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Yes, it's really can become a miner................ And, to some people that means REALLY getting into the entire Blockchain scene, learning the language, becoming experts, and eventually buying Mining Equipment...... And, that is fine for some people. is time consuming - AND - Bitcoin machines are notoriously "hot and loud" and somewhat expensive to run as they consume lots of electricity.......Which FINALLY brings us to the last quick tutorial for you... the news that you can also RENT "mining" equipment - by buying what is called Hashpower - from a reputable company..... UNFORTUNATELY, reputable mining companies, are few and far between - indeed - I can ONLY recommend the one I am using myself, (and even then I suggest caution in over investing as Bitcoin's price is rising so fast, that to send it out to get it back seems non-productive) - Genesis-Mining...... they are a long running mining farm with low electricity costs - and over 500,000 people worldwide are already "mining" with them from buying Hashpower contracts. That Hashpower is assigned to your rented machines - which "mine" cryptocurrency daily - you are sent your earnings the following day, which they accumulate to send to you automatically .... at Genesis Mining there are multiple coins to "mine" and you set the mix of coins you "mine" - and you can change your mix at any time. The return on your investment will ultimately depend on the price of Bitcoin and the coins you choose to "mine". Obviously, if you re-invest your returns in buying additional Hashpower - your ROI will be quicker. Indeed, after a number of months (less than a year currently) you will be "up" and earning daily bitcoin value indefinitely on the Sha256's a longer term view - if a year is to be considered long term. And, like Coinbase, Genesis-Mining also has a "win-win" Affiliate Program for new users - IF you use a PROMO code to buy your "mining contract/Hashpower" - you save 3% on your cost (you pay full price if you don't use the promo/coupon code) - AND - they also provide me a bit of FREE Hashpower for bringing you into the "mining" spectrum. "Mining Contracts" begin at ONLY 30.00 USD,it's a no brainer - Here's my Genesis Mining Code (you can see it in other places on this blog too) lcS0Un - use the code when you sign up. Just click the links, or click the banner at the top of the sidebar. Thanks.

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It's really just easiest to get that Coinbase account and buy Bitcoin - or - get that Coinbase account and have someone who owns Bitcoin transfer it to you there via your free Bitcoin wallet and address. Thanks for reading...but, now you are actually ready and have the's up to you.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

What IF Billionaires Discovered Bitcoin?

I put together this original blog post on a couple hours ago; and, in it I extrapolate some figures to produce a possible bitcoin price of over 40,000 USD's for one Bitcoin - if and when, Billionaires begin to hedge with the digital currency.

Read the basic math at the link - and if you are not yet a part of the Steemit movement...well...consider it.
Are people in Venezuela using Bitcoin while their fiat collapses? Yes. More upward pressure in price one would assume.
Latest Ethereum price trends.
One of the greatly increasing trends is using Bitcoin to pay freelancers and such...expect it to continue to grow. In this story it shows quantitatively this info via the history of the term search for `earn bitcoin'.
Hey, thanks for your readership. Go sign up at Steemit too.
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Friday, December 16, 2016

Bitcoin Tweets Dominated By California

Crypto And Blockchain Links/News

An analysis of tweets from 2014 revealed that the term Bitcoin was centered in California and a few other locations.... of interest in the article was that NY state didn't have that orientation but sure did for the word BANK....good read. Speaking of banks...the FED just raised rates for only the second time in a decade...good news, or, time to put your money into Bitcoin? 
And, IF you still don't own any Bitcoin ...use my link and when you buy your first 100.00 USD worth of BTC from Coinbase - they will give you 10.00 worth of BTC FREE (Barfstew gets FREE BTC too) - don't be the last to own Bitcoin.
IF you have been reading Barfstew over the last month or realized by now that things are rapidly changing ... from changes in law in Japan and Russia about BTC to the near fall of fiat, resulting in a rising barter economy, in some major countries India (to combat fraud) - so, with BTC once again in higher demand worldwide... and being seen as more and more a store of value as it approaches 800 dollars per coin... here's some stories of folks that simply Already wish they had bought more when it was cheaper.... that said, at least they have some of the 16 million available coins. Indeed...this analysis suggests that Bitcoin Is Headed To 1000 Plus in value.
While most folks are aware that buying and selling BTC can involve the IRS if you turn all that into cash - and that profits are taxable.... (assuming you cash out) - it's still somewhat of a relief that someone is saying the recent IRS grab to get to the records of over One Million Coinbase Clients may be stopped because of government overreach. We'll see.
You say you want to know the latest news about Ethereum? Might the 7.82 price be the get in moment? Or, is the price headed downward for at least the short term?
Meanwhile... at BitPay they indicated that in year to year comparisons that commerce in BTC was up...over 1,800%. That is not a misprint. And imagine what may happen if Bitcoin addresses some of it's limitations with SegWit - currently sitting at about 25% adoption by the miners of BTC.
There are over 1000 posts in the archive - hours of entertainment. Some of those posts are featured below too.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

