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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Cryptsy Bitcoin Plunge - 92.00 USD

In a week in which Coinbase went public in BTC trading... Who would liquidate 47 BTCs in such a manner and why? Was it to show the thinness of the market - certainly a petty billionaire could manipulate at this level and MUCH much more, right? (as is evident by most of the big caps moving in sync most of the time?)

 USD Market List   -   10 Active Markets
Search Markets: 
Market Currency 24hr Vol Price 24hr High 24hr Low
BTC/USD BitCoin 99.2 BTC 223.29731204 264.20938948 USD 92.00000000 USD

Was it some rich tycoon  who got in at 330 last week thinking the surge would be the next spike... and then just as easily got out to say WTF to Bitcoin? Is such volatility going to be normal in a world market of collapsing commodity prices? Seen as a possible refuge to those in countries with falling currency values?

Certainly the relative strength of the USD and the China currency (being undervalued) lends strength to Bitcoin prices IMO. Hard to buy into that marketplace perhaps in other places of the world... and could that be part of the weakness at this time of expansion... on bitcoin protocol all over the world?
Oh, .... my blogging efforts here with simply an element of real follow through on my personal beliefs about the system in general and how change might occur in a world dominated by TPTB.... so, ... as readers of this blog know... IMO... the idea of the company called BitWage -

Your Wage, Bit by Bit
Next-Day Fiat to Bitcoin 
Faster and amazingly low-cost paychecks and payments between US and Philippines. No bank account required.

 where a worker can get their salary/earnings in Bitcoin - is a potential major game changer IMO (and I expect just the first of companies to move into the niche) in making the arrangements for individual people to use such a service.

So, I reached out suggesting to BitWage to extend their focus beyond BTC. And got a response. And potential `news'.

So, what will I report at this time? 

I will report that there is interest in/at BW to do more than just Bitcoin for payroll conversion...... and that brings up what I've been saying about the supposed `Nation' (brand positioning) coins and other even more potentially real `sovereign' coins.... (hint, hint) - get my drifting smoke-signal?
Is a revolution at hand?
Additionally, I've been contacted about doing a write-up for an upcoming `Crypto-Magazine' of some sort in the fairly near future.... we'll see.... someone evidently is reading my positioning statements.
I guess you are. Thanks.
Bitcoin Winners

with their own `trusted node' technology for possible transactions between institutions such as BANKS - go where the money is boys and play in their backyard (might this one still have significant room on the upside?)

Bitcoin Spew

concerns do not change the authors’ view that bitcoin “is a radically new, decentralized system for managing the way societies exchange value. It is, quite simply, one of the most powerful innovations in finance in 500 years.”
The authors give insight into what might be motivating some of the bitcoin naysayers: the bitcoin model could slash trillions in financial fees, eliminate work done by payment processors, and cut into legal and accounting fees. In other words, by disrupting the global economy’s status quo, many parties stand to lose.
Bitcoin’s advantages are particularly visible in emerging markets where under the current financial system migrant workers can pay 10 percent or more in transaction fees for international payment services, the essay notes.

The article quotes from a new Bitcoin book but has some classics in this article as you can see above.
(Some Bitcoin Books In Left Sidebar)

Bitcoin Barf

If you love to bark(f) about your favorite coin... in an endless trollbox...for btc reward for doing so..... then we have the place for you Friends For Cash does it sound like a match for you?

Thanks for your readership, even if you initially came to look at the original Barfstew. Please interact with the various marketing links on this page to give back to the webmaster.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Crypto Analysis By The Reddhead Newsletter

I wanted to bring a passage in the analysis to your attention as it is indeed IMO TRUE and will be looked at more and more as the endless parade of NEW coins come on board and slowly vanish from sight forever... leaving the ones that have some sort of use, some sort of branding, some sort of intrinsic value... and ideally... some level of scarcity. 

