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Monday, October 31, 2011

OMG, Ghosts IN Window Of Spooky House

It was the first thing I saw when I enlarged the picture to `normal' full size (before any cropping) - an older man in the lower right hand corner of the window. Then, I looked at other parts of the window reflections and saw MORE - perfect Halloween Post for TBS.
Real Time Travel - Ghost in 1937 Picture of Spooky House
He's In The Lower Right Pane on the first floor window to far left as we look at it
(click picture above to enlarge) (with comments)
Picture Cropped

Can you see his beard, nose, eye sockets and head?
Or, do YOU see the HUGE ghost taking up nearly the entire rest of the above window frame?
Today's B.S. Feature Post
Happy Halloween

real ghost stories

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Georgian Herman Cain Ad Catches Fire -- Or -- Blows Smoke?

For those of you wondering - here's the take in Georgia of the above:
In that sense, the grainy 55-second video has been a raging success, generating more than 1 million hits on YouTube by tweaking liberal outrage at the taboo cigarette habit -- and libertarian delight in liberal outrage.

Cain has said there is no "hidden message" in the ad, which focuses on staffer (and cigarette-puffer) Mark Block extolling Cain for running a "campaign like nobody's ever seen," and urging listeners to "take back America."
But veteran political operatives aren't buying it. The use of the cigarette was a calculated ploy, said Marty Kaplan, a professor of entertainment, media and society at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California.

"Smoking is a dog-whistle to libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, people mad at the ‘nanny state,' " said Kaplan, who was deputy campaign manager for presidential candidate Walter Mondale in 1984.
The full article is Right Here --- and just what is TBS's point of view on the ad? ---- HEADLINE worthy! Brilliant Marketing.
Herman Cain, like the OWS and Ron Paul folks, is something the MSM is simply incapable of dealing with as defenders of the status quo and the mouthpiece for BOTH parties. (Obviously, the parties are among the biggest advertisers for a good part of every year.)
Oh, meanwhile in Georgia comes this OVER THE TOP blowing smoke story about sightings of BIGFOOT in the north Georgia mountains, oh say about 70 miles from my home in the exo-suburbs of Atlanta. bruce-barraclough-eyewitness-account of bigfoot sightings - and here's a tease:
They took pics headed back to camp ate lunch then split into 2 teams. Two members stayed at base camp and the other 2 groups split up. Bruce’s team headed towards the area with the tree formations, the other group stayed on the trail. About a mile down the road the other team did tree knocks. Silence. Bruce did tree knocks, again, silence. They did a rock knock then and they got a loud response. On the hike they noticed what appeared to be mountain lion tracks. Bruce being sick with the flu realized he couldn’t descend the hill any further. He stayed behind with a 45 mm weapon as the others continued down the trail. They realized there was heavy movement in the canyon below. Bruce continued on back to base camp. He then heard something heavy being thrown. He then experienced violent tree shaking. He quickened his pace. He felt and heard footsteps assuming he was being followed.

Not being embarrassed he then began talking to his guest. He offered a drink from his canteen to the unknown stalker and left his canteen on the middle of the trail.
He radioed the other group and asked them to retrieve his canteen when they returned. A while later they radioed him and asked him if he had left a turtle shell on top of the canteen!
He joined them to see for himself and discovered the canteen had a turtle shell on top of the emptied canteen!
He believes that the forest visitor left him a gift.
Seriously, this is just a PORTION of what occurred. A must read story to understand the strange state of Georgia and what happens when one beckons the Unknown.