India Moving To Biometric Scans On Every Person For Banking

Whether it is big brother or 1984 - India seems bent on skipping the debit card part of world society and leaping ahead...furthering the move to a cashless society via bioscans. And more and more in India are viewing Bitcoin As Wealth Protection. On a similar front... should Governments and Bitcoin, Finally Bury The Hatchet?

Do you want 10 bucks of FREE BITCOIN?
Do You Own Some Bitcoin Yet?
With cyber attacks in the headlines continuously, such as the latest hack at Ethereum And Augur (which was dumped on exchanges) - often for the ransom of Bitcoin - it's of interest that the same blockchain technology could be used to Prevent Cyber Attacks. Or secure voting systems...or even Vehicle Registrations. You get the gist...the blockchain isn't going away.
By the way...before you begin trading on the Crypto Exchanges - be aware that analysis this sophisticated is out there along with manipulative bots and developers who want an active coin.
Thanks for your eyeballs today.
Just keep reading down the page for more and more - hours worth - over 1000 posts.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bitcoin 2000.00 USD In 2017?

Every once in awhile we are lucky enough for a mainstream source to cover Bitcoin.... and VERY lucky to have CNBC say that Trump's spending actual inflation to the US Dollar...could spike BTC to prices yet unseen. Do you own Bitcoin yet?
IF you are a crypto trader - I'm sure that old standard Stellar and it's rise of 70% at one point this week caught your the reason why...REAL STR the first coin to actually go global for international payments?
Oh...did you know that for 50 Ethereum....You Can Have Your TV Mine Crypto? - about 400.00 in today's market.
Sometimes...ICO's or initial coin offerings... offer..a chance to get in on the ground floor of the future... this week Two ICO's started up on Ethereum - both have some merit IMO. BTW - here's an update on the technical stuff about Ethereum.
Here's a new twist on hacking for Bitcoin ransom... targeting the actual high end customers of banks - (I also didn't know of a separate bank attack that literally took funds out of 1,000's of accounts at one bank. Or this one that took millions out of another Russian Bank.)
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Saturday, December 3, 2016

As Countries Turn Against Fiat - Bitcoin Volume Slows Blockchain

Is the bad Fiat news the good news for Bitcoin..or is Bitcoin's slow transactions due to pickup... bad news - When Average Confirmation Times Hit Two Hours? -- on the country front... Spain Is Rumored to be ready to impose some fiat control like other deeper on the blog for more links in this regard.... Before you think that the blockchain will never compare to the speed of wire transfers.... It's already here.
Crypto Links
We've been detailing the many reasons that Bitcoin seems to have an overall upward price pressure.... As 774 USD suggests .. IMO...if China restricts the outflow of BTC from it's shores or into non China exchanges...what BTC that is not in China would have even more upward pressure. Significant arbitrage exists already for those prepared to joust with exchanges and such.
This man senses that India may be only 8 to 10 years from Bitcoin adoption. 
Community News From LISK - as more and more development teams begin to understand the marketing side of Crypto.
So... Russia's tax authorities now recognize Bitcoin as a monetary transaction. Threats against individuals and banks have been dropped. Yet another potential BOOM to bring folks in from the sidelines. And Norway's Largest Bank just made buying and using BTC easier for their customers.
Have you been wondering how much some of the Bitcoin mining machines cost?... And what the Pros And Cons of Bitcoin Mining Might Be? - about a 4 minute read with links.
---------'ve heard about the money some folks have made on ICO's over the past couple of years... here's a review of what to look for in Initial Coin Offerings.
And for today's final read.... how about those free Subway Rides courtesy of hackers... demanding BTC.
Click Here to gamble on the internet ... and Click Here for the best place to buy Bitcoin And Ethereum (at Coinbase)
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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Is India The Canary In The Coalmine? - Is Gold Import Ban Imminent?

