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Friday, December 29, 2017

Will 8.00 RIPPLE Dethrone BITCOIN (In MarketCap?)

Just over one month ago this blog asked if the coming Bitcoin Futures markets meant 10,000.00 Bitcoin? Two months ago this blog asked if a "flash peak" was possible in Bitcoin to 25,000.00 as awareness rose and holders...held instead of selling/trading. And, just yesterday for the second time in the past month...the Cryptocurrency Ripple has moved into (back into really as it has been the #3 for a long time before Bitcoin Cash) #3...and TODAY is poised to move ahead of Ethereum into number two.'s not too big of a question at all to suggest that Ripple could continue it's run...with a MUCH more accessible price to the masses (in a psychological sense) - and overtake the marketcap of Bitcoin....... AND THAT....could have a profound effect on the overall market and the psychology of the market, because if Bitcoin is no longer number one in the "Bitcoin Space"...then the negative attributes of Bitcoin are going to come to the forefront - and more "coins" are going to be included in the MSM discussion....such as on CNBC.

Now...8 bucks USD is only a quadrupling of the current price approximately (something large and silly to suggest in any investment space other than crypto)...and it IS a hill to be climbed - but it's hard to say if it could all happen in just one spurt - or will take a much longer time-frame. Perhaps Ripple will simply bask in being number two and holding off an ETHEREUM pump of some sort.

Finally...since the early days of Crypto...Ripple has been the one coin actively pursuing real business relationships with BANKS..big money personified...let's see this play out. Have any comments? #8dollarripple 
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

With Bitcoin Futures Coming - Is Bitcoin 10K Just Around The Corner?

With Bitcoin hovering over 7,500, it hardly is a jump of faith to consider the "when" of Bitcoin 10,000 becoming a reality. The real question is...why sell at 10 grand? The powers that be (TPTB) seem to be getting a bit nervous that they missed the train when it was in the station...they might try to bring it back in once beware.
The fears of the powers that be...wallstreet...are being heard bigtime...there's even talk that Bitcoin Futures, which could begin trading soon,...could affect the so-called real fiat economy. More on those Bitcoin Futures.
(except for the fees part...)
Japan is begging Millennials...To Buy Stocks...(meanwhile their utility companies offer a discount if you pay in Bitcoin)
========================= other Bit-Stew...
Oh my the scandal...the police were forced to alter an arrest report for a Judge's Daughter... nothing to see
Here's some bulloney wasting of taxpayers dough.. two sets of Detroit undercover buying undercover selling drugs... you can guess the outcome of too many cops - what could go wrong?
Speaking of things going wrong.... none other than Stephen Hawking is warning that when machines become self-aware - it could be the WORST thing that has ever happened to civilization.
Bitstew - Barfstew has always been known for eye candy
Over 500,000 folks just like you have invested in buying MINING Contracts from Genesis Mining - it's the only mining service used by Bit-Stew.
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Friday, November 3, 2017

Will Bitcoin "Flash Peak" As Awareness Grows And Holders Hold?

It's obvious that the cat is out of the bag about Bitcoin. The Fat Cats are getting a bit worried about not having ANY in their portfolio - and wondering why their rich friends seem to know more about it than they do. Prior analysis showed that if the Billionaires even put 1% of their wealth into Bitcoin that the price is mid 5 digits. The IDEA of a "limited" form of "value" with literally built in scarcity...compared to beginning to sink in... no one knows when to jump in (or out)...few know even the grasp of the battle about the Bitcoin name and technology. And yet another fork looms, hold on to your hats.. a "flash peak" might just be looming.... is 25,000 out of the question for an hour or two if no one is willing to sell?
Everyday - CryptoCurrencies are hitting new highs... with volume of trading now approaching 10 BILLION A Day - don't be the last one on the bus.
Every once in a while I like to bring attention to one of the coins I (bag) hold that I think has particular potential ...and that is SLIMCOIN who is working on a "First Proof Of Burn" Currency - read all about it at the Bitcoin Talk link or pitch in to help their marketing...after all - the word SLIM has been associated with the billion dollar weight loss industry forever..certainly some aspect of crypto could be targeted at those wishing to SLIM down...(like a go fund me page...users would pledge so many SLIM coins for someones incentive to lose weight perhaps)(?) Oh, here's the SLIMCOIN Webpage if your wondering why the price is down lately...perhaps too that the only Exchange that it is carried on is shutting down... NovaExchange Slimcoin Market - Buy Some Here While Cheap And They Find A New Exchange
Talk about Bit-Stew... in a strange stunt - A Robot Has Been Given Citizenship in Saudi Arabia - it's unclear if "Sophia" will be allowed to the creepy dialog with the robot by hitting the link....and how she plays off the Elon Musk concerns about AI...creepy indeed.
As the conspiracy theories all become about the Corey Feldman allegations? Yeah..the walls are crumbling?
Speaking of Conspiracy Theories... you have heard the one about the Miami Congressional Candidate that claims... She's Been OnBoard An Alien Space Ship and was given some other insights you may not be aware of too.
Are you really here for the Bit-Stew Pretty Girl Picture?
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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Bitcoin Touches 7,000 - Oral Sex Boots MILF Off Plane