And, you might have thoughts about other types of stuffing when viewing these two hotties who are TBS's daily sexy picture Ball Headstone Classic - future pole dancers? - And, why not a weekend Double D's Shot. ---- Want more pics? Go into the archive for many more. Barf Stew is like a treasure waiting to be found.
Politics, check. Sexy, check. ParaNormal, check. The Barf Stew Mix.
Double shot of ParaNormal? -- The Art Shaman on Squidoo Trippy Girl With Some Cool Ideas - even sympathetic magic.
According to this website I'm the 75,857,923,338th person to have lived since the beginning of history and the day I was born I was the 2,614,154,543rd person on Earth. Find your

 Birthtime Order Number Here.
More people realize daily that the MSM is worthless and only is in the pocket of the politicians they serve and collect ad money from as part of their business plan.
TBS does politics.
You can't tell me that you'd wait THIS LONG for the SLEAZE? Well, let that patience be rewarded immediately:
Sunday Moyo, Zimbabwe Man, Caught Having Sex With Donkey, Claims Animal Was A Prostitute - A True `Sunday' Story - other gems in this story include the fact that 20 states have no laws against animal ...... intimacy.
Oh, and
 this is the 2000's.
Today's B.S., hardly another website like it - bookmark and return for more entertainment. Please support independent blogs when you search the internet.
here's your hot read for the coming cold winter months.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sexy Woman Doctor Examining (Fe)Male Patient

As Barfsters know, TBS can be totally serious OR frivolous - today's lead `story' would be the later. The headline is the search phrase that sent FIVE folks to TBS yesterday - were they looking at pictures such as the ones below?

The Professor at The Big Study website has put together another extremely readable post about TLP And the crater Plato (on the moon).
Another search term that TBS has been overly associated with lately is Mature Stockings:
More evidence of The Obama Recovery - Economy Alters How Americans Are Moving - remember when Americans were mobile? Some States Saw 90% Changes In Moving Patterns - read about this amazing new American situation.
TBS's sexy picture of the day - Two Teen Blondes In Bikinis (Sideview) - hotties for sure.
Meanwhile.... Anonymous exposes pedophile ring - hacks Lolita City -
Dirty yet?
One weird product.
Now, go explore the sidebar <--------- over there.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

1961 Trippy Art Video

Today's B.S. ran across the below video the other day, and immediately thought how much the strange high crowd that reads Barf Stew would enjoy it. It's by a Robert Breer who was one of the original avant-garde and an original filmmaker. Groovy Man:

If you want to know more about this character (who just recently passed away - Robert Breer Wikipedia.

`Political' Humor - The Conspiracy Cat Requests.
Artsy-Fartsy, check. Politics, check. Must be time for TBS's daily dose of sexy chicks - Extremely Hot Blonde Candid Upskirt - panty view - but, that's what girls in extremely short skirts dig. The archive has hundreds of pictures this hot, look around.
Since TBS is high brow today --- How plants sense touch, gravity and other physical forces - how about some edgy science?
You'll notice that for now I've gotten rid of the that used to be used on this webpage as a revenue source and have replaced it with a much less intrusive Chikita ad box. Readers can also purchase the products I feature from Amazon to help support TBS.
Finally, for those of you seeking a UFO video today - TV Station Skycam Catches Anomalous Light on July 25th, 2011.
See You Tomorrow
 Today's Sleaze.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rick Perry Answers Questions (or is it Questions Answers?) On Obama Birth Certificate

The totally spineless MSM, despite many `problems' with the `long form' which President Obama released in the spring  (that wasn't the long form anyway) have appearances of forgery - picks at the end of the few with the balls to still even bring the subject up. Too bad the `spokesman' is the inept Rick Perry - Watch him dodge around on video here, with story too - TBS's lead story.
The book below has ANSWERS.(?) to the above!
Is Barack Obama's Birth Certificate a Fraud?: A Computer Guy Examines The Evidence For Forgery
Today's B.S. goes into the muck. Again, TBS would like to point out that BOTH `candidates' in 2008 had `birth' problems to some degree - CHANCE? I doubt it.
Say you come to TBS for the sleaze? Ok - Hugues Akassy, Fake Journalist, Flattered NYC Women Before Attacking Them: Prosecutors -
The travel agent said she agreed to go to a bar with Akassy and "his hands started wandering around my chest, and he started to kiss me." She said she rejected his advances and told him she was married.

