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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Georgia Tech Police Drone

I only selected the GT Drone because I live in the Atlanta area. The GT drone was NOT approved by the way - but this story reads like Big Brother 1984 and gives you a much fuller background of the BB aspect of our society that the MSM - of course - drops the ball on. And, here is the chilling Georgia Tech Info - BS, does politics.
But, you are probably here to see the scantily clad bodies of Shapely Women, correct? Like Miss Teen Nebraska 2012 and this cleavage Self - Shot - oh, sometimes BS has HUGE black spaces on this webpage - when that happens BS has gone over the edge for Goggle Ads evidently. Your support in those days is appreciated.
Ever wonder who the War On Marijuana serves? Cause, one look at this chart should make that the first thought into your Brain - or, are you THAT stupid.   Worthless politicians, who are being dragged into the modern era by those that speak out. The panic of the worthless lawyers who lived off the oppressive gravy train is fun to watch. Should THEY SERVE TIME in a just society to mend their karma?
Did you somehow miss that story this week about the Dogs that have been taught to Drive? - Catch up right here.
Catch up with Sexy Beach Bikini's, right? And, pole dancers that practice In Public - what a sweet morsel this would be to stare at, right? Or perhaps this Nipply Gal?
Oh, if you were scouring the web for more about that DNA Bigfoot material - that says Bigfoot is mixed with human DNA - read more Here, a fantastic detailed look. I love this one comment too:

"alleged Bigfoot/Human hybrid" - so were does that leave the 'pure' Bigfoot? Am I correct that this implies there (once) was a non-hybrid Bigfoot a mere 15,000 years ago, which is now extinct? What people now are seeing is a hybrid? And this pure Bigfoot somehow mated with an indigenous human female quite recently (who, obeying motherly instinct, raised something that must have been quite foreign to her), producing the current population of 7 foot tall, totally hair covered 'creatures'? Truth (if somehow confirmed) is stranger than fiction.
But you are here - Street Beauties is probably the reason, right? Or, Silly Young Things performing for the camera, perhaps? (bookmarkable). 
Before the grand finale to start off your week - The Mindless Erotic Slave - what a gig to get 100K hits:

The BS Entertains:
The slippery slope will be inappropriate - that you can bet upon.
Are you enjoying greasing the slippery slope? - You may want to bookmark and return - I hope.
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