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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ANOTHER `Thinking' Blogger - Bites The Dust

Seems another `thinker' blogger is calling it quits - this time with the insinuation that what he has blogged about - has brought a threat to his life. As he is one who seemingly `walks the walk' of his real opinions - BIG opinions - his quitting, and the threat, could be a cautionary thing to note in blogs like this and others that mention items NOT in the MSM

Indeed, the blog `Strange Planet' has been on my blogroll of BS (Barf Stew) since near BS's beginning. Indeed, I encourage you to visit the incredible amount of work that Dennis Whitney has put into this site in the time he has had it up - especially his posts about what to have and do in case the shit hits the fan as far as an economic or other breakdown (interesting on what to stock up on for Barter purposes). All that said, I personally don't buy into all of Dennis' points of view but suffice it to say we overlap quite a bit.

So, with all that in mind - here's his final post and a link to his Barf Stew material. - --

Sexy Virtual World Cup Girl - Italy -

Remember at the beginning of the Gulf Oil Leak that link I had about how it was North Korea that caused the leak so that we would `blow the well up' with a NUKE? - -- Well, now, almost the same thing has graced the words of former President Bill Clinton - read the Barf here -,11065 (at about 3 minutes 10 seconds he goes - "it doesn't HAVE to be a NUKE, I've read all that").

Yes, Weird Sciences (.net) is rapidly becoming a MUST CHECK blog for me and I will bring to my Barf Stew readers the best that blog has to offer - like this - The Three Biggest Questions About Extraterrestrial Contact: When, Where And How - Extremely Tasty Science Stew on a huge question to UFO buffs - - and as you saw - the above link came from this `thinker'

And, from the world of Barf - Beneficial Mutations

Want more Stew? -

Are you a link clicker? My sidebar awaits.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who Owns ?

Someone who has owned it for 14 years. Someone who promotes dolphin-human interaction-communication. (Wouldn't it be something if the alien-communication we got in 2012 was Dolphins?) More tasty tidbits of Stew at the link - - did I mention the Esoteric Company Logo? --- Even More Info - - Barf Stew.
Links To Consider:
Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012
2012: Ascension Harmonics

Oh, remember when Barf Stew did the special research post into penis size comparisons between states and races? NO! -- Well, it reached all the way to this post -

Want More?

The Size Matters Penis Enlarger
AndroPenis Gold Andro Extender for Men - Male Enlargement Penis Extender Device To Increase Size
New Funny Adult Mens Halloween Big Weiner Penis Costume Adult One size fits most

The above - recent 193 circle Crop Circle. Barf Stew link to story -

Here's a very heady link full of barf and stew - We're so good at medical studies that most of them are wrong -

Have you heard about the open mic after a Palin speech and what the TV crew guys had to say?

Did you know that the Federal Government has Solar Programs that make the cost for having solar power to you nearly ZERO? It is the ONE thing the government is actually doing that may be helpful to our economy and the world in the longer run. Have You Looked Into Solar?
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't Go Off The Deep End

Talk about a mouth dropping, Stewworthy, example of mankind - a 450 foot plus pool, 55 stories up - on a building/casino  that you have to see to believe - - Barf Stew Entertains. More pictures too at link.
Link of interest:

What the heck is going on? - Yet another `sky spiral' - this `spiral' stew is getting thick. With Video.

In top paranormal Barf Stew News - Emerging Vancouver videographer describes UFO Contact with Astral entities - the UFO `callers' continue to come forward.

And, how about a flashback to a simpler time of hope - The Barack Obama Inaugural UFO: Top 5 Things It Might Be - - yes, this is the AOL link that contains a link to my UDCC webpage.

It's about time for today's sexy pictures - yes, pictures today - because today features - Sexy Sideline Senoritas - BS Entertains. (cruise around BS for many more pictures and links)

And, lets continue and conclude today with more hot chicks:

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Tree Living Papua Tribe Discovered

I must say - this link opened my eyes more than most and is certainly a super stew for Barf Stew readers. For example: did you know that over 2,500 `tribes' - all with different languages - live in this section of Indonesia? Some of them of `stone age' development (self sustaining from the Earth)? Does ANYONE really think we need to bring `development' and `society' to these folks? More details in the link -

More Links To Flush This Out:
To Sing With Pigs Is Human: The Concept of Person in Papua New Guinea
Remaking the World: Myth, Mining, and Ritual Change among the Duna of Papua New Guinea
Lost Drum: The Myth Of Sexuality In Papua New Guinea And Beyond (New Directions in Anthro Writing)

And, CNBC's most alarming story on Friday - Watch S&P for 'Crash' Warning Pattern: Charts - - Barfable.