Here's the two minute read with lots of good insights as to where crypto-currencies are right now:
Link To Analysis
The mining algorithm that secures Bitcoin has a certain effect on the the value of each Bitcoin: increases in mining difficulty lead to an increase in the cost of mining each Bitcoin, which theoretically should increase the price as miners will not want to sell at a loss (although it has been speculated that the recent falls in the price of Bitcoin is resulting in miners being forced to sell at a loss, something that may lead into an increasingly vicious downward cycle - see the MIT article link below).
But as the future of cryptocurrency evolves, it may turn out that the “market cap” of each cryptocurrency project will begin to reflect more and more the value of the services being built around that project and the actual use of the cryptocurrency for its intended purpose, something that it would not be accurate to say has driven the increase in market cap of Bitcoin over the past few years.
Like I've been saying... many of these coins really... have little to no value now or in the future IMO.
Bitcoin Stew
very technical but interesting and important
And speaking of complex... did you know what happens in your computer and world when you type into a web browser?
Here's a product you might need - great price and performance
click the pic

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

`Native' American Crypto-Currencies Tomahawk Higher

You could do worse than reading this blog which featured the MazaCoin Over Five Weeks Ago very early in the switch-over to a bitcoin blog as it and Navajo Coins have been SOARING like an Eagle in the clear blue sky..... MazaCoin, the coin of the Oglala Lakota Nation, is following the path upward in value being laid by the NavajoCoin. Indeed, my next update at Bitcoins In Trade may shock you with what they've done to the value of my accounts at Bittrex and Cryptsy. I told you that the ONLY coins with potential legit value were coins that could be viewed as sovereign coins. And the run has only just begun IMO. Why Their Could Be A Bull Run With The New President John Steele - who is big on sovereignty. 
Bitcoin News, Views, and Spews

Below is the Founder of MazaCoin Payu Harris talking with a local city council representative about bitcoin technology and bringing to the area. As with most in the political realm she is of low awareness about the technology but is seemingly more than willing to learn if it will help the community.

Bitcoin Winner - Payu Harris

The Spew
says it wasn't North Korea
More Soon
Stay Tuned

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Is Bitcoin About To Tank Or Spike?

As of today the outcome of the latest plunge in Bitcoin prices is yet to be determined... is this the ride down to at least 85 if not 50? OR, is it a new base... a new take off point for a rally the likes which haven't been seen in over a year. How will those who stuck with it react if the price goes to 1000 again? Finally, could ANY COIN step in as the `reserve currency' (for trading and such) if Bitcoin confirmations begin to falter in any manner. And, what about that rumor of Stellar Coin and a FB giveaway?
bitcoin links for today
The Barf
The price too low and the difficulty too hard means that some... indeed up to 11% of the bitcoin mining is about to Be Paused is this the OMG moment.
The Stew
Seems that an American Wall Street firm is willing to team up with a Bitcoin trading exchange... and they see The Bitcoin Technology and not the coin as what is most threatening to the current state of affairs ... below is a quote.
"We are impressed with Buttercoin in many regards notably that it provides reliable, trustworthy and excellent trade execution, and most importantly that it has a US banking relationship. We see cryptocurrency technology as disruptive to the financial services industry as the internet was to communications."
The Winners
More bitcoin News, Views and Spews
A new President and new mining equipment point to a renewed interest in MazaCoin and the recent rise in prices should be NO surprise IF this info becomes more widespread.
More Soon
Spread The Crypto Word

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Bitcoin Crash Of 2015

It's becoming a phenomena and feeding on itself.... of course Bitcoin, The Barf, The Stew and the Winners is talking about the collapse in Bitcoin prices... fueled by who knows what... some say the ROI for the miners of Bitcoin is not enough to support the coin (wouldn't that suggest the price will SPIKE HUGELY when demand returns to normal?).... others say the cashing in of all the Christmas coins... all of them might be a tipping point... some are saying that it could drop to 85... the point it took off for the sky in pricing... or  even   50.

In the meantime... the entire CryptoCurrency marketplace may need a `reserve currency' ready to pick up the slack (Paycoins perfect timing?) .... (no way right? wouldn't it be a coin with MUCH larger available coinage?) -- maybe Stellar will go to the STARS? (Moving hugely since the collapse... coins with value, real value will buck the collapse in general.) And of course, all of this could be due to Bitcoin's usage as a commodity by some in the richer element of society... which is seeing a HUGE collapse in some of their commodity holdings... so why NOT sell Bitcoin (to them)..... BTW, I BOUGHT at Coinbase today my largest purchase ever (0.12) at 186 - IMO, the bounce (to 400?) could be only days away.

