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It's really just easiest to get that Coinbase account and buy Bitcoin - or - get that Coinbase account and have someone who owns Bitcoin transfer it to you there via your free Bitcoin wallet and address. Thanks for reading...but, now you are actually ready and have the's up to you.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Countdown To Armed Oblivion .... Or?

Today's BS will be profiling a post by one Richard Sauder - a writer whose name I perhaps should be familiar with as a person with paranormal sites. But, alas, I wasn't - until today; Richard BTW is an expert at the underworld. Underground bases that is.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files
Above, are three of his five books. Go ahead, give a click to do some real exploring.
Anyway, the purpose of this post is to get to Richard's latest blogpost By The Title You See On TBS Today - where Richard lays out the case that the days are numbered until a NUKE war.

The exaggerations - many of which are pointed out in the comments - show to just what level folks with jump thru hoops to paint a picture they believe in. Here's a tease:
A few nights ago I had a vivid dream in which I saw a man feverishly typing a long and complex computer code to arm a nuclear weapon for detonation. I knew that I had to get out of there before it detonated. I was with a young Chinese woman. I took her by the hand and told her that we had to run for it, that every thousand yards that we could put between ourselves and the nuke detonation would increase the odds of our survival. We ran and ran until we were miles away, and I told her we had to still keep going.

I suppose this is my subconscious' way of telling my conscious mind that the fuse has been lit for nuclear war, and the clock is now ticking.
Now, to Richards credit - this guy is 100% anti-nukes and has walked his talk. However, he doesn't even seem to consider that the dream may be some selection of `universe views' of NUKES - to him, he is convinced the end is near.

At the very least - when you go to his site or read his books - you will be entertained. You know, stories about Remote Viewing The "Event" -- 666 Days And Counting - Find That BS Here.
Hattip to
Confirming that you are indeed on a strange website, and speaking of underearth areas - Today's BS is delighted to bring to you -- Top Ten Coelacanth Stories of 2011 - everyones favorite Living Dinosaur - some were even caught alive this year.

Meanwhile...... the end is certainly near when Battlefield US: Americans face arrest as war criminals under Army state law - Perhaps Sauder is Right? - Oh, BTW, this was brought to my attention by John in the UK -- as you certainly don't see this featured on your evening news, right? The worthlessness of our MSM is truly mind boggling.
TBS's sexy picture can only be tagged OMG and thanks for young women. I think you may bookmark this one.
ParaNormal, Politics, and Perverse Pictures - The Barf Stew Mix. Seconds?
Label this one `curious'. How does someone with TWO blog posts have dozens of followers? How can someone with two blog posts and one withdrawn video be `satisfied' with proving that Bigfoot exists? See For Yourself


 Click any book picture on this page to go to that Amazon Books Page.
This may be a re-print that I've run before on BS - somehow, I don't think Barfsters will mind one bit: The 1920 Time Travel To Pubes Picture:
(click picture for pubes enlargement)
Hotties from 91 Years Ago? Sure!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

How To Materialize in a Parallel Universe

Editor of, Jeff Behnke, has put together a collection of his esoteric blog posts and published a Kindle book. Today's B.S. lead link is his thoughts on Materialization. His book is below:

Meanwhile.... The Man... The Myth.. Philip Schneider 1/16/1996 - A brief history of someone who claimed first hand knowledge of underground aliens and underground bases - nice piece of blogging.
Here for the TBS daily SEXY picture? Sexy Legs in this large Russian photo.
Want to see a version of an INDIA's Got Talent TV show?

TBS Entertains.
Meanwhile..... The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin - Fantastic Overview Of The Money Outside Of Government Movement - is it even possible.

For another excellent HEAVY Sunday read - It's Bruce Duensing - Part One of Mass and Energy : Is Imagination A Palatable Physics Of Information? - Imagination and Reality Displays - with, a tease:
If we consider imagination as a transient force with properties we do not fully understand in relation to unknown atmospheric phenomenon, is this force, a manifold between the mind, the physical properties of mass, and the organization of energy?