On June 22nd I brought you the first wiff of the potential for the Gulf Oil `spill' (the term the MSM uses to diminish the perception) to turn into an unbelieveable nightmare (The Sky Is Falling) with very serious effects to the USA and world. VERY SERIOUS. - So, this BS link (Barf STEW) is to bring up-to-date those who missed 6-22's BS. What US Scientists Are Forbidden To Tell The Public About The Gulf: Oil Volcano Pressure Too Strong For Containment -

Guess what? I have great news for Barf Stew readers - paranormal writer and thinker John Carlson is back and ready to clear out of his mind more tempting ideas for all of us - here's a recent offering - Cryptids in Suburbia — Part 2 - -- in this case he makes similar statements to many of us trying to think out our own and others paranormal experiences - including my BS Bigfoot piece earlier this week about `types of reality' available to humans.

Talking of thinkers - Here's a recent one from Bruce Duensing -
about BS's favorite billionaire renegade Robert Bigelow - - As you would expect from Bruce - this is very Stewable.

Oh, are you a little `tired' of our so-called political leaders calling for energy independence? Seems Jon Stewart was too and at this link - provides one of the best stripping of political BS in a long long time -- a MUST see video for anyone under 45 - Barf Stew.

Ready for today's Sexy Picture? From the site `Florida Sun Models' -

And, let's finish today with a TV ad -- featuring - Girls on Trampolines.

Barf Stew Entertains - And So Does The Barf Stew Sidebar - Check It Out

Saturday, June 26, 2010

L. R. Doty Wooden Steamship Found, Cargo Intact - Sank In 1898

Link to picture: Click To Enlarge
The above picture is of the stern of the 1898 steamship L.R. Doty - which sank with a cargo of corn (still on-board) and crew of 17. The 291 foot wooden ship has been preserved by the cold water of Lake Michigan.

What a cool lead story to stew on this Saturday morning - quoting from the story
"It definitely goes to show there's still these looming giants that have yet to be found — titans of the Great Lakes that are still out there," said Kevin Cullen, underwater archaeologist at Milwaukee's Discovery World-Pier Wisconsin. More details at the link - 

Here's a Barf Stew link for sure: Ex-Royal Navy officer says he has solved Holy Grail mystery -

And, this just surfaced - a Stewy photo of a rare moon HOLE - Rare Hole In the Moon Photographed  -

When CNN does a Bigfoot story - like this one - Why do we need to look for Bigfoot? - you know it's the summer slow period - that said, the story makes many well stewed viewpoints.

Soft Sexy Blonde - close up - BS entertains. (look around my Barf Stew pages for more)


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Friday, June 25, 2010

China's Housing Boom Spells Trouble For Boyfriends

Remember what happened to the US economy when `housing' prices got out of hand? Well, this is the story in China now:
Mike Zhang considered himself serious boyfriend material. He knew what to order at an Italian restaurant. He could mix a tasty margarita. And he always volunteered to carry his girlfriend's handbag.

Then came the deal breaker. Zhang, a 28-year-old language tutor and interpreter, couldn't afford an apartment in the capital's scorching property market.
Rather than waste any more time, his girlfriend of more than two years dumped him.....

A typical 1,000-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath apartment in the capital now costs about $274,000. That's 22 times the average annual income of a Beijing resident.

Unlike in the United States, where home buying traditionally takes place after marriage, owning a place in China has recently become a prerequisite for tying the knot.

And, what happens when that `bubble bursts'? The Barf will hit the fan for sure - the Stew is about to reach boiling.,0,6167359.story
Read More Here:
Suburban Beijing: Housing and Consumption in Contemporary China

Want an in-depth - heavy - read about consciousness? Thought so. - Very Stewable.

Extreme UP-Close Sexy Tease Picture - (look around Barf Stew For Many More)

In Atlanta, we see ads for the Florida beaches all the time - right until this week for sure. However, this is the current reality on one of those beaches "mommy get this off of me"

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prisoners Cashed In On Homebuyer Tax Credit

It's probably good for Barf Stew readers that I am also into `the paranormal' stuff - because one can find more than enough Barf coming from our government to fill the Stew to overflowing. That said, this outrage - that over 1,000 PRISONERS - some of them serving life sentences - were able to cash in on the Home Credit for first time buyers of homes - to the F-ing tune of 9.8 MILLION dollars worth (at 8,000 a pop) -- can you say INCOMPETENCE? - Much more to outrage you at the link -  - careful, Stewing on this will cause indigestion.

