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Monday, May 31, 2010

Secret Sexual Encounters With Real Ghosts

Evidently sexual encounters with ghosts - by ghost investigators - is NOT a rare phenomena. I'll let that settle in. Here's a quote or two from this rare article topic:
I have personally heard reports of ghosts who perform oral stimulation on investigators as they explore these haunted houses, buildings, and cemeteries for evidence.....But not all Paranormal people run away from the sexual advances that these ghosts of Sacramento often desire. If your looking for locations where people have reported real ghosts engaging in sexual acts with the living during paranormal investigations the Sacramento Theatre Company at 1419 H Street is a hotspot.

And, let me tell you - this is NOT a short article and ONLY covers the Ghost SEX scene in Sacramento ALONE (well not quite alone) - and - spookily grabs inappropriately Today's Barf Stew Tag.

More about the `Canadian Spiral' story (with video) of last week - already a  Barf Stew saga -;_Breaking_News:_Martin_retracts_hoax_statement,_says_he_was_told_to_keep_quiet.html

I hope your holiday has been a good one. Thanks for visiting Barf Stew today.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Interview with Cuban Philosopher Alexis Jardines

Hello everyone, welcome to Barf Stew - yes, I missed you all yesterday - as I've said, this is a `near daily' blog (keeps me from feeling too guilty when no posts are made). That said, I've found yet another winner of a link for you to consider today - an interview with a `Philosopher' who loves Phenomenology (like myself). Here's a few highlights:
AF: Alexis, you promote “actual-virtual correlations” as the central axis of your philosophical system as a way of upgrading the systems of Edmund Husserl and Henry Bergson. Given that this thought is so very different, how has it been received among your co-workers?

Alexis Jardines: Allow me a small correction. As I present and develop them, the concepts of the actual and the virtual are the heirs of the whole western metaphysical tradition. What happened with Husserl and Bergson is that they were the first philosophers who became conscious of the importance of these concepts.

In fact, until these thinkers, such terms —especially as correlated concepts— simply did not figure in the history of philosophy or, since they were not absolute, in any of the important philosophical systems. Just as the Aristotelian categories of “action” and “potential,” the “ideal” and the “material,” as well as “possibility” and “reality,” or “essence” and “existence” are all subsumed in the single idea of correlations or “actual-virtual configurations,” without them, one simply cannot think of the current state of culture.

In terms of the acceptance of such propositions, it is only a matter of time. Due to superficial reflection, undoubtedly, it might seem that the philosopher is a species in danger of extinction. On the other hand, the sole reason there are few philosophers in the world is that the world has decided to begin to philosophize.

Heavy Enough? Wait until you read his thoughts about `Structured Knowledge' Read more - as this link has `actual-virtual correlations' to Today's Barf Stew Tag.

And for more Barf Stew news - why not build a real UFO this weekend - here's some patents -

Is this the REAL Canadian `Spiral' last week? With video - high strangeness for sure - and definitely - Barf Stew.

Sexy Picture - Are these the tightest pants ever worn in public?

Now, you know Barf Stew Entertains - like this - The latest version of the LittleDog Robot

Robot Building for Beginners (Technology in Action)
How To Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion
iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot
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Friday, May 28, 2010

The E.L.F.E.N. Project - Real Research Into Gnomes, Elves, Fairies and Other Small People

It is with great pleasure that I can begin your holiday weekend with such a great read. - Yes, real research into the phenomena of `little people' -- with Barf Stew stats such as: The profile which is emerging from the ELFEN Project of those who have encounters with little people is that males and females see them with equal frequency. Forty-six percent of encounters are in natural landscapes, and a surprising 27% are inside houses and an additional 23% in the vicinity of houses. In three different reports they have been present at the bedside when a person awakened.

Forests are the next most likely environment where one can meet little people (29% of the time) followed by the general countryside (19%), around water (15%) or around rocks (17%). Urban areas account for a surprising 25% of reports. Eighty-six percent of the time children encountered or played with more than one being. Adult encounters are also more likely to involve more than one being (61% of encounters) and only one entity (39% of encounters) and most of these are rather short fleeting events. Eighty-seven percent of all sightings were uncertain about gender, particularly when small elves appear in large concentrations (we developed a term for this: an elevation of elves or a folly of fagles), -- I assure you - this is just a sliver of the facts you can find out about Earth's little people via this link who enchanted us into giving it Today's Barf Stew Tag.

OK, here's a new twist to a staple in the kitchen - a cooking show with - heavy metal music - Metal Cookshow Launches…    - Stewable, of course.