And, continue your read about taking him to work conferences 5 times and..... you get the idea - "It was over in a flash". Oh, he had three other `girlfriends'.
Today's B.S. - sexy picture - OMG public offering - you'll bookmark this one.
Politics, check. Sleaze/Sexy, check. Must be time for some of the paranormal sauce for the brew - Did PLATO Speak With Earth In The 19th Century? - on the website The BIG Study, with great writing and ideas. Check.
TBS's political cartoon - Angry Taxpayers.
NO, the OWS movement is NOT over - the MSM only wants you to think it is: `They' Are Starting To Move on the Movement:

I updated my newsblog today - stories your own hometown paper missed - like The Patent On Broccoli.
 need a laugh?
Thanks for Barfing Today

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today's Economy 'Is a Rerun of the 1930s': Author

Here's an assessment of the true economy that you are unlikely to hear on the MSM (with an exception or two on CNBC) - but, that you know to be true. And, just wait until you read what the PEOPLE (commenter's) will have to say below. 1930's Re-Run read all about it.
And, just check out these even more insightful comments:

Oct 25, 2011 04:45 AM ET
I wish the economy was as good as the 1930's. Back then, the US made stuff. Today, the service sector is 70% of the economy. The main export of the US is the dollar. Today, the US is loaded with debt. Today, the entitlements are enormous and the unfunded liabilities are more enormous. Today, a much larger portion of the economy is dependent on government. Today, the government is backing the entire banking system. Today, the government is backing 90% of mortgages. Today, kids are graduating from college with a mortgage but without a house. Today, the malinvestments caused by mispricing money (0% rates + QE) are too great for the economy to keep up with and EITHER QE IS CONTINUED UNTIL HYPERINFLATION, OR QE IS STOPPED AND DEPOSITORS LOSE THEIR MONEY, LEAVING PHYSICAL CASH TO MAINTAIN SOME VALUE. In the 1930's, the USD was back by GOLD. Today, the US dollar is backed by NOTHING and the USD is headed straight down the road to being worth nothing. When hyperinflation hits, Americans will become poor and housing will lose 70%-80%. Sell your house and buy silver before everyone else does.

Oct 25, 2011 05:55 AM ET
We are in a Depression, if anyone has listend or read the financial news over the last 3-4 years, there have been SOooo many indicators stats announced that have either equaled or surpassed the 1930's Depression......Politicians and Bankers, and Wall Street'er's WILL NOT say the word depression because it is NOT good for business, their positon, or economic stability......Off note: Anyone that has cable watch HBO's film "Too Big To Fail".....this documents what had gone on in 2008, for which the global economy has not recovered from....
The above in Red is my emphasis.
ONLY worthless politicians would let the big money boys get away with trashing the world economy.
Meanwhile..... on the UFO front - - three UFO videos of interest.
Politics/Economics, check. UFO/Paranormal, check. Must be time for TBS's daily sexy picture - Oral Practice? - naughty stuff.
TBS Entertains.
Today's B.S. brings a wide range of thinking and actions to these pages - often ideas not found in the MSM - such as Living Small - from a website called Not Buying Anything. Worth your click.
 Click For Info.
Ok. Here's some real Barf Stew. The below video, one of SCORES by the same guy in the same house - purports to show poltergeist activity at a level truly beyond belief. It seems, perhaps, that some TV show may be looking into what appears to be happening - here's a VERY recent sample: Posted yesterday, 349 views.

Entertained yet?
Oh, you were waiting this long for SLEAZY? Okay - how about some FROG juice to start off your day Peru Marketplace Featured Drink - with pics and full description. New college trend?
Today's B.S. - Don't Step In It - Forward to best friend.
Over 600 posts are in the sidebar, check them out. You have seen the TBS `Time Travel Picture', right?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Worthless GOP Excludes Former Governor From Presidential Debates