First it was the elimination of high value fiat bills... and lines outside of ATMS around the country... now.. rumors of a Gold ban in India leaves Bitcoin as one of the only stores of value - leading to premiums on its price. (As previously reported.) Might Bitcoin be the ultimate refuge in crazy world?

Have you been reading about the non ending (it seems) forks of Ethereum? Well... how about it forking itself Unintentionally? - sad but true.
How about the ongoing feud between Bitcoin and OneCoin as to who will be #1? - At the story you can dig deeper too.
Are more and more experts expressing the viewpoint that the Private Money of the Blockchain may compete with so-called real fiat? .....ah....yes.
How about a deep traders look at the price of Bitcoin And Ethereum? - trader talk and ETH a buy?
Hey...thanks again for your eyeballs can keep them entertained even longer by digging into the archive links on the sidebar.

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Four Phase Coinbase Secret Master Plan

A 'secret' for all to see...good read on the future of Crypto and what Coinbase intends to do about it. Looks like we are in Phase Two and about ready for the REAL big breakout. Will you be a part of the blockchain early? (Good background read too.)
Crypto Links
The real promise of the blockchain is to the TWO BILLION UNBANKED PEOPLE - which could even make their freetime valuable. A new way of thinking about labor?
I'll bet you have never heard of Liberland...the micronation? Right? (on the Danube) - Well, their national currency is Bitcoin Ya'll. Find out where other countries are moving. That said, the President of Liberland suggested that the Crypto coin DASH may be of interest too. Also... Is China about to launch their own Crypto?
Last week we cued you into the seeming Fiat problems in India and Venezuela -- resulting perhaps in BTC's price rise to the rest of the world... (including the Yuan's devaluation)...but...could another country... Italy be about to face a banking crisis?
And, finally - ya gotta love the stories by folks that should know - who say that there is still a chance that Bitcoin... Could Rise To One Million Dollars Each - why not buy some at Coinbase today... and the first time you buy 100.00 worth - they give you 10 bucks of FREE Bitcoin.... 
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bitcoin Soft Fork Becomes Political Popularity Contest - Perhaps

In most updates I provide a `breaking' story - this really is more background than story.... but - it's new today too - Bitcoin Softfork... underlying question of course is when or if BTC will change into store of value haven and challenge the existing fiats. Read more about the SegWit Solution soft fork.
Crypto Links

In HUGE news - The IRS Has Issued A Summons To Coinbase to identify at least several BTC accounts that seem to suggest illegal activity that avoids IRS taxes - since most in USA if not many nations use Coinbase as their source of BTC - worrisome indeed. The story really leaves it open how large or specific the IRS request to Coinbase is...stay tuned.

First India and now Venezuela is imposing currency ATM restrictions - and the interest in Bitcoin continues to grow as fiats are seen as less reliable. Same is true for Canada - even if for different reasons than a currency collapse - indeed, BTC ATM's have come to Coffee Shops In Canada Recently.

As Bitcoin continues to rise in price - 4% Rises In One Hour are starting to occur.

As you know by simply being here and reading the links a few times a month - things are changing fast as more and more uses for the blockchain are imagined... now how about earning money for your computer's own downtime? Read About The Golem Pre-Sale. (earlier in month)

As more and more merchants understand the potential to reach the BTC market... and understand it's convertibility - more and more are accepting it for retail - Like Dozens Of Merchants In France This Week.