How's this for fitting the category `Barf Stew' -- new `evidence' about the D.B. Cooper case (yes the guy that jumped out of the airplane with a parachute with money) - including the NAME of who it was (conveniently dead)

More Links:
Into The Blast - The True Story of D.B. Cooper
Legend of D. B. Cooper - Death by Natural Causes
The Legend of D B Cooper

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Man Who Shook Up Vegas

Shortly, the World Series of Poker is going to begin in Las Vegas - with thousands looking to get to the final table - and the fame that comes with being the best. So, to honor the Great Texas Hold'em tournament - I've pulled out an `oldie' link from 2007. But, that said, it probably is a story you have never heard and is a story about a common man who worked up a seeming advantage over the big Vegas bookies - doubling down for Today's Barf Stew Tag. - Stewable.

It was a debate today as to whether this highly Barf Stew story should be the headline - First human 'infected with computer virus' - - I don't think this is an insignificant story - two minute read.

In other news - Bigfoot KEEPING AN EYE OUT FOR SPOTSY SASQUATCH - - I think they will Barf when they realize that the date they give for the Bigfoot film was NOT in 1962. Could a Bigfoot be in Virginia?

I think men will like the ultra slow-motion in this video - Barf Stew Entertains.

More Links:
Busting Vegas: A True Story of Monumental Excess, Sex, Love, Violence, and Beating the Odds
The Voices in My Head: A story of triumph over tragedy and beating the odds in Vegas
Beating The Wheel: The System That Has Won over Six Million Dollars from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo

Finally, -- I'm positive you need more stew - start here for more surfing entertainment and then, just page downward for much more - lots of videos on Barf Stew.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Castaneda's `Structure Of Perception' - The Structural Analysis

Believe it or not - this blog is noted for the word `Carlos' in search engines - due to a few posts about Carlos Castaneda.
High Impact Search Queries for

1- psychic - High
2 - carlos - High
3 - peewee herman -Low

But, perhaps, Barf Stew is ultimately an excellent description for the works of the writer Carlos Castaneda.

`Barf' due to the fact that perhaps Don Juan was a fabrication and the near certain possibility that all (IMO, except for an interesting possibility that the first may be `a little true') the books are complete fiction.

And, `Stew' due to the fact that, without question, his writings explored at least a few ideas that were seemingly `new' (controlled lucid dreaming-world) that many people were able to experience just by following his methods.

But, today - I'd like to explore the idea behind the title of today's post. You see, unless you actually read Carlos's first book - you missed the whole point. I mean it.

Because, at the end of the first book - Carlos actually explains the whole book in terms which clearly describe that he is himself describing a reality `structure' OF perception - with the example experiences in the book. Literally, different realities existing - WITHIN - spaces of  agreed `description'. With access to that reality gained by understanding the `perception clues' - all pointing to a `structure'.

So, he does that at the very end of the book - literally after the end of the `story' ------ in an area called  `Part Two' - A Structural Analysis. And, when I searched Google with those words I found this link with the very section I'm writing about today. (Link at end of post)

Here are some of the highlights of this link and the concept itself.

The `structure' involved a `man of knowledge' - who had an `ally' - the `ally' had a `rule' & finally - the `rule' was corroborated by `special consensus'.

Simple right?

But, let's do a little interpreting - and, even apply it to Carlos's most famous idea of Controlled lucid dreaming.

First, as a knower of his ideas - you could be a `man of knowledge' - (your starting point, your being, your being influenced by his writings) - Next - you would use your `ally' in dreaming - that would be the `trigger' - your ally - of purposely looking for and looking AT your `dream hands' - bringing them `consciously' in front of your dream eyes for viewing.
The `rule' at that point - was that to `gain more space within that reality' the man of knowledge would have to `change focus from the hands to other locations past the hands - establishing a location in the reality - the reality NOW having `special consensus'.

By following the above techniques - many folks, readers, of Castaneda's works WERE able to experience `special consensus' realities. Many WERE able to expand the literal size and scope of the dream world and abilities with the intentionality they possessed. Able to move about - to do things. To actualize more reality.

All because of being able to `perceive' (have perception of) a `structure'. But, it's really even easier than that - if - you think in terms of phenomenology.

Simply, one dreaming space (you) - anchors your dreaming space into a location via finding your body dream hands - (a space extending in the dream reality) - AND, establishing PERCEPTION in this new reality with a location to see from. Next, looking PAST ones `hands', `brings more space to explore'. One literally has a location - a space-time - in a special consensus reality.

Which brings us to our Barf Stew question; could most `paranormal' experiences be happening thru a `similar structure' process? A similar phenomenology? Could `perception itself' be a structure which is learned?