Other Links:
Republican Party Reptile: The Confessions, Adventures, Essays, and (Other) Outrages of...
Outrage, Passion, and Uncommon Sense: How Editorial Writers Have Taken On and Helped Shape the Great American Issues o f the Past 150 Years

Now, if you thought that story was Barf - how about this one - Paris Metro's cheaters say solidarity is the ticket - seems the `jumpers' of turnstiles need not fear paying any fines anymore - find out the reason here -,0,1248826,full.story

Here's an excellent read about the science side of Lucid Controlled Dreaming - Want to find your mind? Learn to direct your dreams - - VERY Stewable.

Sexy Girl Picture -
Because Barf Stew Entertains (look around my site for more sexy stuff nearly daily).

Sexy Tease Video - stay til the end for `reward'.

A Easy Way To Sell Your Used Books
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I do more daily links on Squidoo too -

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why `Bigfoot Proof' Will Not Be Enough!

The endless news cycles that the MSM trots thru - endlessly - means that consumers of the material (that's you and me) - eventually form a point of view about most of it. IE: Missing Children who's parents are suspects are evidently hot topics everyone wants to know about (and feel that they are at least better than them); Uplifting statements about the full economic recovery stated by the government are not to be challenged directly by `news' readers or with their facial expressions (how can they read this drivel without cracking up); The `summer fires' in the Western United States are something everyone wants to see daily in the summer (do they really get new footage or just re-use the same footage) ; and on and on and on.

As a diversion, and, usually in the summer months - (during the slow news time of year) - the media turns to what is reported nearly daily in the `paranormal internet news sites' -- that being, `Ghost' stories, UFO reports and even the occasional super snicker story (between the `news' readers - as part of the `fun banter' public-relations relationship the on-air hosts have for the public to feel close to them) `Bigfoot' sightings.

Indeed, as part of their `in-depth' - all sides of the story facade - the MSM will usually pony up some Bigfoot `expert' (often one who leads groups into the woods in search of Bigfoots) who will talk about the `evidence' such as the Patterson Film, castings of footprints, -- and direct sightings of all kinds and natures. And, as you know, seldom does the `reporter' ask anything resembling a hard question such as -  `why no specimens or scat' -`where are the bones' (BTW, a google of bear bones will find that bear bones do get found in the woods, caves, etc) - `what is the local breeding population' - `never one roadkill - anywhere'.

So, really, because no serious questions are ever asked - it's all treated as a `fun' thing by the media - kind of a pompous one-up over the probable redneck who spends his nights in the woods tapping on wood; often, nowadays, toting much scientific gear to provide the `proof' of just one creature of the breeding population in the local area.

And, indeed, if you search the internet for video and stories - you will find `heat images' of Bigfoots - even videos of the heat images. You will also find the occasional `trail cam' that captures a `sliver' of an unknown entity - sometimes even looking like a `Bigfoot'. And, you will find in your search online (easier than all that woods trekking) `sounds' of Bigfoot and many many first person accounts of sightings of a Bigfoot that eventually ------ in all cases -------- leaves their field of perception.

Temporal entities. Temporal spaces in our common reality consensus.

So, lets just Barf Stew up, right now,  the `perfect Bigfoot Sighting' - a Smoking Gun type of case. Ok, --- first, we'd have to have it on multiple video cameras operating at the same time and at least one of the cameras would be one with infra-red capability. Additionally, the sighting would be at a short distance (say under 50 yards) - it would be seen visually by multiple people in the party if not everyone. The `Bigfoot' would remain in sight for an extended period and would `signal back' to the `searchers' AND vocalize `for sound captures' of the creature.

Then, after the creature simply walked out of view and range of the recording instruments and searchers -- the searchers would be able to retrieve `direct evidence' from the site - INCLUDING a tuff of hair for DNA analysis (casts of the footprints etc) - indeed, even a fingernail would be found. And,  all the `hard evidence', when the results came back `from the lab' showed it to be an `unknown' mammal - even with clearly different results than ever seen. And, all the hard evidence, would then be re-confirmed by other top notch facilities.