How about this read about ETH's situation... seems that various ETHEREUM projects may be what is Sustaining It's Real Value. Interesting.
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

What Does Zcash Mean For Ethereum?

First up is a highly speculative article about how the Zcash coin could enhance Ethereum.... Will it be a competitor or ally? The whole Zcash phenomena is still ongoing as this post is uploaded.
Crypto Links
Seems that UBER has teamed up with a debit card company to serve underbanked Latin America. Can accepting BTC be far behind?

Leave it to Redditors - seems someone offered up .01btc for EVERY comment if Trump won on one thread - and suddenly - with Hillary Clinton REJECTING BTC - Trump and btc have a strange connection (he also is buds with Tyson of course).

Did you know that India Replaced It's Currency Last Month? And it seems that all is not peachy keen.

Could Bitcoin increasingly be viewed like a Swiss Bank Account? In other words - like a Safe Asset? - And if so, what may happen to the price when the super wealthy discover that they need some?

Lots of people are in the dark as to what the IRS ruled about Bitcoin and alternative currencies in 2014 - now the treasury is asking the IRS again to look at all of the hubbub - much of it is summarized in this article.
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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Might China Impose Bitcoin Controls

Good Morning Crypto Folks - Seems that China due to their own currency problems - may impose Restrictions on Bitcoin - such as restricting exchanges in China from moving BTC out of the nation. And, while prices immediately fell (probably by pure chance and not regarding this story IMO) - to me the effect might be a limiting to a degree of the supply to the world - driving prices higher. it possible that having China be the center of Bitcoin Trading And Mining a good thing?
Crypto Links
the outdated system clings to power while billions live on 3 dollars a day

and the problems with having marijuana be an all cash business

continuing the relationship on the Azure Cloud

and why some are buying mining machines

one coin that could benefit is EXP (Expanse)
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Sunday, October 30, 2016

THE OCTOBER 29TH Zcash Crash - AND - Swiss Railway Company Turns Ticket Machines Into Bitcoin ATM's

If you are a crypto-trader you probably lost money yesterday doing so; as much like 10-29-1929 - yesterday's 10-29 saw the similar crash - of not only the newly introduced Zcash - but nearly all cryptos; as Bitcoin itself, seems determined to return to the 800 dollar level again. Nonetheless... a few coins are already in recovery mode and timing the bottom was probably impossible.
Crypto Links

to the tune of 1000 more

details on the mining and money behind the latest Crypto rage

lots and lots going its way right now IMO - including China's own fiat problems

into the weeds of details on the continuing revolution

the battle between money, bitcoin and information - meanwhile, the banks themselves are stocking up on Bitcoin to pay Cyber Security Ransoms.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Are Fiat Bankers Beginning To Fear Bitcoin?

Crypto Links

The headline refers to the EU Central Bank's newly stated views on Cryptocurrencies - you can almost smell the fear in their words about losing control of money itself.
Another example of how the international banking scene could be affected is the use of BTC across international borders - like how in just 2016...on a month to month basis - the increase has been 10 fold already from about 5 million (USD) a month to over 40 million (USD) a month.
Things may never be the same.
Underserved banking markets like India have adapted to BTC in rapid fashion - here's a short read about just how explosive the digital payment environment in India is expected to grow. Think HUGE by 2020.
More good crypto news? OpenBazaar - A Bitcoin Based Marketplace has version two of the platform and just one version short of being able to do it in one click perhaps. Even so - the reviewer REALLY likes the new version. Oh... ZCash Arrives On October 28th - I got me some at Bittrex the other day.
With ICO's SO SO hot - here's a few comparisons of ICO's to Crowd Funding and the drawbacks some are pointing out (like it's an unknown quantity, etc.)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