Yepper. If you think the `coverage' of Ron Paul is sickening - wait till you hear what Gary Johnson thinks. WHO? -- Yeah,  that's the plan - keep the ponies on the farm by excluding anyone who might stir up the marijuana debate. You know, the republinuts who ALWAYS are for the rights of the common man!!!! Laughable beyond belief -- how do the talking heads on TV keep a straight face is beyond me. Anyway - here's his Rant.
A worthless politicial system supported by the worthless media that feeds off of the ad dollars of the politicians. Makes ya all warm and fuzzy inside, right?
TBS's sexy picture today is in Russia - again. In public, again. With a hot woman in a skirt that reveals too much when sitting down, again. Yes, another Russian Public Upskirt Panty Shot - with black brastrap as a bonus Blonde Hottie CloseUp.
Politics, check. Sexy, CHECK. --- Must be time for the esoteric, paranormal, saucy stuff? Sure - Dan Mitchell returns with his on again off again blog (which he then vanishes and returns) and is talking heavy as nearly always === Death's Mystique -- Dan Tells Us What Death May Be Like Here. Long deep post.
And, if you really think you like The Heavy Stuff  - go to the source .
TBS readers often report LOVING the Shorpy pictures (old time, time travel pictures) that TBS often features: such as this one from 1910 Atlantic City Panaroma - Amazing Details and a great slice of life from one century ago: (Will 2010 look as quaint in 2110?)

Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom (one of the top 500 books in America right now)
1910 Atlantic City = as Blogger messes up another placement:
(Click Picture Above To HUGELY Enlarge)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

We’re Fed Up! – An Open Letter From 30,000,000 Marijuana Smokers Who Vote

Worthy of being TBS's lead story - something for all to consider when thinking about human rights and government rights:
Because of our diversity and direct democracy, California has always been a “test state” for many new ideas and political reforms. The Federal government is now targeting California and its Medical Marijuana patients to create a test case out of us.

They are afraid to change the status quo. But it is not just Medical Marijuana patients, or even marijuana smokers they are targeting.

The people of the state of California are the ones who voted for Medical Marijuana. We did this by direct democracy, by voting to change our own laws with Proposition 215, rather than have legislators write them for us. This is the essence of a democratic republic at its best.

By attacking Medical Marijuana in the State of California, the Federal government is attacking and disrespecting the people of California. They’re effectively saying, “We don’t recognize your authority over your own lives. We want to control you and force you to use only the medicines that we approve. We don’t care about your actual health. And we really don’t want you to get the idea that you can change things by voting.”

The Feds are very afraid of direct democracy because it challenges the power of the bloated, monolithic central government. All the career politicians are afraid of what can happen when people realize the power they have. Remember the 1960s rallying cry Power To the People? We have the power and we’re not planning to give it up.

“They got the guns, but we got the numbers.” — Jim Morrison

We are tired of being persecuted and mistreated simply because of our choice of medicine.

Marijuana users are treated as a laughingstock, even by a president that publicly claimed to be one of us.

We are sought out, profiled, and arrested.

We are imprisoned.

We are called drug addicts and losers by our own government.

Even the most unfortunate among us — who have cancer, AIDS, MS, depression, and intractable pain of all kinds — are treated in much the same manner, sometimes even judicially murdered.

Would the American public put up with this treatment if it was happening to gay and lesbian people? To Jews? To Muslims? Certainly not!
Each of those groups have suffered persecution in the past, gotten organized, and either aroused public sensibilities about their treatment to the point where it was made socially unacceptable, or gotten laws passed or changed to insure that it wouldn’t happen again.
But we have something special that these other groups don’t have.
We outnumber them all put together.
That’s right. There are 30 million people who regularly smoke marijuana in the United States. That’s about 10% of the population.

About 5% of Americans are gay or lesbian (so 15 million in round numbers), around 5 million are Jewish, 7 million are Muslim. We could easily throw other often oppressed groups in here, such as the Sikhs, without changing the equation.

The nation’s marijuana smokers need to unite for real change.
We must get organized.

We must arouse public sensibilities about our treatment and make it socially unacceptable to laugh at medical marijuana patients as well as recreational users.

The American public must understand that we – medical marijuana patients and users – are not anonymous drug-addled strangers. We are their sons and daughters, their brothers and sisters, their fathers and mothers, their grandfathers and grandmothers.