CNBC Link On Today's Collapse
Barfstars Be Brave

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Paycoin - The Rage And The Fade

As always I will try to share the best of what I find when looking into the Cryptocurrency phenomena.... a phenomena reminiscent of the wild west with claims to match any tall tale of yesteryear. Paycoin is just such an example and I have a very good Review From Reddit of who is behind the coin and whether or not fraud was involved in the pre-sale hyping of the `20 dollar' coin..... IF this is all new to you then I know you haven't been a trader at the exchanges in a few weeks as PAYCOIN has dominated the exchanges in all ways... including being raked over the coals in the troll boxes. Again, post after post could be done about this multi week affair... so, just read the recap above.
Yes, I've traded it once, weeks after the 20 dollar price and well after the 10 dollar price...etc... look at the low I bought and sold it at.... (shows pride)
2015-01-03 15:33:26 Sell 0.01299997 0.04259733 0.00055376
2015-01-03 11:10:53 Buy 0.01000007 0.04259733 0.00042598
All part of Dental Floss Tycooning
Bitcoin News
Bitcoin Price
As most of you reading this know... the Bitcoin has taken a serious hit in price immediately following the Christmas shopping season and similar to the beginning of the nosedive in prices a year ago (could it be that the small merchants that started to take Bitcoin at Christmas and who were holding on decided to dump when prices headed south?).... indeed the article I'm positioning in today's Barfstew is a sophisticated analysis of the Bitcoin charts and the picture isn't rosy.... or is it? (the article even reminds of the 85 dollar price when the surge began).. but, interestingly, the same post Bitcoin Prices The Year Ahead did have some interesting quotes I bring to you below out of context:

Many in the Bitcoin space are now saying that the only way it can succeed is if it embraces the current financial system and integrates, while the original Bitcoin fans want nothing of the sort. This is causing a bit of a rift within the community and the tide will sway based on the health of the fiat financial system. This is where the real prediction needs to be accurate since nothing in the blockchain world happens in isolation and it is still dependent on the global landscape.
So here it is, the best hope Bitcoin has to actually hit the moon as far as price goes is for a complete meltdown in the European Banking system, which looks like something which is bound to happen by Q4 2015. It’s tempting to say the United States financial system will break but compared to the rest of the world it is actually in far superior shape. With the US Dollar reaching all-time highs it can start to bring devastation to the rest of the world, especially to those who decided to issue dollar-denominated debt. Bitcoin will be a major beneficiary as global capital flow begins to move to the United States. If a respective government attempts to fight this capital flight, Bitcoin will be an attractive alternative – not only as a means to move money cross boarders, but also as a store of value that cannot be confiscated by broke governments.
The article above is well worth your read.
The recent plunge in Bitcoin prices has some of the supporters taking to the social media... Like This just a cheaper price to buy in at prior to the Euro crisis? How about a GREEK `coin' solution?
You've seen the ads - now know a bit more about A-Ads.Com.... at this forum link... as you can see and read.. this is a legit company doing business in BITCOIN.... Indeed, I've recently ran a 7 day advertising campaign with them (0.007 btc) and am quite satisfied with the many clicks I got to one of my other blogging efforts.

Indeed, actually,  I'm playing BOTH sides of the phenomena - because you can also find THEIR ads right here - on OUR PAGE right here (and for placing that ad box here I get compensated in bitcoin for each pageview). Obviously most of the ads will be for `bitcoin' related `things'... from gambling websites to others including mining....which I will also address soon. 

Indeed, I've already in just a few days received multiple payouts at the minimum levels and other preset higher levels (earning my own ad investment back pretty soon).... it's very neat to everyday see a little deposit into one of my bitcoin exchange addresses for trading.

So, if you have a website and I know that many of you do - it's real easy to sign up... and to make the easy addition to your webpage one of the banners you chose or make. (you will, of course, need to have a deposit Bitcoin wallet for them to send the Bitcoin to) Then, you simply sit back and let them pay you for each pageview based on their stats for your page (which seen very legit too).
So, as you see above - I've provided the best non-biased look at A-Ads.Com for you to make an honest evaluation about their service and the fit for your blog or website.

Sign Up Here
Let's make this a regular thing
One of those `mining' sites tomorrow

Friday, January 2, 2015

To The Bitcoin Bin

I've tried and tried to scratch the surface of all the Bitcoin links I've saved and read over the last few months ... hopefully some will end up in today's posting. Expect more posts in 2015 and get ready for the ride.
Bitcoin Bin
security issues abound in the wild west - but, this one, seems more scam by client than anything Cryptsy does
IMO, third world countries could greatly benefit from a new reserve currency alternative
slowly and surely the direction continues to the mainstream

become a miner - for twenty dollars
`money for nothin.... and chicks for free'
Below is a story about California Coin.... a dead coin that in the wild west days of Bitcoin trading... is a living dead coin... a zombie.. that as you will read can go up 900% or more on nothing more than a whim of someone. 
That's today's installment - dig into the archive.




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