Thanks for stopping by today. Here's some links.

I describe my first controlled lucid dream here -

Carlos Castaneda's first book link -
The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is Apophenia An IDEA Paranormalists Experience?

I have a great buddy that I've featured here in these pages before under the `rantology' tag - and from whom I received another of his famous E-mails in response to `links' I send to him. So, the other day I send to him a `fortean' link about the number 23 which contained itself - many more links.

To which he sends me:

Yo R.,

How can I even begin to comment on this link?
The past hour has gone by clicking into more absurd depth...
Yet finally getting a real look into the condition(ing) I have:
APOPHENIA: unmotivated seeing of connections
specific experience of abnormal meaningfulness
Holy shit, this hits the nail on the head
Thus I sit here shaking my head
Good thing the delete button is handy......

You see, my friend - definitely has this condition - defined by a term he was unaware of. (BTW, this friend and I have had TWO high strangeness events occur to us together.)

But, his sharing of his digging deep for knowledge - which yielded this term/concept - Apophenia - struck me as a term that ALL folks interested in the paranormal might have an interest in knowing more information about.

Perhaps most important Apophenia is - "defined it as the "unmotivated seeing of connections" accompanied by a "specific experience of an abnormal meaningfulness". And, it is also defined as - "is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data."

Indeed, the Wiki article in mentioning other related conditions/phenomena included - Pareidolia, Autistic Savants, and Asperger Syndrome (Bruce Duensing's condition).

To me, all of these `conditions' involves focusing in on `the actualization process of being'. Which, IMO, can trigger `special consensus events' subjectively and objectively. And, which, would include nearly all `paranormal' types of experiences outside of the common consensus.

More Info
The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome

In other abnormal mind news - an incredible article from the MSM - Jani's at the mercy of her mind -,0,5289139,full.story about a six year old whose mind has totally tripped out - fascinating stewy read.

Not far out enough for you today yet? - Try this then - New Psychedelic Root Discovered -
Quoting from the story: The brave psychonaught reportedly drank 5 table spoons of root made into a light tea by itself, no betacarbolines added. He was then thrust into a very difficult and high dosage DMT journey. The roots of the plant are active and very powerful. Remarkably Acacia Confusa has one of the highest yeilds of DMT discovered in nature. That it is active with out the addition of a harmala alkaloid is amazing, and reminiscent of reports of cold water extracted Jurema or mimosa hostilus root bark, which has been a real hit or miss in bioassays.
Barf Stew this - then get back to the link below.

Here's another from the link above - sounds like Apophenia Barf to me - but - Stewable. Again, quoting - "The communication is written in a symbolic language utilising words, numbers and geometric figures and is translated by means of an esoteric science known as gematria" - oKKKK.

If you thought these posts today were heavy - check out my real heavy blog - - thanks.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

5 Reasons To Love Erotic Hypnosis

As you know, Barf Stew often features paranormal type links for you to browse - our main ingredient really. So, I find it funny that `people under a hypnotic state' - when they experience `paranormal events' doesn't `come up' more as a possible `explanation' of what people perceive in these `non-ordinary states'. ------------- So, with that as a backdrop, I invite you into the truly unmentionable - the `sex' side (if it really exists) of hypnosis - which easily made BS give it Today's Barf Stew Tag.  - Interesting  viewing ahead
Click Here! - Hypnosis Product/Course
Click Here! - Hypnosis Product/Course

Please Explore BarfStew (aka The BS) - the sidebar has `labels' that take you to some hard to reach posts on The BS - stuff just like the above video and such: Thanks for your visit - look around today.

Sexy Picture -

Remember decades ago when they began trying to make `life' - seems things are about to get interesting - 'Artificial life' breakthrough announced by scientists - Get seconds on this science stew.

How about a link to an African Shaman Levitating?;_ylt=AlWl9ICACiOWLIhcTKuwr8qbvZx4?p=African+shaman+performing+levitation&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-892 Barf Stew.

Ready for some more tease entertainment? Barf Stew Entertains.

And, this link will end today's Sex Focus.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

'We Are Trailblazers' say Mars Mission Volunteers

Take six men, put them into a 1,000 square foot enclosure - lock door for 520 days - see what happens. Easily isolating Today's Barf Stew Tag -

Find out more about isolation:
The Deep Self: Consciousness Exploration in the Isolation Tank (Consciousness Classics)
The Deep Self: Profound Relaxation and the Tank Isolation Technique
Man Floating in an Isolation Tank Photographic Poster Print, 18x24
 - for the ultimate spaceman.