The months only get zanier - since the last post...Bitcoin has surged past 5,000 then 6,000 and now hit 7,200 earlier today (dropped back as of posting) - and up in the sky...the most tawdry thing the MSM has been drooling about is:
The female passenger, 48, was allegedly caught performing the sex act on a man 20 years her junior as they remained in their seats on the flight from Los Angeles to Detroit on Sunday. 

You can catch a few more  bitstew dropplets of the above story here and it seems the mile high club isn't just for the bathroom anymore.
(you automatically own a free bitcoin wallet)
The Bitcoin Fork (in the road gig)
The latest fork was Bitcoin Gold...selling at the moment for about 135.00 - here's some words in support.
By the way - ETHEREUM just hit a record number of daily transactions... over 1/2 a million read all about it.
A bit politically incorrect?
More Bitstew with the politically incorrect "slang" from those roaring 20's a century ago.
Here's some UGLY politically incorrect stuff..... 58% say not free to share their political views - The Bitstew...American Politics.
NO...Bitstew has not forgotten the Las Vegas Massacre - the conspiracy theory is that the "guard" who "prevented" even more killing...might not be the same person interviewed after the police changed the timeline.... Bitstew or Barfstew?
Bitstew Sexy
Underplayed BitStew
they have in one location over the past 27 years
=================== money that one day will be worth ...who knows how much
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sex Robot Left Broken And Heavily Soiled From Abuse In Public Setting

BIT-STEW will be ...a bit of the debris floating in our days and times - like the coming revolution in robotic sex partners (1/2 of all men said they would consider sex with a robot)....the article states that men at a Tech Fair left the robot with broken fingers, and very soiled (soiled was not defined)
‘People can be bad. Because they did not understand the technology and did not have to pay for it, they treated the doll like barbarians.’

As many of you know...Bitcoin hit a new alltime high with the last 7 days...largely..they say..because China May Reverse Ban On Bitcoin/Crypto Exchanges....why have the free enterprise side in China profit when it can be "the people" who profit.
Speaking of profiting off of Bitcoin.... here's a prediction model that suggests 6,300 is not out of the question before years end. Bitcoin at 6,358.00 by 2018. Story includes the funny quote from John McAfee too.
Many people who trade crypto currencies occasionally use what is called TETHER...(say you think the bitcoin price is going to decline for a few day...sell your bitcoin for TETHER (cash) and by MORE of it back with the same cash when the price goes down) -'s a read about the company behind TETHER.
Bit-Stew - Nothing Like It
Desperate Turds

Yep...the return of Sexy Sunday and Sexy YouTube Too - Part Of The BARFSTEW Archive
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

"I think that we are about to see massive disruptions," IMF, Lagarde

So, this week we have non other than the managing director of the IMF touting the advantage of Crypto and the blockchain...AND basically dismissing (read the link here) where she had this comment about Jamie Diamond's attitude to Bitcoin:
"I think we should just be aware of not categorizing anything that has to do with digital currencies in those speculation, ponzi-like schemes," she said. "It's a lot more than that as well." - Indeed, JD's views are being lampooned in national ads stupidity is an easy target of course and while I can't find the link right now...I read that JD will keep his mouth shut about the whole bitcoin/blockchain technology that challenges virtually his whole ponzi fiat scheme he is a mouthpiece for. Oh..his silence lasted for one day...the powers that be are certainly concerned... as here is yet another biggie who is joining the chorus - the Blackrock chief - are these guys looking dumb or what? 

Folks hear, correctly, that over 1000 assets and coins exist on the's wise to know that currently 90% of the Market cap is in the top 10 coins....generally coins with real business connections such as Ripple - no wonder JD is worried ..his world is crumbling.
Speaking of a crumbling world...the timeline and storyline of the "officials" in Las Vegas about the mass shooting get murkier every single day, such as the timeline that indicates the hotel security guard was shot BEFORE any mass shooting happened ... and it's already pretty buried that the reports of multiple shooters was at the beginning of the event here's some police transcript that explores that idea.. Oh..and remember how the shooter was supposedly going back and forth between two rooms? shooting out of two windows... then why would the police need to breach the second room from the first? hadn't heard that? Does any part of the official story hold up? Why did the security guard this week cancel his interview in front of the cameras?
Are you ready for a debate about laws in 2020? Okay should driverless cars be allowed to have drunk passengers? Hadn't heard that one huh?
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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Welcome To The New BitStew - 2017 Style