Now the question, would all the evidence above - be proof enough for you? Proof that a live population of Bigfoots are in certain areas of our country and indeed - throughout the world?

OR, would it mean that Bigfoots are materialized temporal entities - that are indeed REAL for a temporary time frame. That can be seen, heat sensed, and tested for DNA as proof of a temporal `indention'/actualization into our common consensus - one that can be visualized and quantified - BUT - ultimately, one without an ontological structure to maintain its realness. Its temporalness. It's qualitative-ness of its `space' constitution.

But, even if that is the finding, and ultimately, someday, is a position where fair minded people can find agreement; - it will also be a step forward in ways of thinking about other paranormal and fortean `events'  - as a `temporal structure' that bends our common consensus reality into a `temporary special consensus' - with what includes a real ontological structure to be perceived.

And, suddenly - a real Bigfoot - will be known as `more' than an imaginary creature - and one that doesn't need a breeding population to propagate into the world. Or, needing capture to prove that it is real. (I think it would be like `capturing' a doppelganger of a dead person that appears - impossible.)

But, it will also mean perhaps, the first step onto the slippery slope of an agreement that NOT all of our reality ` is real' - and that perhaps other contingencies could `snap' the `programming of the software' entirely - leaving `us' as a `temporary character' in a whole different consensus.

Please tell a friend that you filled up at Barf Stew - and have you checked out the BS sidebar and the great websites in the blogroll?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oil Disaster Will Be End of Life As We Know It

Ok, first things first - the links I'm bringing to BS readers today talk about an incredible scenario that MIGHT be developing in the Gulf of Mexico due to the oil `leak'. Indeed, the links I'm about to share with you are NOT mainstream - at least yet - and in no way can I personally vouch for the `science'. That said, IF this is a real situation -- things could INDEED change for EVER.

Next, even if it is TRUE - it's kinda like `would humans be told if an EXTINCTION asteroid was headed to Earth - (I doubt we'd be told) - YES, it is THAT BAD. This is a MUST read if you want to be scared or told the `ultimate truth' - you decide. -- also, these are some of this guys recent posts:
Experts: Methane Disaster Could Kill Millions

Biggest Methane Eruption In Modern History
Relief Wells Are Useless, We Can't Stop This Oil G...
Video Reportedly Shows Oil Leaking From Sea Floor
BP and Government Inch Toward Truth
Oil Disaster Will Be End of Life As We Know It - So, IS a HUGE methane bubble forming that is going to explode? LOTS to stew about - especially if you live within 200 miles of the Gulf Coast. Very Stewable Barf.

Here's much of the same material - what is most worrisome is that most of this info is only a few days old and does seem to link with new changes to the seabed floor near the leak.

More Links:
Hellcats Don't Leak Oil, They Mark Their Territory!

Monday, June 21, 2010

`Elliott Wave Theory' Predicts Market Plunge

The DJIA allows for lots and lots of theories as to how to play it - but one - the Elliott Wave - has been followed by many - and what it predicts by 2016 isn't pretty - the question - is it Barf or Stew? -
More Links:
Applying Elliott Wave Theory Profitably
Mastering Elliot Wave: Presenting the Neely Method: The First Scientific, Objective Approach to Market Forecasting with the Elliott Wave Theory (version 2)

In more Barf Stew - Bigelow Aerospace, lethal extraterrestrial UFOs, and alien battle tales revealed - - Did the Utah Bigelow ranch involve gunfire and deaths? Link has details.

As the world shrinks by the day - the concept that - Dinosaurs Are Among Us - simply seems more Barfable all the time - here's some of the scant `evidence' - - Stewable.

Here's another supposed UFO above I-75/85 in Atlanta - and, like the last report I dissed - let me do it again -- the location described would have 100's of folks seeing this every minute -- simply not believable -

Another Sexy Virtual Girl - Barf Stew Entertains.

Surviving the World - with a link to cool comics - - Stewable.

Find 25 million rare CDs and out-of-print LPs at MusicStack

Yes, ANOTHER Orb near a contrail/chemtrail - STEWABLE

Finally, if you liked Barf Stew Today - start here for a good look around - - lots of sexy pics - paranormal stories and more.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

SERPO Was A Big Fat Fake

I'm proud that I didn't swallow the Barf that was Project SERPO -- (IF you don't know what SERPO is read this link and google the term) - even while running a UFO Disclosure webpage (since it amounted to nothing more than grade B science fiction). Now, Greg Bishop says he has proof that it was all designed as a ploy to follow leaks and such - a disinformation campaign. And, I gleefully smile as I get to say that Project Camelot was as big a fantasy as I predicted - here's Greg's piece - Careful, if you get too far into this stew - the barf is like quicksand.