A lot of websites ran with the story about a Bull Shark found washed up on the Ohio River (since it has happened before) - instead, it probably all was Barf Stew - find out why -Shark Likely Dumped In Ohio River -

Sexy picture - Barf Stew Entertains.

I don't know if this is Entertaining or Not - but what it is - is an optical illusion that is almost scary - see how a graphic can induce blindness - Motion Induced Blindness - very stewable.

Whatever you do - don't look up - it's too big of a shock to ones system to think that your government is spraying you.

Chemtrails: The DVD

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

British UFO Hacker Gary Mckinnon: What did He Find at NASA?

In all likelihood - Barf Stew readers are aware of the Gary McKinnon case involving his cruising of the computers at NASA. As this article states - it is probably not that which has him in the stew he is currently in (being extradited to the USA) - BUT - what he says he found in those computers; including US ability to do Star Travel (yes, virtually the same SERPO barf that I brought to you just yesterday via Lon's links). Find out what else he found out here - as this link hacks into Today's Barf Stew Tag.

Decide For Yourself - Grade B Fiction, or, Earth Changing Material
Project Serpo: Top Secret, Extraterrestrial Life, Extrasolar Planet, Linda Moulton Howe, Conspiracy Theory, Roswell UFO Incident

This was almost today's Barf Stew headline - LifeLock CEO’s Identity Stolen 13 Times - if you read the link - find out how, where, and for how much - this guy was charged by the schemers. Barf Stew Humor.

If you are a paranormalist - and have cruised some of my sidebar blogrolls - you will have seen the Professor Hex (a cool site that is remotely similar to here and which you will enjoy - ) website. Turns out the `Professor' is really one Chris Cunnyngham - and he now occasionally writes pieces for the Examiner (excuse the screensaver pop up) - and here I share a piece he authored Theodore Roosevelt – Monster Hunter? - how's that for a tease. Stewable.

Hope you found Barf Stew Entertaining today - here's more.

The company below is a Barf Stew Affiliate - Please Show Your Support
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lon Strickler - MR. High Strangeness

In just a few short internet years - Lon Strickler of Natural Plane @ Blogspot - has risen to the cream of the paranormal scene. His amazing range of posted high strangeness; with a discerning but non-critical eye to the most outrageous of material,  has made him and his site the `go-to' place for people of all walks of life to share their own `spooky' or `impossible' story. Lon also has an amazing knowledge of anomalous events and fine writing skills.

And, Lon has so much great material that the links pile up in my Barf Stew bin (regardless of how restrictive I try to be) - so - I expect that this will NOT be the only time of featuring Natural Plane in these Barf Stew pages. So, here we go - a link - a description - and my take.

Post One - UPDATE: Former Police Officer Recalls Reptilian Encounters, Sightings - - so, how about a `trusted' person (officer) saying the impossible - the far far edge of the barf stew out there about `aliens' on our planet - the Reptilians.
SUMMARY - Oh my. A former New Orleans police officer, who was abducted by reptilians before Katrina, and who's penis was implanted, and who was aware of groups of Reptilians patrolling N.O. days afterwards - says that N.O. was part of a test the Reptilians were doing for the crowd control they will impose when we have the `meltdown event'. Additionally, the officer and 4 other individuals whose only link is his cell phone list of numbers - are having very strange calls being made by the phones themselves. (PLEASE READ THE LINK FOR MUCH MORE). ----------- MY TAKE: The WINK Factor Index - Part Two - The five topics you should never talk about to strangers. - I must admit, the number ONE wink factor on my list was Reptilians. The absolute forbidden topic. --- Ok, now to attempt to fit this all into High Strangeness. The Reptilians are similar to the temporary beings that represent Bigfoots. The `mall scene' (read lon's link) is probably a lucid dream of some sort - and the calls - some sort of beckoning of the unknown - perhaps cause by his intentionalities. (Or, perhaps he tells tall tales.) On a 1-100 scale of High Strangeness - this is upper 90's.

POST TWO - SERPO Release 34: 'Operation TANGO-SIERRA' - Humanoid Infiltration - is anything more flipped out than saying humans have been infiltrated?
SUMMARY - A female government worker is abducted by a human looking alien who shows her holograms and eventually she is medically examined by a creature - eventually, a 60 man intelligence force of the government:
The source also stated, "The non-human entity was quickly identified, carefully watched, photographed and eventually captured near a shopping mall (southeast of Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland) after it walked up an embankment. It was quickly determined that this male alien had no special powers nor abilities."