Marijuana prohibition is a failure based on lies, bad science, and racism. Millions upon millions of people have had their lives ruined – not by the harmless cannabis plant, but by the laws, arrests, lost jobs, and denied medical treatment.

75 years of marijuana prohibition is long enough ....
Read the rest of the Open Letter - right here.
T-BS covers the mess of politics.
And, as Barfsters know, TBS uncovers the beauty in the world on occasion too - such as the Miss Russia 2010 event.

low slung bikini's over there - click picture above to further enlarge
Politics, check. Sexy, check.
How about some edgey science? IS A `PICTURE' of Dolphin Words And Language About To Emerge?  - Will we be able to READ their language?. Wow.
Great content like this via the sidebar

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whisky Stew

Today's post title are two words that have sent folks to TBS in the last two hours: turns out - There is such a thing - here's the recipe - whiskey stew, can TBS live up to such a title today?
Well, first, a bit of OWS. As you are probably subliminally aware of - immediately upon the first demand-suggestion by the OWS being to `boycott the big banks' ---- the MSM IMMEDIATELY and I mean immediately STOPPED cover the OWS on a daily basis or news story that was featured.

It's painfully obvious how the MSM is under some sort of vague control of TPTB (the powers that be) the only question is to what degree. Indeed, the ONLY mention I heard of the OWS movement on the morning tv `news' shows of the main networks - was the number arrested in Chicago and NYC over the weekend. ONLY the number arrested.

Yeah, it's laughable.

That said, I did see some actual reporting - on MSNBC - of Naomi Wolf (think I got that right) who personally was jousted around by the police and told about it on TV the next day.

So, anyway. Here's this offering to the movement:
How the MSM asked Herman Cain And Ron Paul about OWS.
Ready for TBS's sexy side? How about something In the Sexy Halloween Virtual Girl Mode? - Or, Two Sexy Girls About To Kiss? - TBS - Tell a buddy.
Politics, check. Sexy, check. What else is needed for the Whisky Stew? Underground type stuff perhaps? --- Profiling The Mail - What Not To Do To Cause Suspicion - hmm. Mountain Rum Running next week?
And, how about a dash of heavy stuff for the stew - from Bruce Duensing - called - Living Systems and The Structural Analysis of Free Will - Heavy Duensing thoughts and link -- that should thicken up the broth a bit.
Oh, btw, here's some UFO stuff - - it's all about that Thrive Movement stuff happening next month. What? You haven't heard?
Books You Might Find At A Thrive Convention?

Or, not?
Check out the sidebar for access to over 600 posts this good.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Huge UFO Found In Home Video(?)

I almost put this sequence on my UFO blog UDCC but thought that perhaps Today's B.S. might be a better location. What we have is the proverbial `I didn't see it at the time' video that shows a `UFO'. TBS assures you that most of the comments about the video are screaming BS and the `channel' that is distributing it - to me - doesn't seem credible. HOWEVER - there is one very particular thing about this UFO that, once again, caught my attention - the `shape':

Yeah, it looks like a hubcap on it's side --- but --- take a look at the picture below. It was taken by a person of a `jetliner' just hanging in the sky - and what came out of the film was the below:
Looks pretty darn similar to me.
Now, here's doing Blogging right - Professor Hex is hitting the road into America looking for the Fortean -- CC is a cool writer, enjoy his trip.
TBS's sexy picture - College Girls doing what comes naturally Acting Hot For The Camera. -- Foursome today.
Meanwhile..... In One Chart, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the European Fiscal Crisis - Here's a Flowchart that shows you the three possible outcomes of the Euro Greek and Banking Crisis - And, they all have the same outcome!
TBS - does economic/politics.
LOTS more tomorrow.
Sell Used Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How To Stretch Out A Home Foreclosure For YEARS And YEARS