SegWit To Soft Fork Bitcoin In November

Crypto Links

The Segregated Witness augmentation to the Bitcoin core should help in the desired scaling solution for BTC. Along the same theme - why are BTC confirmations taking so long?
Do you want three good reasons to invest in Cryptocurrencies? How about Japan - Litecoin - Diminshing Fiat Values! Seems a Japan utility is accepting BTC and giving a discount for its use; the Chinese are going for the silver coin LTC; and the Pound and other fiats decline in relation to the dollar.
With Trump calling the vote rigged - the blockchain could once again come to the rescue - For Security.
Once again....might be a good time to get in.
Need more? How about a Netflix executive saying he'd like to see BTC become the world currency....sees efficiency and cost effectiveness. 
========================= about an online platform of Doctors... that takes Bitcoin in payments for extra privacy.
And finally
Are some BTC miners trying to force the Blocksize Issue? - No wonder SWitness is about to happen too.
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Monday, October 10, 2016

Monero's BubbleBump Over?

Crypto Links

Despite a ready market - the Monero excitement has largely ended - or has it? Monero Loses Top 5 Marketcap. And, is it possible that Monero Was Part Of An Exit Scam?
Ethereum To Power Lottery Alternative? - here's the ICO info.
And More Info directly from the ICO site.
ICONomi Raises Nearly 9 Million In ICO - this one is based on investing in crypto itself. BIG TIME IDEAS indeed.
Warnings That OneCoin May Be A Scam - buyers beware.
BITCOIN.COM Secures More Than 1% Total BTC Hashrate - more approaches to the blocksize issue.
Is A BTC Storm About To Unleash In Argentina? Regulations are easing.
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bitcoin Usage Grows

Here's some of the latest links in Cryptocurrencies:
friendly government policies

how's that for confidence in future value?

does it suggest that prices will rise?

First Blood Crowdsale Sells Goal In Under One Hour
the betting days are near indeed
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Like To Gamble On The Internet? Try!

I have found a very private way to play Roulette, Dice, Video Poker or Blackjack on the internet - it's called DogeSpin - and I've used it for over a year. On this website you have YOUR OWN PERSONAL page for all your gambling. Yes... no chat...just privacy the way you like it.

The webpage also has good customer service the one time I had a question too. Additionally it shows you the odds of any bet you make and like other internet gambling webpages - is provably fair if you take the time to verify your bets. And, as you can probably bet - it takes deposits in Doge coins and pays out the time I did have a large positive run and easily transferred my Doge into an exchange.

I highly suggest - and unlike nearly all gambling sites - it has NO affiliate links - your cut is never check it out.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Joe Rogan Aids In Bitcoin Awareness

Hey hey readers - more Bitcoin links below.

Andreas Antonopoulos makes his fourth appearance

Or, is it just a pump by the China miners?

Certainly could boost the image of ETC

Is the hacker converting his stash of ETH to Monero?

Devs claim it would have stopped DAO attack

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Monero Becomes The Big Cheese

Hey Crypto fans - got some links for you today to enjoy. As noted by our headline, on Sept 1st Monero became a new currency accepted on the so-called dark web - and consequently has seen real volume and action...even becoming at times the most valuable Crypto except for BTC. Who'da thought privacy would still matter?
Revolution Or Barfstew?
no, not coins, an excellent 'physical' wallet, read all about it

certainly worth the read

here's a quote
"Contrary to conventional wisdom, our research shows that fiat currencies crowd out Bitcoin, not the reverse and that the design and size of the Bitcoin market deprive the currency of its intended use as a medium of exchange. What is also evident is that Bitcoin poses minimal risk to financial or monetary stability. Despite this, if the acceptance of Bitcoin or other virtual currencies increases significantly on a global scale, it could have significant consequences on the relevance of monetary policy, as its decentralized and independent nature makes regulatory oversight difficult.”
no shit sherlock

podcast worth your ear perhaps
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The DAO Hack Changes Crypto

Have you had a good summer? I want to thank visitors to this site to continue to visit the archive at the 1000 pageviews a day level ALL SUMMER despite no updates... that is about to change bigtime as we move back into blogging season.

As you can see from today's headline - the 100 million dollar plus `hacking' or `executing the code' of the DAO is obviously the summer lead story; and represents the tarnishing of one of ETH's biggest promises..the smart contract to fund the autonomous development of an idea....the hard fork and the creation of ETC... only highlighted the problems to many.