"The male non-human voluntarily complied with the U.S. intelligence AFOSI special agents and went quietly and without incident. The male non-human was then remanded to custody and placed in captivity at Ft. Belvoir Army Post, Virginia." ......"The non-human entity was released on the direct orders of then President Carter in late 1980, and subsequently left Earth and returned to its home planet." ..."These aliens from Delta Pavonis have been visiting Earth for 100 Earth years. Apparently, they could assume the human shape and form and easily live among us."

There is even more at the link - please read it - but - I think you get the idea. ............... MY TAKE - To me, and until proven differently, all of SERPO is nonsense. This `story' being nothing more than the creation of a plausable storyline. 

POST THREE - Videos: Poltergeist Activity - if not fake, one of the most convincing `poltergeist' activity imaginable.
SUMMARY - Three over the top videos that must be seen to be believed.
MY TAKE - Continue to the comments below the post - these reflect my view. Shame really - probable hoaxes hurt the possible real videos that show the same. That said, make up your own mind after viewing.

Lastly, I can't recommend more highly any site before Lon's site - it is a MUST read - daily - if you want to know the very edge of realities current representations. Indeed, the fact that Natural Plane was NOT included in a recent vote of best Paranormal websites - shows how the list maker of nominations - needs to get up to date - perhaps next year.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

`Fishing' For Sky UFO's In Florida

Just yesterday I featured an excellent YouTube video of an `Orb' that was caught on a security camera in the UK. Today's top post also features an Orb video (that appeared out of volcano plume). BUT, the `real' reason for this post is the `fishing' for Orbs/Ufo's that some folks seem to be doing on a near regular basis (to the ignoring of MSM). Once again, in this link, you will read about `UFO's' that seem to react to -- hold onto your hats -- flashlight flashes.

However, this time - the `orbs' ARE seen by a MSM `reporter' - Billy Cox - who says his UFO blog is the only UFO blog in the MSM. Read the whole Barf Stew account here as those magic flashlights illuminate Today's Barf Stew Tag. -- Again, the above link has that volcano orb.

Do you have a number that is important to you? Believe it or not - myself and a group of friends have always honored the number 23 (believe it or not) (having read that the 23rd - specifically sept 23rd 4004 bc - was the beginning of the world) -- so - when that movie came out a few years ago about the number 23 - a few of us - shook our heads. Now, this emerges - The hidden roots of the 23 Enigma - Barf Stew?

Some folks (not me really) subscribe to the theory that our cultural influences determine our visual perception reality - here's a Forgetomori about Flying Saucers sizes - Delicious Miss Flying Saucer - Barf Stew.

Finally, let me present a new `Alien' video - with all of 401 YouTube views as I post this -- Total Barf? Or, Real Stew?

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bigfoot Mating Season Underway In Florida Everglades

To me, the reports like this, will someday be treated like the `reports' of flying objects in 1897. People will look back and say `did that newswire run that story as a hoax to get attention'? - Nevertheless, Barf Stew would like to spread the info about the less than 10 population base of Skunk Apes - the link has more Stewy details and easily breeds Today's Barf Stew Tag.

"Southern Fried Bigfoot"  Read More.

Fantastic Orb Video - England Pub Security Camera. - To Barf Stew - Orb videos like this one are very persuasive of high strangeness.

I have tons of cool YouTube videos on this site - look around -

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Google Hides Obama's Social Security Number Story

Oh my. Seems the President may have even more questions to answer about his identity. The Barf Stew facts in this report seems to point to an anomaly once again in `official' documents about President Obama. I'll leave it to you to Stew over and decide if it's worth it to Barf about. That said, Google `censorship' easily obscures Today's Barf Stew Tag. Barf Stew Politics.

Why Ordinary Americans Are Mad As Hell At Their Government (Part 1)

The Barf Stew of High Strangeness - The Mothman of Pottery Mound:the Use of Sacred Datura in Ancient New Mexico - fantastic long detailed read. The kind you come here for.

More Resources:
The Mothman Prophecies
Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend
The Silver Bridge: The Classic Mothman Tale

Barf Stew prides itself in entertainment with diversity - such as this conversation with a man (supposedly) 116 years old.

Healthy at 100: The Scientifically Proven Secrets of the World's Healthiest and Longest-Lived Peoples

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Have Aliens Hijacked Voyager 2 Spacecraft?

Boy oh boy; the Barf Stew hardly gets any better than this. Take one civilization - check; have the INTRODUCTION craft to the Universe (Voyager has info about us) travel 33 years and 8.6 billion miles in search of intelligent life to introduce ourselves - check; receive a message from craft in a new coded form - check. You might want seconds on this one - as the edge of where human intelligence has gone easily decodes Today's Barf Stew Tag. (Or - it could be broke - but what fun would that be?)