There is no possible way to summarize the last two months of the CryptoCurrency arena - other than to say - who knows where this is all going. First, after the fork, Bitcoin rose to 5,000 USD...only to fall to under 3000 a few days (weeks later) - only to rise again......China has stepped in...banning ICO's (initial coin offerings to raise cash for companies based on the blockchain tech....and then banning exchanges. Some say it is to keep the Bitcoin profits of the miners within the border of never knows. Meanwhile, Bitcoin itself seems headed for yet another hard fork in a matter of weeks - and the "camps" for the existing versions already...leave a bit to be desired as far as motives....and what about Bitcoin Cash?...said to be the real bitcoin by some real power-players...what happens if the Bitcoin mystic de-materializes?

Regardless of how impossible it is to review two months of changes to the blockchain tech and it's adaption and rebuff my the mainstream...below you will find many Bitcoin links that attempt to bring you up to date in a sense at will also find many links of a NON Bitcoin may want to bookmark has a lot for you.
While China has closed its exchanges... Japan just ENDORSED 11 of them for it's citizens to be at the forefront of Crypto.
Meanwhile Dubai will become the first nation to issue its OWN crypto coin...for payment of government services. Hmm. The link also points out that some property is now being sold in Dubai priced in Bitcoin for payment.
Hey...forget countries getting involved in about the real power players ... like McDonald's who is now teasing that they may be taking the coin that Jamie Diamond hates...
From the'd think that all is rosy in the Bitcoin garden right?'s a very LONG (but worth it) detailed Reddit read that will totally shake your confidence that the value of Bitcoin will rise it is now close to be being controlled by some not so cool decide. 
Speaking of forces not under you know...the MSM (mainstream media) has had a hard hard time "explaining" the motives of the Las Vegas shooter last week...let's devolve into some of the conspiracy stuff out there.... such as this link about what a couple of Australians claim to have seen...
Here's another take on the 2nd Gunman idea from NBC and here's the "down the rabbit hole" link for you of the best of 16 Questions about the shooting that the MSM leaves best untouched generally. Tons of links to other theories on that last link to check out.
Speaking Of Being Spoon Fed Our Truths
Speaking of ever hear the one about ELVIS and aliens? Didn't think so.

I think that will do for today...please bookmark and return for more...and again...the archive...will keep you busy the rest of the hour...give it a shot. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bitcoin Forks, Locks SegWit, Surges In Price Past 3,000.00 USD

Have you seen your crypto portfolio go up despite the tough trading market for nearly every alt coin? - If you've stayed in quality and kept most in BTC (and now you have Bitcoin Cash too) - you have. The marketcap for cryptos in the blockchain has surged to  $120,781,277,152 - yes...120 BILLION dollars as more and more fiat worldwide flows to the new crypto revolution (or is it?). finally own bitcoin for yourself...if not make sure to register at Coinbase with my link - buy 100.00 USD of Bitcoin within 90 days of registering...and you get 10.00 FREE Bitcoin. (I do too.) - It's Coinbase's way to welcome you to Bitcoin. Click Here To Go To Coinbase, Register, Via My Link...You Are On Your Way
Crypto News Links
As many of you know...Coinbase initially said it would not participate in anything to do with Bitcoin Cash...They Blinked.
Yes...the big money is now trading Bitcoin Options.
There is finally some software to report your Captial Gains In Bitcoin to the IRS.
In a clash of the Nerds - it's Ethereum vs decide.
More Bitcoin ATM's Daily - cute article about Colorado.
And...on a note of caution... ICO's Could Be Downfall Of Crypto....or not.
Here's a link to more than you probably want to know about Bitcoin (or any Crypto) Mining - exactly the manner all these coins come into existence - well will feel a lot smarter after you invest five minutes with this read.
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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Market Confidence Vanishes As Coins "Crash" To Trend Lines