Ok, this next link is to show you just how much some folks BELIEVE this 2012, Aquarius, `Channeling' `Galactic Citizens' stuff -- indeed, tell me that this ISN'T a religion - because this level of belief can only be that. Anyway - want to read some `channeled' information you are unlikely to read in your hometown paper? Thought so. - Oh, I found this link in my Stats - seems Barf Stew even ends up in places like this.

I think that is enough Barf for today - Have a Nice Fathers Day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Space `Shows' To The World - After - It Occurs

Hello everyone, thanks for visiting Barf Stew again today. Today's post could easily be in my blog called The Heavy Stuff - but - I decided to bring it to my BS readers instead. What this post is - is a copy and paste of a comment I left to a VERY HEAVY POST by Micheal Prescott awhile back. His post is here and involves consciousness and being - - indeed, the comments below his post are incredibly intense reading if you are ready to exercise your mind this weekend. ----------- And, here is my comment:


The space that represents my matter loves a good conversation about consciousness. My space `shows' to the world - after - it occurs. This `showing' happens to all spaces via lights bounce and forms into an on-going phenomenology best described as ---------- What is not able to not be IS ------
Spaces, and the `location' of spaces - regardless if embedded with consciousness - have `a phase of now'.
Part of the phase is totally determined, part of the phase, seems to have freewill. All of the phase is the same space.
All those spaces have a constitution to the subatomic level - a connection to their `macro' space (previous actualization's of their space) and - a connection to the `total space' (the spaces on Earth all move with the Solar System, and Milky Way motions for example).
In an instantaneous manner, for a human consciousness, it is a simulation of the most recent previous moments, that human spaces catch as `real'.
But, MIND, as positioned in your article - IMO, does not create reality -- reality is spaces. All with a location and momentum. And each space is as real as ours and existing with relationships to other real spaces all involved in a phenomenology of space.
Time seems only a way of counting space(s).
Finally, in the Phillips Phenomenology (find thru google)--- the foundation of space is 4 words ----- NOT ABLE TO BE.
Posted by: rick phillips
May 04, 2008 at 05:15 AM

I'd love to hear your comments on this main post!

And, finally, for your weekend entertainment - Do you remember the MAN Show - that began each show with Girls jumping on a trampoline? Well, here's the extended promotion for the show (I've maintained that a cable channel could get a real rating number with nothing more than Girls Jumping On Trampolines - what do you think?)

Man Show: Girls on Trampolines (Dol)

See you tomorrow - how about taking a bite of Barf Stews Sidebar?

Friday, June 18, 2010

First Replicating Creature Spawned In Life Simulator

Great Barf Stew here - what do you get after 34 million generations? Life!

Got five minutes for a hair raising on the neck account of high strangeness? THE HUNT FOR THE REAL NEW JERSEY DEVIL AND IT'S KIN -

Do you believe in conspiracies? Here's a full Barf Stew serving on a totally over the top website that you may be returning to all weekend - Stewable?

How about another over the top sexy picture of a Female soccer team?

Did you say that you don't know who the Electric Prunes Are/Were? How about a live performance 41 years after their hit single? Barf Stew Entertains.

Too Much to Dream - Original Group Recordings: Reprise 1966-1967

Have you seen my `weekend' website?  OR, just hit prior posts below and off you go into the Stew.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Than 90 Banks Missed May's TARP Payments

IF one only listened to the MSM (mainstream media) - which - at BEST is only a mouthpiece for the government - you'd think the US economy is well under way to a full recovery. Well, think again. The highlights of this piece that somehow took a MONTH to even make it as a CNBC link:

It was the first missed payment for 23 of the banks; for the others, it was at least their second miss...

The number of banks missing their TARP payments rose for the third straight quarter. In February, 74 banks deferred their payments; 55 deferred last November.....
SNL Financial's analysis found 20 banks have missed four or more payments since the program began in 2008, while eight banks have missed five payments.....
While many of the largest U.S. banks easily repaid billions in TARP aid, more than 600 smaller banks still hold $130 billion from the program, created at the height of the financial crisis.