Yesterday's post has had a huge number of hits about the `new' video of the `Turkey UFO's' --- shortly after I posted it and sent it to a few other sites that occasionally use Barf Stew material - I was alerted that a similar video (not the exact same one but including some of the same footage) had recently been debunked by the excellent website Forgetomori - but, if you did see yesterday's video - do you think of Yacht Windows? Me neither. Anyway - here's the link of debunking. Barf Stew.

Today's sexy link - Russian Cheerleaders - need I say more - - Eye Stew here. Barf Stew Entertains.

Finally, another Garage Rock Friday special - dug by hipsters about 44 years ago.

More 60's Garage Band Info
Garage Rock and Its Roots: Musical Rebels and the Drive for Individuality
Garage Records Price And Reference Guide; 1960's Garage, Psychedelic and Uncharted Rock 45's (Volume One)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

UFO Contact In Turkey

While one version of this video of low flying UFO's in Turkey has been around since 2007 - someone has went back and gathered videos from 2008 and 2009 too - and they are featured in this video. First touted as a UFO in which one could see ALIENS inside the craft (indeed, one can make that interpretation from the video) - what is amazing to me is how unbelievably CLEAR the UFO is in some frames - really, unlike any I know of readily available. This new version of the video(s) that I am posting today has fewer than 175 views on YouTube. This is a must see video for UFO buffs. - And, easily hovers for Today's Barf Stew Tag.

I have tons of posts as good as this on this website - take a look around today -

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bigfoot Behavior and Actions

One of the most prolific anomalies of the reality structure is the encounter with what is broadly said to be a Bigfoot; the mysterious, often large-tall creature resembling a human/ape hybrid. The encounters are so powerful that groups exist all over America seeking the creature; as if it is a permanent feature of our environment with a reproducing population base.

Now, most of you have read accounts of sightings of the elusive beast/creature/entity - and most of those are nearly always fleeting and momentary. But, some first person accounts go WAY beyond a momentary sighting. So, today, after finding an incredible link a few weeks ago that has been `tracking' the range of reported `behavior' of these creatures - I thought it was time to expand all of our understandings of just the range of actions that have been observed.

Here are just a few selected observations from this listing: - sitting inside an abandoned trailer, then running away - exiting an abandoned home - enters home, lays on end of occupied bed - chasing and running along side of cars - hanging onto car for 200 yards - shaking truck cab with person sleeping inside - three bf's - throwing rocks at 40 campers until they flee - four bf's - charging and screaming at a farmer on his tractor - bf carries injured man 2-3 miles to safety - killing a man and woman but leaving a child unharmed

To Barf Stew - all of these actions and the ones listed on the website - point to a reality structure that just MIGHT `not be real' in the sense we all assume. And raises the human feared possibility that we all are just part of some computer program simulation.

In other news - Girl frozen in time may hold key to ageing - with a Barfy picture too.

Is `science' proving something new about basic ideas about food? Carbs against Cardio: More Evidence that Refined Carbohydrates, not Fats, Threaten the Heart - Barfy Stuff.

Here' a great picture of Iceland Volcano - dramatic with lightning - Stewable.

Finally today - one of the best UFO reads that ever happened - and here you can read it for free - Barf Stew for sure.

Let's end today with another sexy tease video - because Barf Stew Entertains. Please Bookmark and return daily.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pedestrian Killed When A Large Woman Falls From Hong Kong Skyrise

The odds of being hit by lightning or a bus - yes. The odds of being hit by a falling human - Barf Stew. So, squashing all competition - falling humans are Today's Barf Stew Tag. More details at link -

Here's a few more bizarre deaths to consider:
Death by Stupidity: The 1001 Most Ridiculous, Bizarre and Astonishingly Idiotic Ways People Have Kicked the Bucket
Death in California: The Bizarre, Freakish, and Just Curious Ways People Die in the Golden State
The Darwin Awards: 180 Bizarre True Stories of How Dumb Humans Have Met Their Maker

This was a blog post I did yesterday to my UFO Blog - UFO Spectrum Broadens Into Absurdity - UDCC Clock Maintains Symbolic 6:00 A.M. Setting - Stewable.

Two days ago was the first Skunk Ape story on Barf Stew - here's another - Barf Stew high strangeness.

I caught this story on on Sunday - Psychic Chip Coffey can communicate with the dead, but he has a degree of skepticism about paranormal activity - Stewworthy read.