The video below is worth the watch:


NEWS - Perhaps

very dire view....probably overstated

the LISK sidechain scores big

the blockchain comes to social media in September?
rival to Steemit?

as more countries seek to replace US Petro Dollars

The Archive Is Where It Is At BTW

Friday, June 3, 2016

LISK and THE DAO Change Crypto Currency Landscape

It's been a busy month or so... let's get to some of the important links:
The Winners
the world it is a changing
is it finally safe to put some BTC into Ripple?
an explanation about Distributive Autonomous Organizations

The Barf
does anyone really know... does anyone really care?
The Stew
a hard sell on the new technology
More Soon

Sunday, May 1, 2016

How The ETHEREUM Price Crash Made Me A Better Crypto Trader

IF you dig into this blog deep enough you can find when I became involved in the Crypto trading area - late 2014. I've been through several exchanges and yes... lost money in Cryptsy like everyone else too... not seeing the handwriting on the chat room wall. That said, it is also easy to see that I've been `pushing' this thing called Ethereum... and had Tether shares of Ether on Bittrex well before it was knee high to a molehill....additionally I was in on all the early trading and more than anything kept holding my Ethereum coins when it became real..... indeed being one of the lucky ones in before the huge rise.... and giving me nearly ALL my profits... as I saw it rise until I had over 1,300.00 fiat in my trading account...90% of it ETH....ETH pushing the .035btc levels ect.... 15 a coin.... and then the decline came.

I already had the `stick with it too long' thing with the Navajo coin in early 2015 - but... nonetheless I stuck with ETH... thinking that it just could take off at any moment..yes the FOMO idea even though I wasn't missing anything as I rode  it all up..... but eventually as my BTC value and fiat value declined - and I started to `short' my ETH - to maintain - I knew it was time to treat my trading BTC as just that... something to trade and not be attached to .... with ETH being the best to trade of course... but now... not trading through rose colored glasses.
I often feature `Coin Telegragh' Links - thanks for checking them out too.

It's going to take a small nation to blow this thing up IMO
Get ready to shake your head
Get the idea without the tech talk
There's more than you think
More Soon

Friday, April 15, 2016

The BTC Halving Speculation Heats Up

Of course the fear in trading Crypto's is that any large rise in BTC will mean AT LEAST a corresponding drop by other Alts.... (maintaining Fiat value hopefully). Are lower volumes to be expected? And what about the increase from 220 last year to the 430 of today - isn't that the large rise? Read up below on other news stories in the world of the blockchain.
here comes the mainstream
brave new world?
disruptive ideas.... you bet
last of the paper money?
dangerous free speech?
banking cartels may have their own ideas?
where's the miracle?
when you find Barfstew... you make the blog find of a lifetime... dig into the archive for a very interesting blog.... and thanks for your Bitcoin clicks above.

Monday, April 11, 2016


It was a bloodbath as the Crypto traders got a taste of what inviting the BIG money does when playing the Crypto Currency game of the wild wild west. All that said, here's some of the news lately... 
Has support been found for a new uptrend?

Each can be dependent on the other as you know

other coins too.... does the downward trend continue?

Blockchain News
Can we assume TPTB might have another opinion?

It's started .... find out how and where

Other News

could it?

perhaps a base price after the hardfork?

will it continue to be a storehouse of value?

or... too daring a solution not sought by the powers that be 

he's got 4 days I guess
Thanks For Your Readership

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Crypto Explodes - ETHEREUM Marketcap ($ 1,104,791,536 near peak) Flirts With One Billion

A Lot Has Happened In Crypto Since The Last Post - Dig In

ETHEREUM... the coin we have been following since near it's real beginnings has EXPLODED the perceptions of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. In just the past 10 weeks.. ETH has increased in value 10X and more... and more is just around the corner for the `new bitcoin'. See and read the many links about ETHEREUM below and how REAL business is the new crypto catalyst.
The Watershed Moment Has Arrived

Microsoft Azure Adds New Certified Blockchains
More Of The Same
Adds for Augur, BitShares, Lisk, SYScoin,, 
( - building the Ethereum Computer)