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about the future manipulations by the government and the banks - doesn't it? Barfable.

Believers vs Skeptics - ying, yang - Psychic Medium Experiment Not Enough to Convince Skeptics - - Great Stew comments.

Oh, in other news - 50 Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe - - more unbelievable stats about our worthless politicians and the system they have set up for themselves. Total Barf.

The ULTIMATE World Cup Girls (virtual) Photo -

How about an over the top  - too good to believe - UFO video - shot from an airplane? Sure.

Folks, I have a GREAT sidebar ---> please check it out.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Impossible? Could `Life' Be INSIDE The Sun?

As my regular Barf Stew readers know, I search for provocative ideas - by real thinkers - to bring to this webpage; and, today - I do just that. Indeed, have you ever encountered even the idea that the SUN may have life INSIDE of it? - Thought so.

So here I present a series of thoughtful ideas by a real thinker Chris Crawford - -- This, of course, is his five minute read about his idea that the SUN could harbor a life form. It's 100% Stewable.
But, I'm featuring Chris today and here's some more thoughtful ideas he explores:

Information Physics -
Dreaming -
Consciousness -
The Operational Approach to Reality -
Sarah Palin -

And, again, regular readers know that I also recently featured Bruceleeeowe - and here - is a post he did last year -- BUT - is really the FULL OVERVIEW of the `conspiracy theory' about Real Life on Mars -- I know it took quite sometime to pull together the sources for this amazing read - Totally Stewable -

Now, seldom do I run a Barf Stew video that happened the day before -- but - if you haven't heard that General Petraeus `passed out' while in front of the Senate yesterday - while Sen. McCain was questioning him - check this out. Weird. Real Weird. Then, note how his `entourage' went into work -

Thanks for visiting Barf Stew today - please tell a friend about BS today. Oh, I have a ton of stuff on Barf Stew that you will like if you liked what I gave you today - start here -

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Impossible Human - Yogi Prahlad Jani’s Fasting Miracles

By any chance do you remember that a few months ago the Indian government decided to study the probable Barf claims of a Yogi that he had not eaten or drank anything in DECADES? Well, the results of that 24 hour a day surveillance by 3 cameras has reached an endpoint; - and guess what, - we may need to expand the definition of what a human is and can do - as these Stewworthy results indicate - - and, words such as these are in the report: Doctors have not found any adverse effects in his body from hunger or dehydration. They think that yoga exercises may have caused Jani’s body to undergo a biological transformation. The researchers said tests found that his brain is equivalent to that of a 25-year-old.

How about these words from the next Barf Stew link - Our main leisure activity is, by a long shot, participating in experiences that we know are not real. When we are free to do whatever we want, we retreat to the imagination—to worlds created by others, as with books, movies, video games, and television (over four hours a day for the average American), or to worlds we ourselves create, as when daydreaming and fantasizing. … - The post is called `Dream Time' -- and is deserving of your one minute Stew -

Sexy Virtual Girl -

Is this the shortest runway in the world?

You have tasted the Barf Stew links in the sidebar - right?
Please bookmark Barf Stew and return tomorrow for more Stewworthy Links.

Monday, June 14, 2010

BILLION Year Old Entities - More Speculations

Ok, I know my regular BS readers are probably going `not another post about BYE's (billion year old entities) - but - sometimes a particular post strikes a nerve with other thoughtful bloggers. And, as you know, just last week, I provided how another blogger covered my original post about BYE's -- and his blog - provided a `science' take on the matter.

Then just yesterday - this comment went to my UDCC blog about the post I did there about BYE's - since it is as thought out as the whole science approach - and - because I love deep thinkers and speculation about esoteric topics - I provide here - her thoughts about BYE's and at the end of her post - I will provide some commentary and some additional links.

Are you ready? Here's her comment on my blog:
Is it possible that some humans (amidst all the mushroom people i.e. ref. "Attack of the Mushroom People"; pod people ref. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (c.1958), Rhinoceros people ref. Eugene Ionesco's play "The Rhinoceros" etc. ...what do all these weltanschaung metaphors we propagate all over the world refer to ...what do they mean?!) ...are billions of years old.