For us all of reality is a bio neurological simulation that is representative of imaging in various forms from pain to vision to taste to.. ..the list is endless.This crucial system of coordinating internally and externally a balance of maintainability through imaging, perhaps could be termed as it's root, imagination.
From this context of application, one could say we imagine reality.
See You Tomorrow

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday Night Football UFO Explained? (Video)

Upfront, I didn't cover this one on my UFO blog or even here on Barf Stew - Today's B.S.. Reason - it reminded me of some timelapse video in Washington D.C. about a year or two ago that also claimed UFOs by the White House. However, at today's lead link - you can see the video and read more about the explanation - And, decided for yourself.
Oh...... ever wonder how mad folks can get at undercover cops? Watch The Undercover Cop Run At OWS - and here's a tease of comments Hundreds of Comments about the event:
To be fair, many cops are naive of their own function, and believe they are performing some sort of public service. The reality is of course that a "Police Officer" is an individual hired by the government, and whose purpose is to enforce government mandates with the use of coercive force. Their job description is to act as a thug.

People can try to justify it based on an incredibly complex system about democracy, representatives, checks and balances, consent of the governed, will of the people, and all this other propaganda bullshit..... but the police don't work for you. The police don't protect and serve you. The police protect and serve government.
Once you get that fact straight, you'll be able to understand why protestors are being beaten.
You can ask all the questions about who does government serve; which is of course politicians, their friends, the rich, lobbyists, and some people who like to remain hidden..... but even if these criminals WORKED FOR YOU, they're still criminals.
You want the blood of government on your hands, you are both delusional and staining your own conscience. Do not for a moment think I accept any responsibility for the actions of these criminals. I do what I must to preserve myself, but beyond that I have no illusions of legitimacy of government, it's enforcers, it's rituals, or what it likes to call "laws."
P.S. Use of the wold "you" is intended to be generic and not directed at anyone specific. I would be happy if no one fit this category of "you."
THAT is how Mad!
BUT, in America - we turn civil rights violations into BUSINESS that's good for America - Pepper Spraying Cops Inspire T-Shirt Design.

Finally updated TAL with another cool science read - this time about a billion euro Lazer that may be built by decades end that will have the possible ability to Poke A Hole In The Very Fabric Of Space.
The Hidden Experience Blog is featuring an experience of `dreams, aliens, tests' and pyschics. Don't miss this weekend read.
Finally for today - Regan Lee tells a story about how she Forgot To Remember the `alien' part of one of her favorite movies.
Thanks for being a Barfster Today.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Where Have The Hare Krishna's Gone?

Haven't seen them at your local airport lately, have you? Well, if Today's B.S. lead story is to be believed - they have GONE MAINSTREAM and may live next to you. How's that for scary talk? So, find out if they still shave their heads?.
Digging Deeper:
Betrayal of the Spirit: My Life behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement

Would you like to take a UFO survey? Three questions (I took it and it took less than a minute.) - one comment box if you wish to comment. The link takes you to a short video Overview of how the Obama administration recently answered questions about UFOs on Earth.
 - wow, a MISSING Time research study in the UK.
10 YouTube videos about the Hollow Earth Theory. Today's B.S. Entertains.
Speaking of UFOs and thinking of Thanksgiving ------ how about giving thanks that The Exopolitics Folks Have Quieted Down? - or, is it Quieted Up? Did they have NO where to go after claiming insiders who had been to the USA's Mars Base?
Hollow Earth: The Long and Curious History of Imagining Strange Lands, Fantastical Creatures, Advanced Civilizations, and Marvelous Machines Below the Earth's Surface

Have you ever wondered how you are charged for the gas you use? Like to heat hot water? IMO, folks are no more aware of the way it works than in 1905 - when the idea of GAS in your home was actually a new idea. Time Travel on TBS.
(click above picture to greatly enlarge)
Orly Taitz Challenge To Obama Ballot Eligibility Rejected By New Hampshire Election Officials - Why The Obvious Fake Certificate Was No Problem.
 see what an independent computer guy says
TBS's sexy pic? Sure Low Riders!
Finally, here's a fun video - you'll have to watch it all the way thru before it even gets really going - but, you have to hear this little girls bird sound abilities:

TBS hopes you have been entertained today. Please, bookmark this webpage and return again soon to Barf Stew. And, please support independent blogs such as this by your purchases and interest in sponsors. Thanks. Oh, and please share BS with the Facebook buttons below.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sculptures Made From Chicken Wire by Ivan Lovatt

