say - not so fast. Stewable read for sure.

Women refuse to go through airport body scanners - Two women take a stand and leave the airport rather than submit. BS.

WTF is up with Congress? Another blogger asks the obvious - as he says - "Is it just me, am I the only person in America that is wondering why NOTHING is being done about the biggest financial fiasco since the 1930s." - Here's some stew for you. - OF ROSWELL & ROCKETS: THE SECRET V-2 FLYING SAUCER FILM by Anthony Bragalia - To me, Bragalia is doing the legwork for millions - here - he digs up more stuff about UFO's and Roswell. A must read for Roswell buffs. Stewable.

Finally, let's end with "Ghost Adventures - Execution Rocks"

Want fast cash? Sell Used Books - Ship Your Books For Free And Get Fast Cash Back!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where is The Mind?: Science gets puzzled and almost admits a non-local mentalscape.

Here is a great post worthy of a headline and your stew worthy mind - give it a read - .

Strange Earth-Lights Preceded Chilean Earthquake?  - Here Micah Hanks shares with us some interesting info not found on the mainsteam media "The USGS maps have, for about the past 60 days, shown a shocking upsurge in activity to put it lightly. At least a 400% increase in earthquakes in general. Zero warnings from the USGS. There’s a lot to this story and it began prior to Haiti when I started telling people that the USGS maps showed that the ENTIRE PACIFIC PLATE was in motion and no one was paying attention! People utterly scoffed at me. Then we had a 4.0 in milpitas. Some days later, -while I was writing a craigslist post- asking people to prepare and explaining this situation, there was a 6.5 off the coast of Eureka. Then, short time later, Haiti 1." Is something UP?

Steampunk Waterslide: 1904 - Great Shorpy - - All Stew.

Romney: Palin is qualified to be President - Which means, if he thinks this, that HE is NOT qualified. - Total Barf.

Here's a couple of very weird first person UFO reports in the news - Texas witness reports 'bird formation' disappearing and reappearing in clear sky - - AND - Witness reports UFO nearly caused accident along Oklahoma's Route 40 - UFO's looking and flying like birds and skirting along an interstate highway. OK. BS but worth a read - high strangeness.

Ready for some YouTube fun? How about Marble Machine 3.


I do all of this on Squidoo too - at -- if you like what you see here - you will like my squidoo site.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Daytime `Portal' UFO Video

First, welcome to Barf Stew. When I began this blog recently, it seemed to me that as an editor of a near daily page on Squidoo featuring UFO's and such - that much of what gets posted and written about the paranormal field seems - well ... - a mixture of intense stewable stories and completely barfable material - some of which is even faked, hoaxed or created for who knows what reason. (And, then you have the nay-sayers of all of it.)

I say all that because the below video certainly falls into the Barf Stew label - something to consider - but - could be total barf. So, today's UFO `portal' video seems to be just that - BS (Barf Stew). 

All that said, this one - all of 16 seconds of real recording - has some very interesting features once the videotape is slowed down and enhanced. Indeed, it is important to hang in there with the enhancements until you see what is NOT able to be seen with a `straight look' at the video.

Finally, the `mixture' of UFO - orbs - and Portal - makes this UFO video - to me - IMO - one of the better to ponder.

So - daytime, portal, ufo video - barf stew or the real deal - leave your opinion.

If you are new to Barf Stew - please make a visit to the front page where you can page down and see the last 10 great posts. -- thanks. Make sure to visit the sites on the blogrolls too!

BTW, you can find a portal via this book too.



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