It is possible that the remainder, the "mushroom people". the "pod people",the "rhinoceroses" "demons" etc., are the projection of just one human being, also billions of years old, dream entities of that human being's psyche expressed in, contained in, incarnated in light matter. You will admit that life would not require light matter to exist, but may use it, or be trapped in it?! Not difficult to extrapolate from known unknowns such as tiny dimensions, dark matter etc.
Such a billions-of-years-old human, whose psyche was riven with lies about reality, Jungian psychology would predict, would project billions of shatters as psychic entities and a dream world like "Underland", as in "Alice in Wonderland" 2009, would result. She could trap other human beings within that mental construct for comfort, entertainment, and self-validation. She would tap into our responses to her dreamworld, her psyche, as in "The Matrix". Other human beings could not resolve her own internal psychic contradictions - we would be her slaves struggling pointlessly to make sense of her psychic world which would seamlessly envelop us and which would appear to be reality.
What appears to be "billions of years", within that mental construct, might be just a few thousand years of experiential time. That would explain the suddenness of civilisation. Billions of pod people, or "Borg drones" and a few trapped humans, and maybe some other deluded human beings believing and imagining that they really are in some way cooperating with "Alice", but to no advantage to themselves, only to their detriment - the world all a nightmare, a bad dream,...a LI-c-E?! ... A land in which we are prisoners, where freedom is a hollywood dream, a dream of something real but existing, in "Underland", as only a memory of the reality that is being denied to us.
Which human being are you? Are you "Alice" or are you her prisoner or her victim? Are you a part of her psyche or are you a separate being?

Pretty Heavy Stuff - don't you think? -------- So, let me respond.

First, Elizabeth Jane, let me assign a probability to the possibility that you are correct or largely correct - so - indeed, the words you use could indeed be - true, real, actualized -- or, at least some variation of your ideas. (OR, ALICE's Ideas.)

Next, in a nutshell - to me - you are maintaining that we humans could be an illusionary experience within another structure of which we are are not aware of --- yepper; I can even go there too - at least if talking about probabilities. And, I will certainly grant you the chance that such `special realities' are accessible by humans in some manner from their own location of the ontological structure.

NO, I will not give you the big BUT - as I appreciate your comment and line of thought. That said, (here it comes) - your one post blog - - of the letter you sent to the Queen at Buckingham Palace - may need a little deeper thought to get my thumbs up.

Finally, one point you make I really like - and that is how the subjective time experienced may not be represented the same to all entities (the example of this in my mind has always been `how birds effortlessly glide thru tree branches' - I mean, are they seeing a slowed down version of our reality to perform such feats?),

Thanks for some excellent mind stew for my readers to taste.

Other links of interest to BYE's - - -

Before you think all is heavy around here - check out the name of this picture website - Barfable.

In other news to Stew about - Orang-utans 'like looking back at zoo visitors' - - interesting experiment to make this statement.

Sexy Virtual Girl Pic - because BS entertains.

Colin Bennett's one of a kind - total Barf Stew - webpage - that can take hours to explore -

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Very Real Dangers Of Hunting For Ghosts ...

Regular BS readers might remember that on 5-31 I posted this link about the secret `sexual' side of Ghost hunting - and, with today's link - BS further delves into the can of worms that seems to occur to those that seek particular anomalous phenomena. Perhaps, especially, Ghosts.

Or, is it really something different, perhaps something involving expectations and intentionality's, and, how they `play out' in the ontological structure we selectively perceive? -- Regardless of source of actualization, this article link shows just how much our personal reality can be swept up by the special consensus phenomena - if we turn our attention to it - - very Stewable.

More Links:
Ghosts Caught On Film
Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts

Ok, Barf Stew tries to bring you the best of provocative websites - so, how's this for an opening page wording:
In everyone's lives are moments of strangeness when events do not follow accepted rules. Most of us learn to accept these anomalies as unimportant, nothing more than aberrations of perception. We ignore the strangest of our dreams, as we ignore the feeling that the stranger we have passed on the street is someone we should know, that this place we have never been is somehow familiar, that a passage in some ancient tome makes sense long before we have cause to understand its true meaning. These and the thousand other mysteries that visit us in unguarded moments do not match the patterns of modern, logical life, and are tossed away.
I have not done so. Enter and see what I have found - Be ready for your mind to be taken away -- Stew you will want to share with friends. Here's another example page of his - make sure to check out his blogroll with sites such as `Free Range Human' -

In other news, Cryptomundo reminds us of - The Olsen Champ Video: A Year Later - of that filming of an `unknown animal' in a small lake - with stewable video -

Yesterday, I found this video via Leslie at - who had the link as her number one top story of the day (which to blog editors like she and me - is important) -- and it indeed was very worthy. Now, that all said, the video is about Remote Viewing a Martian Surface Anomaly (which indeed is very impressive as an unknown) - and some VERY cool music. A mixture of great stew here.