The crypto-market has been in a state of near collapse for a number of days a turn near? Is the cause the on-going problems with the congestion in the Ethereum platform? That NO ETH can enter or leave Poloniex?...who knows. What everyone wants to know this a breather...or the beginnings of Alts being re-priced without the bubble? Stay Tuned.
Crypto News Links
Yet another investment firm can't keep their money off of Bitcoin....this one predicting a price of 5,000 in just a few months...nearly double today's value.
Japan finally got rid of that extra tax on Bitcoin on July 1st... Indeed, Japan's tech community seems to be coming alive. Australia did moves too to ease access.
Another important ICO will be coming in September this is the one that Mark Cuban will be investing into. Or, you might want to consider this upcoming ICO...that intends to take on YouTube...and it will be selling for 3-6 satoshis for each token - buy a 1000 or so.
(ICO's are Initial Coin Offerings)
Acceptance as you know grows for BTC everyday... now, this summer...Burger King Russia will gladly take your coin. Can some USA huge company adoption be the trigger?
IF you trade already know this - YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF THE NEW DAY TRADER. Oh..just to let you know...the IRS seems to be limiting its scope of investigation into Coinbase.
I belong to this FaceBook Crypto Group... seems to follow this one dude getting ready to set up his own exchange or coin
Crypto Chat - you might find out about ways to earn bitcoin too...from
How about one more? SPAIN has just added thousands of places to buy Bitcoin.
IF it's finally time for you to own bitcoin or to mine bitcoin...I made a new website for you...and it's called 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

ETHEREUM Pushes Past 340.00 On Coinbase - Next 1,000.00 Coin?

The value rise of the Ethereum coin has been what many early adopters use as their stake in the CryptoCurrency markets... myself for one. The coin with seemingly unlimited power at a most opportune time - and with a growing fleet of tokens dependent on it for their good fortune. Use the Ethereum tag on TCR for more info in the news links.
Now, more important than ever - some Crypto news links:
As the banner of TCR states - fraud and the powers that be can bring everything to a crash...and while the ripoffs might be slightly less than before - here's another complaint about OK Coin loosing someones coins (via NOT responding to validation requests for identity) - as reported last post - Poloniex too is overwhelmed with people seeking to get in on the Bitcoin explosion - growing pains is much more likely than fraud. The Reddit user who brought this to everyone's attention with proof via screen shots about some shady moves with his account - his received a call from OK.
As you know...the media didn't tell you to buy Bitcoin at 10 bucks, or 50, or 100, or even at 500 or 1000 - they will never tell you to buy as it's value approaches 3,000 - is this a bubble? Or, does this analyst absolutely nail the four reasons it isn't.
You need to own some Bitcoin. Seriously. I have made a website to guide you step by step - I named it Obtaining Bitcoin - it explains how to mine Bitcoin and where to buy Bitcoin.
A few months ago...Bitcoin's dominance in the Crypto field was 80% - now it's under 50% - is the flock to the "alts" - do to the Block Size Debate in Bitcoin? (I doubt's called big money re-evaluating the value of the technology...and money needing an entry point.)
If you are wondering where the price of coins such as Ethereum goes from here - Here's the Charts And Analysis.
And....yes...the dream is still quite alive that Bitcoin at 1,000,000.00 Will Become A Reality - no matter what price you get in some...heck buy 20 bucks a week and you'll own a dime of Bitcoin before summers end perhaps.
Expect More Updates
Now Go Buy Some Bitcoin

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


So, Poloniex - America's volume leader for Crypto trading - abruptly closed the window into the insanity of what passes for the new wild wild west. The announcement was made right below where the Trollbox used to be:
To meet the increasing demands on support staff, the Trollbox has been disabled indefinitely and moderators have been reallocated to assist in support.

It really should have been expected as the moderators were dealing with endless requests for level 2 verification and other service issues that seemingly..if the posts in the Trollbox are to believed - were going on for some requests for service for weeks upon weeks. That said, Poloniex also posted a further explanation as to how the process of hiring qualified people who know compliance laws is time-consuming. That said, Polo is routinely handling 55,000+ online at the same time without too much if any problem in lag...a major issue recently during the pump-up of big money into cryptocurrencies at numbers much lower.

I'd expect someone to step in and start a PoloChat website before too long - with all it's problems...the Trollbox was a good source for CryptoNews and coins that were suddenly moving in price up or down.
In Other News
More and more companies are seeing the advantages of using the blockchain - and it appears that when the proper regulation comes...that it seems ready to work with the likes of Coinbase...with which it already has pilot projects.
Wall Street is figuring out ways to invest in portfolios of cryptos now that Bitcoin's influence in marketcap is waning - and others like Ripple and Ethereum and New Economy Movement are rising - minimum buy-in is 25,000 USD.
I've found a website that has already taken a BILLION bets on Dice and Roulette - one reason is that it gives you 500 satoshis to begin for FREE. Heck a lucky bet or two on Roulette and your talking real money (you'd need to cash out your bitcoin winnings of course) - why not Check It Out?
BTW - BITCOIN Mining is BACK at Genesis - they had suspended contracts for a spell. That said, they have RAISED the minimum payout to .001btc up from .0005btc - which means you'll need to wait on your payouts unless you buy in at a good level (I get paid about 120,000 satoshis every three days on my roughly 180.00fiat usd of Sha256 contracts with Genesis.) You can find the Genesis Mining links on this page. the's my new webpage dedicated to getting Bitcoin into your life 
More Soon
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