Just One Method That BitShares Is Applying To The Technology

Update #7 NEW ADDS - Expanse, Radium, Monero - Influx, Tendermint, Algorythmix

the biggest news of all
(from the link)
BlockApps, a startup providing Ethereum blockchain software for enterprises, has become the first certified offering on Microsoft Azure's Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) marketplace.
With its latest post, Microsoft also announced that asset exchange provider AlphaPoint and Internet-of-Things micropayments startup IOTA have joined its Azure BaaS platform.
Launched in October, Microsoft has been steadily adding providers to its blockchain testing environment for enterprises, though BlockApps' Strato platform is the first to gain certification.
Calling the news "a watershed moment", Marley Gray, director of blockchain strategy at Microsoft, said:
"The simple, rapid and flexible one-click deploy of Ethereum blockchain architecture launched on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace enables enterprises and developers to quickly deploy a certified blockchain environment on Azure."
Gray added that he believes the offering will expedite enterprise blockchain development, as it enables enterprises to develop proofs-of-concept (PoCs) and scale to full production systems.

the website

for the very latest ETH news

for the short and real history

the Github must read

for the instant communications

The Augur Beta Program Is Up
this prediction market will be a winner IMO .... more about Prediction Markets as two OTHER website owners of Prediction Markets interview each other. (This is a YouTube link.) - I also personally play in Spark Profit and Preditit.Org a stockmarket/commodities/btc marketplace and a political prediction market respectively. 

Early Warnings To Buy ETHEREUM
months ago... much like this website

Vitalik Buterin Charts ETHEREUM's Future In Coinbase Meeting
how long before ETH is available via Coinbase? how much more awareness and marketcap?

ETHEREUM Founder Gets Role At Toronto Stock Exchange
the big money does not want to be left out
Meanwhile... At Bitcoin

real business deals by Factom - Factom's Very Active Twitter Account and yet More About Factom

Another First - Real Estate Sold Via BTC
happening in Denmark... good details... short article

More About The Upcoming Hard Fork For Bitcoin - And The 5,000 Dollar Bet
that it all works out fine... hmm.

then... less than a week later... this

OR... Is THIS The Hard Fork Solution - Segregated Witness
sounds like a spy novel.... relocating some outside the chain

with examples of other `hard forks' that science has delivered

And, while they have removed links to the stories.... for one day... during the ETH surge... they were no longer accepting BTC at the Microsoft store.

Meanwhile  As Microsoft ..... Gets Into The Blockchain Business
Speaking Of Real Business

Stellar Coin To Bring Banking To Nigeria Population
it's REAL Business that will be the key to coins and the blockchain - here's another `Underbanked' Story and how the blockchain will be vital for transformation

ETHEREUM Used by Ridesharing Start Up
real business via ETH and `Arcade City'

And Airbnb Is Considering Using The Blockchain Too
quick read... part of the theme you are reading
(Smart Links)
Other Coins Of Utility To Smart Contracts/Blockchain

Other Crypto Winners You May Have Missed

How BitWage Works
could this be the movement that finally cripples the Fiat dominance? - the evolution of Payroll is right. More About Bitwage. Crypto is moving into employment big time - Gigs For Crypto - BitHire...

UK Treasury Says Crypto Has LOW Laundering Usage
could limit negative perceptions a bit

Ultimately... Why Criminals Can't Hide Behind Crypto/Bitcoin
not all proven as of yet IMO... but interesting

The way to some Crypto via Fiat
The Bitcoin/Crypto BARF
One Coin - Much Scam
shit coins and shit developers continue to pepper the industry
The Bitcoin/Crypto STEW

The Day The MS Store Didn't Take Bitcoin
in some circles called a trial balloon IMO

The Big Visions Of The NEM (New Economy Movement) Coin
new Proof Of Importance concept out to beat BTC

Are Digital Versions Of Fiat Coming?
Australian Central Bank Studies Idea

Billed As A Java Version Of ETHEREUM - LISK
2nd largest ICO ever... and yes... I bought in too.
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