Happy Thanksgiving Barfsters. Short and Artsy for Today's B.S. - the below is one of the GREAT websites Barf Stew has in it's sidebar; check out more today.
Fresh Pics - More of what's below at this link


 chicken wire template - a click away.
Finally for today - Be Thankful for this eyeful - notice how the `thin wire' is under strain too - Sexy Downblouse - cute girl too.
Enjoy the read below for less than you think:
Dead to the Max (Book 1, Max Starr Series, an erotic paranormal mystery/romance)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Girls Jumping On Trampolines

As I was innocently checking this blogs stats via Google Analytics - there, in search terms associated with this blog, - was `girls jumping on trampolines'. Of course; how could I have forgotten this early BS positioning - BS is probably the internet authority on Girls Jumping On Trampoline videos. But, it had been a while and when I searched YouTube, almost exclusively the ones already on BS came up - ones from years ago.

So, I searched and added the 2011 tag - and lo and behold - a 2011 Girls Jumping on Trampolines with over 20,000 views. Girls in swimsuits and large breasts. (Well at least one has.) And, I thought, Barfsters deserve a break today from the horrendous politics in our country - a break from the Great Reccession - if only for a bit under 2 minutes:

Younger Girls On Trampolines - Pretty and Athletic Girls On Trampoline and set to music to boot.
Or, perhaps this professionally done Girls On Trampoline with nearly 80K views:

Ohio Juvenile Bigfoot Seen In Ohio Near Salt Fork state park.
Today's BS's sexy picture - Here, Take A Look - sexy downblouse.
Speaking of taking a look - how about a look into the past. A century ago, 1910 Mobile Alabama, It's a Mans World!
(click picture above to enlarge)
TBS Entertains
Have you checked out the sidebar?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Private Prison Charges Inmates $5 a Minute for Phone Calls While They Work for $1 a Day

Today's B.S. finds the vomit in society and projects it into the mainstream of thought. Certainly, the Sickness of the Prison Industry qualifies. What a worthless MSM!
WHY ARE SO MANY BLACK MEN IN PRISON? A Comprehensive Account Of How And Why The Prison Industry Has Become A Predatory Entity In The Lives Of African-American ... The Largest Prison System In The World.

TBS's paraNormal side often includes the writings of the elusive Dan Mitchell Here's his latest that ultimately touches on alien abduction and ONENESS. I especially find it strange that DM doesn't allow comments.
Murmuration is - evidently - the gathering of HUGE numbers of birds; literally to the point of forming ART in the sky: Careful, addicting video:

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.
Great Gift Idea!

BS political Humor - The Republinuts And OWS.
TBS's daily sexy picture - String Thong? - about as hard R as it gets on Barf Stew. Pretty girl.
As police step up the violence against the OWS crowd - some ask - if it is All Meant To Send A Message - With Example Video Of Worthless Cops - and make SURE to read the comments too at the link - the word PIG is once again being used, as in the 60's and early 70's - to describe the police.
Politics, ParaNormal, and Pretty Girls - The Barf Stew Mix.
Barfsters, I also updated my newsblog today - the one with that also has `pretty girls' in nearly every post - See That Here.
Meanwhile...... MUZ reports - Claim: The Associated Press are Sitting on Huge story of 'Free Energy' Revolution - Are We Talking About WORLD Censorship?.
And, again, for Barf Stew's NON-English readers - please check out the Forex stuff at the top of this post. Thanks.
Making sure the college students read down the entire page - Another String Thong for your enjoyment.
Buy the thong below with one click:
 Amazon Product
Finally for today's BS - MUFON Report - including stories of TINY UFO's - high strangeness.
See You Tomorrow.

 click to buy. Please use the SHARE buttons to share Barf Stew with your Facebook friends. Thanks.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Anagram - WE SPELL OUTCRY, ACT

How's THAT for an Anagram? -- Of course, there are some other anagrams too; such as: RECTAL COP, WE LUSTY......... or, perhaps ACCEPT TRUE SLOWLY. Barf Stew always marvels at the ability of anagrams to bring versions of chewable truth.