Final Links To Consider Today Are Below

Mamie van Doren in Voyage to the Planet of the Prehistoric Women DVD (1967), Classic Drive-in Movie. Also Starring Mary Mark, Paige Lee, Aldo Roman, and Margot Hartman. (My Original Daily Site)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Remember That Time That Bo Derek Nursed A Chimp?

Yeah, we bring you the over the top stuff at Barf Stew as BS loves to entertain - (might NOT be sfw) - and loves hot teases like this one - (with GIF of the action and a still picture) - you will send this to a friend - almost guaranteed. - Very Spicy Stew Today.

Did Robert Bigelow - the Governments `go-to' man about UFO's - spill some beans? Or, spill the Barf Stew disinfo? - Shrugging off Bigelow’s killer UFOs - to quote from this post "Bigelow said. “Anybody that does research, if people bother to do quality research, come away absolutely convinced. You don’t have to have personal encounters.” He added: “People have been killed. People have been hurt. It’s more than observational kind of data.” - More Barf at the link to Stew about. Is he a loose cannon?

In other news - UFOlogy is Dead - A very stewworthy post deserving of your click.

Sexy YouTube video's -- Barf Stew Entertains

Poops, Oops, and Barf Stain Remover

Here's my other daily site - - If you like BS, you will like this.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Electric Vehicles Will Never Carry Lots Of People - Oh Wait, They Had Electric Buses In 1904 - WTF?

If you are not already a fan of Shorpy - where have you been? Everyday, the Shorpy website gives us Real Time Travel into the past ....errr .. and sometimes `the future'. Makes one wonder what Barf Stew has `went down the wrong pipe' for the world to NOT HAVE electric over 100 years later - doesn't it. Does, world power structure come to mind?

And, from the parallel universe, comes this - - could Carlos Castenada still be giving information to a select few? Barf Stew. Oh, BTW, this guy commented on my blog THS (The Heavy Stuff) and left this link.

I sure hope you are getting ready for the 2012 `shift' - right? Here's some insights from a lifelong abductee by the `Greys' - An Interview with Judy Carroll An Australian “Contactee” - - almost all Barf in this Stew.

Today's Sexy Picture - - because Barf Stew Entertains.

NO, I'm not done with the wo-wo stuff yet today - - indeed, do ORBS mutilate animals? Stewy, with video.

More tease? Sure.

Do you like the eclectic Barf Stew? I have almost 150 posts as good as this one - why not start here and enjoy your stew - - and, send us to your friends too - thanks.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Could There Be Billion Year Old Entities? The Science Behind The Answer!

First, I missed you all yesterday - remember, you can always go to my daily Squidoo site too for lots of fun .

Now, one of the very coolest things about being an `esoteric' blogger is having one of your `ideas' being `covered' by another website blogger. And, at this link - that is EXACTLY what happens. But, it is even cooler than that; - while the `idea' was first mine as an esoteric thought exercise - at this link - it gets flushed out by applying science. And, guess what - seems that it might indeed be very plausible that our universe has Billion (with a B) year old entities.

Now, when you go to this website MAKE SURE to look around as he has TONS of great material for you to devour from a `science' angle. Not only that - he makes DENSE material understandable to most (I assume my audience is into this stuff) - and I bet you bookmark - get your serving of super Stew today!

Now, Barf Stew readers know that politics is NOT forbidden around here - as long as it has some Barf and some Stew - and this WSJ article has that - Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? - - find out who understands economics better - the left, right - or Libertarian.

Here's a guy that `reverse engineered a McDonald's french fry - wait till you read the way he GOT UN-cooked fried and how he did his research. The steps it takes are quite amazing. The Burger Lab: How to Make Perfect Thin and Crisp French Fries -

In other news - Kids of lesbians have fewer behavioral problems, study suggests - Barf Stew till tender.

Speaking of lipstick lesbos -- check out this Sexy Picture of two Russian girls in minis - HOT -

Hey, it's been awhile since I and Barf Stew entertained you with great rock - the wait is over.

More Links to consider today below.

More Science?
Dark Energy: Observational and Theoretical Approaches



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