And, from our sexy tag - 44 Bra Busting Babes - here's a sample from the main link - and here's the main link Barf Stew Entertains.

Here's one I bet you don't find elsewhere today in your surfing of the anomalous - - called Stationary Of Horror - Barf Stew for sure.

Another of the newish bloggers on the scene is the Professor's The Big Study - here he writes a comprehensive post about - UFOs & The Enigma of the United States Navy - Very Stewable post and site.

Ready for a Barf Stew mind game? Thought so. The Colour-changing Card Trick - With Videos -

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Study: Neanderthal DNA Lives On in Modern Humans

The taboo of Neanderthal and Human mating has been broken, for better or worse - now, how about those other new found species? So, on today - Mothers Day - CrossBreeding nails Today's Barf Stew Tag.,8599,1987568,00.html?xid=aol-direct

In other Barf News - Freddie Mac needs billions more and predicts more declines in home values -

And, here's something beautiful and classy - for all the beautiful and classy moms out there today. Happy Mothers Day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Russian Governor Tells Tale of Alien Abduction

Oh my. So, a current politician and former Chess Champion has come forward to indicate alien abduction, with witnesses, and being taken aboard an alien craft and spoken to with telepathy. Not only that, now some politico's like him want him questioned by the President of Russia to make sure he didn't give out sensitive information to the aliens. (So much for the dull politics of Russia.) And, politicians claiming alien ships, easily abducts Today's Barf Stew Tag.

Proof of Extreme UFOs Encounters Based on Physical Evidence & Eyewitnesses (Physcial proof of Extreme UFOs Revealed )

Sexy Curves - Barf Stew Entertains.

Here's a good Barf Stew Story - 8 foot Salamanders in California -

Is the above a Swamp Ape in Georgia? Read much more at this link -

Finally, some weekend tease. Barf Stew Entertains.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Erik Stitt - Paranormal Experiencer - New Thought Provoker

As I recently did here at Barf Stew for Bruce Duensing - featuring his thoughts and links for a day - Today I'd like to look at a `new', very prolific, paranormal blogger - bursting his ideas (and experiences) into the esoteric plane of awareness only since late 2009 - Erik Stitt. Like Bruce, Erik loves to explore realities structures incorporating his experiences and viewpoints with possible theories for all to read. Writers like Bruce and Eric are mind candy for some of us.

This tagcloud copy and paste will give you an idea of how he codes his material.
archiving Article ATS audiogeist black forest blog directory blog roll blogosphere california colorado contact contact t-shirt Erik Stitt EVPs exopolitics Friedman futurist ghosts Giant UFOs Greer investigating Jeffrey Ritzmann Jeremy Vaeni Mac Tonnies gone message board message boards Mike Stitt missing time MJ-12 Nazi UFOs opinion poll orbs paranormal Paranormal documentaries Paranormal Documentary paranormal investigation paranormal study Paratopia Paul Kimball Podcast Podcast Review Podcasting Podcasts Reel Weird research Review science fiction author search function silverwood lake s.r.a. site directory Stacy Lowery steve lee The Black Fridays The Other Side of Truth Tim Binnall transhumanism trickster twitter ufo UFO documentaries UFO Documentary UFO Dogfights UFO Hunters UFO's UFOs video reference library voting Wes Owsley Zorgys

The above noted - his writings are much more esoteric than the above tagcloud would suggest - and - today, I pick up on three posts that I bookmarked from just the last few weeks. And, like with Bruce Duensing's material last week - I will comment in some manner about each link of Erik's that I highlight.

First up - Chasing Coyote: The Ghost in the Skull - . Now, part of good paranormal writing is having the cool title - check.

In this post, as in many of his other posts, Erik reveals - "The childhood my brother and I had was very interesting and at times terrifying to say the least. We, together have seemingly experienced almost the entirety of the paranormal realm and its unorthodox offerings at one time or another and sometimes multiple events at once! Things flew around our room, the whispers chattered, the temperature grew cold and the blue light flooded through the windows. My brother and I watched and unwillingly participated in these horrifying events until we were both well into our teenaged years.

some of the more bizarre events his experienced with others, in this case his brother. But, his article is used to posit the idea that the phenomena beyond the normal consensus may be caused by the individual themselves as a bi-location-connectedness of oneself to reality. "By relating to an identity, we are forced conceptually to look upon everything around us and in us as Other Than. I don’t think it is. It is this sense of Other Than, in my opinion, that is both the progenitor and the harbinger of the fear of it; fear of the separate and unknown or Unknowable thing. Fear that is unfounded if one were to maybe accept the possibility that the bad, bad thing is actually one’s self. At once it becomes innocuous and inane as a mere cerebral contrivance of ether and pith.