37,000 Trading Cryptos Crash Poloniex - Shake Market Confidence

As the Tulip Mania begins to take hold - will any exchange be able to handle the trading? Already the seams seem to be busting at Polo...the number one trading company in America for full Crypto trading. Already several times within the past week the site went down for hours - not allowing - seemingly - anyone to trade (one has to wonder is it executing huge simultaneous sell orders? - is this how long it takes to settle the trades and margins?) - causing many to lose small fortunes in their opinion.....There has been a ton of news in the now overly hot crypto world. Hold on tight?
Bitcoin And Blockchain Reads
Following in the footsteps of Japan - Australia, starting July 1st, will treat Bitcoin Like Money. Don't be the last to own bitcoin, the train is leaving the station. Oh...Japan is about to start offering a fixed rate of interest..considerably higher than the standard rate...for depositing Bitcoin and (I assume) allowing them to hold it for up to a Year - the article notes how close Japan is to retail adoption of Bitcoin.
Crypto coin DASH has hired more top developers bringing it's team to 20 - meanwhile..through a new partnership - DASH can be traded into and out of 20 Fiat Currencies - sounds like a coin with a plan and real business.
One of the many fast growing coin marketcaps this past month has been for the STEEM platform - This Post At Steemit, a winner - tells of the many many ways you can already use that Cryptocurrency.
Seems another China/USA partnership in the Crypto world could mean big mining even - BitPay and BItMain are partnering up. Interesting mix.
Yes...there are Facebook Crypto Pages find one find many.
One of the best ways to make BTC is by investing in ICO's of blockchain start-ups - which are coming out of the woodwork like there is no tomorrow - it's important to have a Cyber Fund Radar - invest wisely.
As you know..the smart money likes to invest in currencies that are stronger ... well did you know that Bitcoin leads every fiat coinage on Earth for the past 3 years?.... The MSM will never tell you to disrupt the system..that will be up to you.
One of the classic coins getting a lot of attention of late is LiteCoin - and much of the rise is due to SegWit - find out in this piece..why it does matter.
========================='s not too late to MINE or to buy here's another prediction for a 3,000 target price in 2017. Remember...sign up at Coinbase using my affiliate link -
and when the amount of bitcoin you buy exceeds 100.00 will receive 10.00 worth of FREE Bitcoin.....they do NOT give this bonus unless someone uses an affiliate link. (yes I get compensated too when you do that).
Finally, remember...Barfstew - AKA - The Crypto Revolution - has an amazing archive with lots of "playboy" non nude pictures for enjoyment. Everything safe for work...but only barely. Literally.
That said, simply go back with the page back button and you will find one great bitcoin read after another....enjoy and invest in bitcoin.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Ripple, LTC, And Others Rip Crypto A New One

Certainly the story this past month has been the unprecedented increase in volume for the Ripple coin (interestingly, the founders said very early in the year they intended to feature Ripple more)... at one time trading was so intense to cause delays and outright failures of exchanges...on Poloniex - 24 hour volumes were over 160,000 btc's at one point. Ripple has been ripe with banking business connections for some period of time. An actual business in Crypto...who woulda thought. And THEN the same thing nearly happened with LiteCoin.
Bitcoin And Blockchain Reads

Seems the CEO Of BitPay has endorsed the SegWit activation.
LiteCoin is already moving strongly the last two weeks because of potential SegWit activation.... here's a prediction for 14.00 USD - you can still make some quick cash it seems.
Mass acceptance of Bitcoin is happening everyday all around the world - for example - now - Two Major Retailers In Japan are now taking it. Transactions are limited to about 900 dollars. More Japan Bitcoin news.
Right now...this blog has your attention...that's valuable and one Crypto coin is poised to do something about about Synereo - new business models are busting loose.
A man named Craig Wright...may or may not be the man (or team) to create the Bitcoin technology less than 10 years ago - now it's possible he's attracted a 300 Million Dollar Investment in up to 80 blockchain related patents. This is BIG.
And, yet another voice that says by 2030 - ONE Bitcoin (currently about 1220.00) will be worth half a million - and you say you STILL don't own any? At least buy a nickle worth (about 60 bucks) someday...that Coinbase link is above remember?
It takes a lot to proclaim any Crypto Currency THE coin of 2017 - but this is exactly what this article says about SYScoin.
Some...don't have such a rosy outlook on Crypto...that said, most of these coins on this list were EARLY coins that absorbed all the incoming crypto money which literally had NO where to 800 coins later...a lot of early charts and before the btc explosion... looked like this Altcoin Obituaries.
thanks for your attention
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Monday, March 27, 2017

Alts Explode - Bitcoin Erodes - Market Cap: $24,293,597,973 / 24h Vol: $586,197,519 / BTC Dominance: 68.6%

The tale of the tape at CoinMarketCap is above as I write this post on Monday, March 27th - perhaps 1 week from Bitcoin's marketcap no longer being 2/3's of the marketplace. Eroding much like the dominance of the American Dollar for decades...only much quicker. But, unlike the fiat game - no government issued "dollar" is rising - only an increasing crowded field trying to corner peoples perception of value. - Sorry once again for the two week break in posting...let's see if a smidgen can be caught up by looking at the news below.