Written by a lawyer losing her home and appearing on AOL's money and finance site - what could be more legit? After all, CNBC early on (but silent since) said that PART of the small `recovery' was based on people NOT PAYING ON THEIR MORTGAGE and using the money for other things. TBS (Today's B.S.) had the link that indicated that in many states foreclosure backlogs may exist for a decade (up to six decades in NY already). How's living `rent' free for a decade (or two) sound to those of you underwater and still paying on that overpriced mortgage given to you by the fraudulent bankers - none of which have gone to jail for the fraud committed against the system itself? Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, right?. Anyway, for those of you considering living `free' in the home you occupy This link is for you - take a vacation with that mortgage money you used to send to the bank - justice in America, it's all over the place. And, easily Today's B.S. lead story.
We all know that the cops have a tough job being the parent for the stupid laws made by our politicians. That said, This Image is pretty disgusting if real.
And, from disgusting to ...... well a bit of perversion. Want to see an image of a sexy woman in public dressed in a see-thru cutout pink body suit with thong panties and cameltoe? Thought So - TBS, entertains.
Politics, check. Sexy pic, check. Ready for Today's B.S. `paraNormal' link? Beyond Known --- longtime investigator of the anomalous. Interesting reads.

I finally updated The Heavy Stuff. It's a preview of a chapter I wrote for an upcoming book about Manifestations and Materialization's. The post is called The Slippery Slope Of Now And Real - dig it. Then send it to a buddy.
The frivolous and the esoteric - both part of the BS mix.
Finally. Man lives off roadkill for three decades - Likes Rat Stir-fry and says Fox is extra tasty -- which reminds me of the breaking news in Ohio, 48 large animals including Wolves, Lions, Tigers and Bears has escaped from an animal farm in Ohio. Really.
See You Tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BREAKING*MASSIVE UFO Mothership On The Peruvian News! May 26th, 2011 *UPDATED

This screams FAKE and too good to be true - comments are hugely screaming BS - what the UFO `believers' need to put up with is amazing: 447K views, 2011 video. Pretty sleazy?

link -
And, as long as Today's B.S. is going BIG today - why not some Inappropriate Spanish TV? 644K views

Yeah, it's sleazy Tuesday.
Sexy MILF In Car - just click it.
How about over 100 comments about a Magazine that showed a womans pubic hair? TBS's Tuesday Sleaze - Crotch Shot, Crotch Controversy - intellectual sleaze even. Has links as strange as This embedded within the comments. Lurid.
Need something with a bit more meat on the bone? Alien Homeworlds - your `paranormal' fix. Oh, great website to explore too.
And finally, some political sleaze - --- perhaps you've heard that the government is short of cash(?) - well, how about this for a reason to Occupy Wall Street: American Taxpayers Are Funding Mosque Rehibilations: See The Video Here. To the tune of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars - putting Arabs to work. (Hattip To Joel, a buddy.)

 Your Amazon Purchases Show Support For TBS.

Monday, October 17, 2011

(Did) Obama's SSN Fails E-Verify System?

The headline above reflects an AD in the Washington Times on  - 26 Sep 2011 Wash Times National Wkly edition - pg 5 - but has been something floating in the toilet bowl  for sometime. Yes, in our Free Press, you will see NO digging into such stuff - after all, the MSM needs those advertising bucks of the politicians. But, ask yourself Why Does President Obama Have A Connecticut Social Security Number? - Today's B.S. lead story.
Almost makes one wish for simpler times, like in 1907, when no one had doubts about the legitimacy of their President:
what is with all the lady rowers?
click above picture to enlarge (with comments)
Politics, check. Time Travel Picture, check. Must be time for some sexy sleazy stuff - Slut Attire In Public Russia - nasty thoughts just one click away.
Every once in a while, you should hit the `next blog' feature at the top of Blogger blogs - you might find a winner like I did right here Ghost Pictures - lots and lots of content.
Politics, Sexy, ParaNormal
The New Today's B.S.
And finally today - another of the strange search terms this blog gets traffic from is `Human Pyramid' - so, lets not wait any longer to link to such a picture:

Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life: A Psychologist Investigates How Evolution, Cognition, and Complexity are Revolutionizing our View of Human Nature

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Survey Says: 77% Are Aware Of Occupy Wall Street And The Movement Gets More Support Than Opposition

Here's some VERY early data on the OWS movement by YouGov. Many highlights including:
By 39% to 25%, those Americans say they support the goals of the Occupy Wall Street movement. 
(Compared with TeaParty) Both groups appeal more to older Americans than younger ones
Nearly nine in ten Tea Partiers believe Americans are becoming too dependent on government, while OWS identifiers do not.
just 12% of those who identify with either identify with the other as well.
Additionally, nearly 90% of BOTH group think the government is TOO controlled by special interests and in their dissatisfaction with Congress. There was also this interesting finding:
There is a complicated relationship when it comes to the political parties, with Occupy Wall Street identifiers more likely to dislike both political parties. Nearly all Tea Partiers have a negative opinion of the Democratic Party and nearly all Occupy Wall Street identifiers are dissatisfied or angry with the Republicans. But while just 38% of Tea Partiers are negative about the Republican Party, a majority of OWS identifiers are dissatisfied or angry with the Democrats. 
Then the article sums up with this statement about ALL Americans - And Americans are divided 43% to 38% on whether the banking system can even survive another economic crisis - there are more insights in this great early poll on the movement right Here; another GREAT Today's B.S. lead story.
Oh, the OWS movement has inspired me to re-start my REAL political blog called REAL HEAVY POLITICS - and you can get that first dose of hard politics Right Here - I include the video taken yesterday in NYC of the police locking OWS people INSIDE of a bank (seemingly as they were trying to remove their money?). Yeah, things could get REAL HEAVY, real fast.

For 2.50 you can buy the above bumper sticker.

Just 99 cents for a 13x19 poster to show your support! And, let me tell you something - these will be worth a goldmine on E-Bay someday I bet.
And, here's one mans experience very recently when he and his wife walked into one of the big banks and closed their account - remember, the run on the banks will begin to accelerate most likely in the next few weeks before the elections - (The Bank Manager) Looked Like She Was About To Cry - don't be the last in line. You don't need to agree with the OWS to do this, the government refused to punish the fraudulent bankers and it appears that the people may be the ones handing out the punishment. ----------- And yes, the first swarming of the OWS also happened in Times Square yesterday - Read that here, with Pictures.
I won't even mention what happened in Rome as a sign of solidarity for the OWS folks.
BTW, I expect now that RHP is returning, that more OWS news will be there and only the BSiest of the OWS will be on Today's B.S. - that said, plenty of other politics sleaze will maintain the same mix prior to OWS's recent focus. Just sayin.
TBS hasn't forgotten all of you who are here for some sexy hottie letting you look right up her short skirt - right?

Finally, TBS is known to google for this picture - HoseTeen Alonya - Super HOT Blonde - what a way to end your weekend online.
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Plea Deal In Door To Door `Free Breast Examines' Fake Doctor Case

Being 76 and successful with his first `victim' (also copped a stinky finger with an ungloved hand) - he continued with his black doctor bag to another apartment, and was promptly let in by a 33 year old who evidently thought free door to door breast examines was a great idea - Find Out Where Women Are Seeking Such Services Here - and is Today's B.S. lead story.
The Feminine Matrix of Sex and Gender in Classical Athens

And, since sleazy is the rule of the day - one has to wonder if the Doctor above viewed this `handy' video:

Or, if he simply read his info here - Female Fingering Methods.
Which leads to Today's B.S. SEXY Picture - Near Perfect - wow, huh?
And to Today's B.S. - Political Humor - Herman Cain VS Ron Paul On The Housing Bubble - slight difference TBS would say.
Ever wonder what happens to a human who suddenly found themselves in the vacuum of outer space? This is what happens and interestingly, death is NOT instant at all.
Strange UFO videos has posted ..... well, a Strange UFO Video of a Plane Being CRASHED by a UFO - pretty barfy but interesting too.
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