Erik however does allow for it not to be self-based phenomena too "another postulate and speculative guess comes to mind because as I stated earlier, knowing the thing only seems to make it more separate with the ever-unnerving stance of Other Than perception. To me, THAT is the Trickster. That fleeting sense of Other Than instead of More Of Myself in constant horrific and morphing manifestation is, to my way of thinking, the illusive Coyote; the skinwalking shapeshifter preying upon the archetypal arsenal lying in waiting within your subconscious mind.

Interestingly, Erik gives a possible reason for his Trickster entity as being a accumulation of forces/consciousnesses - just as I spoke about a quantitative basis of consciousness in Could the Human Population Level `Trip' Cosmic Consciousness?

All in all - accessible thinking, well explained, with plausible ideas.

Post two - The Paranormal: Believing the Reality You Have Created - Erik's post easily passes the great title requirement again - check.

Frankly, in this post - Erik sounds more like a Zen person than an outside the box thinker; "Most go through life thinking that all around them is without them. This is inside out perception. Literally. All, and I mean ALL, is within YOU. All comes to you. All comes from you. You do not understand? Rest in that which does not understand and that is still it (thank you Ken Wilber). There is nothing YOU are not.

That said, the above is only a sliver of a long essay making this point in many accessible ways. -- My comment from my brain - more `into' phenomenology - would be that - indeed - the NOW of our perception can be found only within ourselves - and, it indeed is attached to the `out there'.

And, finally, post three - The Undoing of Science in Ultimate Subjectivity - - dig the title once again. Check.

To me, this post is what the title of the last post was supposed to be - a diving into ideas of subjective reality and belief. Interesting esoteric opinions. Again, to me, Erik extends a little far into one direction - but - since I have only skimmed the surface of his writings - this may be nothing more than his writing style. Indeed, I found this thought experiment of his to be fun to read - makes me wonder if he has read Joseph Chilton Pierce or some phenomenology such as Sartre or Husserl.

So, if you are looking for a new, interesting, blogger on esoteric thoughts - make sure to include The Paranormal Experiencer on (or to)  your bookmarks.

Being And Nothingness - Here's some Sartre.
 - Here's some Pierce.

Finally, check this product out - how cool.

A final click -
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Monster Fish - A Reel Story

This is the monster freshwater catch that took six years - one heck of a fish tale here that easily hooks Today's Barf Stew Tag.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters
 - Barf Stew Entertains

Here' either a Bigfoot/wildman report from the 1800's or another tall tale of Barf Stew - You Decide.

Here's the case, with picture, for Mars Pond Scum --- -- has NASA provided the evidence without the analysis that proves it? Does this logic and photo do just that? Real Barf Stew for sure. (Hattips on the last two to

Every once in awhile it's important to get back to the roots of weirdness - Charles Fort. Here's an in-depth look into his life and findings of weirdness - Fortean Events ARE Barf Stew.

Miss World Swimsuit picture - an unforgettable one for sure - Totally Stewworthy.

Finally, as we often do - we will end with something that Lon Strickler is following - in this case a guy who has video of portals opening for 3 1/2 foot grays into his home (fooled by fog machine) - The Eckhart Encounters - New Evidence - actually, what I see is an Orb photo. Nevertheless, Stewable.

Finally, jumping the gun on music Friday - is another obscure favorite of mine - Crawler.

Find 25 million rare CDs and out-of-print LPs at MusicStack

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Romanek, Now, New Alien Peeping Tom `Evidence'

This is a photo from this link where it seems the blogger of `Phantom Universe' just happened to inadvertently catch an alien peaking in his bedroom window. And, Peeping Tom Aliens certainly have the ability to rise to Today's Barf Stew Tag.
Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story - Romanek's Story Link.

Here's a real Barf Stew Study with 20 folks that produced the headline "Brain shuts off in response to healer's prayer" - Tasty Stew here.

More Chemtrail news - could one of the real reasons be to prevent an EMP bomb effects? Barfy Stew read for sure.

 - Find out just how scary a phenomena an EMP attack would be.

51 years ago a very strange event occurred to some skiers - Dyatlov Pass incident - just how could one of them lose their tongue? Stewy High Strangeness.

Sexy teen in swimsuit - because B.S. Entertains.

Meanwhile, in very stewy science news - Mammoth blood protein 'resurrected' by scientists --

And, when LON says something is as weird as he's read - you are saying something -- here's a first person account of high strangeness - make sure to read the comments too - Careful, spicy Stew.

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