Hashpower Contracts From 30.00 USD
Blockchain, Bitcoin and Alts...News

The version of Bitcoin - Bitcoin Unlimited - has not been as favorably received in the marketplace as hoped - Tokens Are Down Up To 20% From Opening - preceding a possible hard fork of BTU. Even at this would be the 2nd most valuable token in price (around ETH in marketvalue?). The rally against changing the status quo continues to grow. All that said...find out the whole political story about the versions of Bitcoin at Coin Dance of today only..BTU seems strong. But...again BUT - BTU - already has had some bugs and one was fixed behind "closed doors"....but the miners in China...want to move to it anyway.

Another example of the flood of newbies into crypto - is that Local Bitcoins reached a new volume record. To me, it's just funny that to feel that BTC is real some folks need that first face to face meeting with someone.

Meanwhile...a politician in India - calls Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme - as use there skyrockets.'s real news about the blockchain and how it is changing the world - much like the Bell Labs of decades ago.

You say you want to read about one of the latest hot "coins" - sure, here's the website for PIVX - Private Instant Verified Transactions, branding...quite important.

Did you know that about 2/3's of all sub-Saharan African people are employed "informally" - seems the Blockchain  is ripe with opportunities when that's the case. However - here's a point of view that thinks all the blockchain hype...may be just that - in some niches it is proposed for.

Speaking of being disruptive - how would you like to be paid for the content you consume after all ...your attention is valuable.

With some many of new Crypto Currency traders entering the market - how about the story of one traders first Strategy - it's the wild wild west all over again.
If this is your first time here - you'll love the archive - look around...some folks view up to 1000 pages before leaving...seriously.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Flood Of Newbies Drives Alts Higher After ETF Denial

Despite nearly unprecedented volatility - the BTC market continues a strong new pattern of upward price support - once again nearing the price of an ounce of gold. And, the alts, which had been beaten down in price preceding the ETF announcement on Friday, have soared with the flood of newbies that have entered the world of Bitcoin and trading Bitcoin. How long will it be before the major trading bots rob them of 1/2 their funds?

You'll want to remember the above lesson as it seems that multiple ETF proposals are already in the works...this was only round one.........ready for some Blockchain and Bitcoin reads? Thought so.
Blockchain Links Worth Reading
the longs, the shorts, the ups and downs of the Bitcoin phenomena

Leading the news, of course, is the initial reaction to the ETF Denial by the SEC.... positioning the ETF denial as consumer protection from uncertainties with BTC such as block size issue, attacks on the system, and a possible hard fork creating two assets... time for Bitcoin to finally address the size issue. The Winklevoss Twins are going to continue their ETF pursuit. 
So...if and when an ETF is approved...what could we expect?
And, here's an article lamenting the Huge Rise in BTC's price..and suggesting that investing in coins of small value might be a better "to the moon" outcome than BTC at this point...I think he'd have some pushback on this point from many.
Initial Coin Offerings...or ICO's offer the ground floor opportunities and often the prices to make real gains possible. Read more anytime at this website.
I have bought my first "mining" contract at Genesis-Mining - the way they work it is that if you use my affiliate link - you save 3% on the price (at the same time they reward me too for sending you..a win win) lcS0Un With Genesis Mining you get to mine either BTC or many other coins of your choosing - you can change your mining mix at any time. Buying "hashpower" is one of the easiest ways to acquire Bitcoin over the long run.
Contracts begin at 30 bucks can pay in multiple manners including Bitcoin. Most folks re-invest their earnings in more hashpower for quicker ROI.
500,000 People Mine With Genesis
(When You Buy Some Hashpower - Use The Code In Red)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Blockchain Links Worth Reading

Today TCR will provide more blockchain news, theory  and overviews of the cryptocurrency markets and developments... I'm sort of cleaning up some backlog of them.
Blockchain And Bitcoin Links
If you were here for the last post...I suggested that you avoid the various "slow ponzi" btc scams currently out there... indeed you will find some advertised here on this blog via their own targeting - more than buyer beware..avoid....Now that said...there is a way that I've made BTC for nearly two years now and that is A-ADS.COM - now - only click the link IF you have a BLOG (or very strong social media presence) as what you do would be to put their various banners on your blogging. Usually, multiple times each week I see deposits for .001btc in my account.  177 payments so far. Try it.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Price Of Gold Ounce And One Bitcoin Play Tag

At the moment of writing this on the morning of the 7th of March is priced at 1228 USD and Bitcoin...after some profit taking last night is at 1235 USD...after falling briefly below 1200. Perhaps the psychology of the crowd wants the two prices to be associated with each other - it is indeed a tough realization to internalized IMO. Are the powers that be worried? Is that ETF really going to happen?