You may have noticed the backing off of coverage of OWS on TBS of late - mainly because that what has occured is deserving to be wrote up on my more direct Political Blogs ( and I have a dozen or so issues about OWS and the MSM to cover in just that little bit of time.

So, TBS will beg off the issue for now - but - had to spread the best anagram - We Spell Outcry, Act. -------------- INDEED.
TBS's hottie of the day? Near Perfection. TBS Entertains.
TIME TRAVEL HOTTIES? The Roofettes, from 1923.
(clicking the above greatly enlarges the picture)
MORE - OLDTIME hotties - Right Here
Is this `Shapeshifting Plane' Proof Of UFOs or Nefariousness in our Skies?

While the video is interesting and has good music - where's the proof in the vid? Or is that just me?
Intellectual MAP humor - How Rare Is THAT? - a must see Sunday Cartoon.
Almost 650 posts this good are in the archive - you can search this entire site with the Google search box on this page. Go Ahead - search Sleazy.
Oh, about those books that didn't sell at the garage sale......
Sell Used Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes! click Icon For More INFO

Friday, November 18, 2011

The `What IF' Questions!

Hello Barfsters - thanks for your return visit. Today's lead B.S. post provides some deep thinking on a deep subject - our very existence and its relationship in the whole ball of wax we call reality. Epic Jeff brings it all in a easy to read yet detailed post. What IF?
Oh, on UDCC yesterday as part of the End Is Near post I had some Amazon products that came up for The End Is Near in search. One of them was Stripper Shorts with the words The End Is Near on them. Similar to the ones you can purchase below for your GF or Wife.
Stripper Shorts - Under 15 Bucks
Which brings TBS to the near daily Sexy Picture - Couple Teens Modeling - cuties.
Hey, have you heard of the new Canadian money that is made from PLASTIC? Read it here.
Ready to flip out?

And, you can buy your own Time Lapse Camera Right Here. Or, click the example Icon below:

However, with almost NO time lapse - a Jeopardy Contestant recently did the near impossible See The Double Double Here.
Thanks for your readership. Please click one of the Social Media Buttons Below - supporting independent bloggers is appreciated.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Would/Will/Do These UFO FLEETS Convince You Of An Alien Invasion?

As a person that searches for UFO videos on YouTube - the range of what can be found is amazing - with lots of phonies, frauds, crazies and so on and so on. And, while many may sense an End Is Near contagion seems to be increasing, - a handful of folks think that the END will arrive from our skies. And, NO, not nukes -- but, aliens instead.

Indeed, some folks think that those aliens have been making themselves more and more visible, especially lately. So, in that spirit - and remember this websites name - Today's B.S. - TBS presents THE NOVEMBER 2011 UFO FLEET INVASION:
First up - as always - an unsourceable DAYTIME ORB UFO Fleet - FILMED NOV. 12TH - Under 4K views. And, as always, the MSM can and will trot out the standard daytime explanation - `they are ballons' reason: (The truth? Who Knows?) The video has been linked to by such authorites as (lol). And now Barf Stew. MSM reportedly jealous.

Then, the nighttime version of the same - which the MSM can and will always dismiss as `Chinese Lanterns' - convienent how both daytime UFO fleets and nighttime UFO fleets have such a convenient cover. Anyway - here's the nighttime scenario - In New Orleans -- ON THE SAME DAY/NIGHT 11-12 (ONE DAY AFTER THE OBVIOUS ALIEN SHOW UP DATE):
With over 11K views already:

The above video is hot in Europe.
And, if you really want to get sucked into the current contation of the end being near - how about - The cabalists struggle in vain to stop the new financial system - MUST read comments about the NWO about to be sprung - Barf or Stew?
And, are you aware of the extreme of all this thought on my blog called When The SHTF? - Find that Here.
AND, I've been featuring this End Of Time theme on UDCC too today - as what I call a `Lone Truthman' leads the charge at telling everyone of Google Earth proof that we are about to be attacked by Underwater UFOs that are now airborne. (The same as in the Fleets perhaps?)
The bottom of the rabbit hole is near.

Pleased you came by again today Barfsters. Much more content - almost 650 posts worth - is available via the sidebar OR, the new Goggle Search box in the sidebar which searches THIS SITE for anything you have an interest in.
Help spread the BS word via the share buttons below - facebook, Google+ and others. Thanks.



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