I hope that you read our last post about AVOIDING the 'lifetime investment' scams involving slow pay ponzi's - and while I will get to the GOOD btc ideas out there to make let's focus on the links.
Blockchain and Bitcoin Links
Here's a CNBC link that talks of the rumored Bitcoin long in the works. The effects of the price? No one knows.

And here's Bloomberg - positioning ETHEREUM as Bitcoin's top rival...and what's next for it (the end of mining). 2017, everyone wants to get a sense of what the Trump Adminstration's view about Crypto will be.... fingers crossed. Already the DHS is granting Factom money for blockchain development. Indeed, Factom...also has had recent news at cranking out a Commercial Product For The Mortgage Industry - as uses for the blockchain proliferate. 

The Philosopher King of Crypto Vitalik Buterin in this paper discusses the theory edge of rewards and punishments they relate to crypto. Meanwhile...Russia is investigating claims of fraud at Crypto Exchange Yo-Bit.

There is of course...a continued evolution in how Bitcoin is being viewed by not only the powers that be...but by the mainstream media ..which this report may be becoming more balanced in the UK. And, as has been continually a point in those in favor of the blockchain taking over the world.... development in Africa is hinging on it's development.

Is 14,000 USD Bitcoin Coming By 2018? Lots of predictions for the moon for sure.

Going  to get to a huge backlog of links in the next posting.

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Slow Ponzi - BitATM and BitMiner - A Review

Hello readers - at the end of the last post I had a link to BitMiner and their promises of earning .0006btc a day for FREE (other than a btc deposit address) here's that  BitMiner link - and today here's a link for a similar business set-up BitATM with promises of .0005btc a day. I will detail in this post my experiences with each.

I first noticed BitATM's ad on one of my blogs and somehow it stuck in my mind enough to search out the website - and it was off to the races. Seemingly, the new site - less than three weeks old (19 days old then, just turned 43 days old) when I invested -  and seemingly checked out more than other Bitcoin ponzi's, "lifetime incomes" and similar Bitcoin scams I'd seen since 2014. This one (BitAtm) had a  persons name behind the operation, and a functioning and easy to use dashboard/webpage. With BitATM, the "catch" to earning .0005btc a day was to buying in on the first level for .01btc (about 10 bucks fiat a couple weeks ago) - not too steep a climb for myself, so I did. The best feature at BitATM (other than an awesome name) was that it promised to Instantly return your deposit and any profits you earn - "instantly" to your given btc deposit address.
Rarely Was It Instant
BitATM business plan does not include FREE Bitcoin, you have to buy in with your .01btc investment (in stupidity).

All I can say is that at this stage of the game...that is exactly what happened for me - and I was able to earn the profit - to withdraw it and to withdraw my .01btc investment.
  • Earned Total:
  • Pending Withdrawal:
  • Withdrew Total:
  • Active Deposit:


While the website promised free withdraws...I found that I was charged 10,000 satoshis for  EACH transaction (I made 5  withdraws my first "investment", each one requiring a bit of time that was not instant.) There was reason to be suspicious by their over promising on instant and free withdraws. 

Nonetheless as you can see from above I "made" .0051btc over the course of a short time frame of  the constantly updating (hourly) deposits from BitATM - shown hourly on a page for you to see, 2100 Satoshis each hour. It was a good return (I left a small token of 7000 satoshis in my account at the end of my first investment - BEFORE once again going in for the BUY IN of .01btc about a week later again, about two weeks ago now).

I thought I had done my homework - looking at a Badbitcoin list of websites - and, I also followed all the links posted on the BitATM webpage, and they seemed to check out...ultimately BitATM is the company of evidently a British man - Aidan LAMBERT - who also seems to have some interest in a gambling website. BItATM seems to indicate being tied to the BitFury mining pool.
Dear could be a possibly legit way to get folks into Crypto - or was it the beginnings of a ponzi....
As it was.... I was suckered in the 2nd time. And, almost right was apparent I was gonna be ripped off.

The bad part...I had given my affiliate link to a blogging friend....and he put in his .01BTC... (I was waiting on my end to see my affiliate Btc reward too)...and while his BTC was gone and it was recorded as being a Referral for my showed that the account never activated.... (one can only join by depositing the active deposit - RED FLAG) never got paid and my friend never even got the fake, unremovable btc from his it always remained at Zero.

Of possible interest is the Live Stats and indeed what they say in a sense

Looking at their LIVE Stats shows the BS
# of members and BTC Deposited
3218 day 19 - BTC in 1038btc
4034 day 31 - BTC in 1360btc
1391 day 37 - BTC in 1391btc
5167 day 43 - BTC in 1442btc
718BTC - DAY 19
1065 - DAY 31
1110 - DAY 37
1117 - DAY 43
 Eventually - today - I got an E-Mail from BitATM about a special offer to deposit 1 Bitcoin and get it back instantly...the latest deposits all show huge deposits coming problem, IF anyone is still getting paid...the latest payouts dont show anyone getting much at all. And here's my final attempts to get my deposit and earnings back....NOTHING since Feb 26th.
Referrals: 1
Active referrals: 0

Total referral commission: Ƀ0.00000000
Withdrawal request Ƀ 0.01000000 [cancel] Mar-2-2017 02:05:17 PM

Withdrawal request Ƀ 0.00190000 [cancel] Feb-26-2017 04:16:16 PM



cheated of .005btc

(I have also blocked BitMiner from my blogs via

I have much less nice things to report about BitMiner (LOL) ... a system in place for a claimed 250 days plus WHEN I STARTED  (which I construed as good...without checking deeper first - dumb perhaps). It too has seen an explosion in interest as evidenced by it's live statistics too. Especially in just the past few weeks. 
But like BitATM - it too appears to be nothing more than a slow ponzi, same British set up, etc....the promise of FREE Bitcoin at the .0006 level each day a foolish come on. (But perhaps a brilliant way to force noobies to obtain their first bitcoin wallet address.)

Interestingly, it was only after I had actually made a withdraw of "profit" at BitATM the first time that I signed up for my FREE bitcoin from BitMiner. I watched it grow...knowing that one cannot withdraw the FREE bitcoin until it hit the minimum withdraw of .005btc. Meanwhile...I told a buddy...who watched his grow... I bit first...and up "Upgdared" --- NO...not upgraded... UPGDARED (their typo...which I pointed out via Email and never got a response OR did they ever fix's still there spelled this way).... I should have known at that moment.....but then my buddy upgraded and even another buddy I turned onto the link had upgraded - each of these upgrades costing .01btc - the same business approach as BitATM....only BitMiner promised even more...with the upgrade we were to expect .0012btc a DAY....yeah....right.

I'm not gonna slug you through the details but the pattern was once again the same.... you'll be able to pull out that first withdraw for .005 - and never get another.. so...WHY you ask? well, when you go to withdraw you next get suddenly a pop-up box you see below...detailing your LOW IPV...something NEVER mentioned anywhere on the website. IPV you ask? Instant Payout Value...which is conveniently below their preset level of .005 for you sense a catch 22?
AFTER getting paid the only time on the 13th... I began to have IPV problems on the 15th and never have received any bitcoin since.

2017-02-15 20:12:09 1308716 -0.00500000 BTC Withdraw Cancelled
And below I provide the unexpected IPV box when you got to withdraw a second time.
Increase your IPV for instant withdrawals, or wait 20+ days until your withdrawal is processed manually.

Your IPV (Instant Payout Value) is Low (0.00412300 BTC) | What is IPV?

IPV allows you to withdraw instantly without waiting days for manual processing.
- Upgrading BitMiner to V1.2 will greatly increase IPV and make withdrawals process faster.
- IPV increases every time your referrals upgrade their BitMiner. We strongly recommend to invite referrals.
- IPV slightly increases every day depending on your BitMiner version. Higher version gives more IPV.
- You can upgrade to V1.4, this is the highest version and have infinite IPV. All V1.4 withdrawals are instant.

- If you don't feel like upgrading or inviting referrals - try to cancel existing orders and withdraw lesser amount (from 0.005 BTC)
So, they shamelessly tell you to go out and recruit more for the ponzi or to buy in yourself at a higher level...with no guarantee of what you IPV will be btw....
IF it smells like a skunk....

Bottom line
one friend got back his .01 total (no profit)
one friend got .005 total (lost .005btc)
I got back .005, (and lost .005)  despite providing TWO friends who upgraded their accounts and upgrading myself.

So, pay some and rip others...the slow ponzi... the internet seems to have lots of them out there (some on this page) super cautious...don't have any expectations and don't ever go over your head.

(I will talk about what I consider legit in my next post.)




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