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Monday, May 3, 2010

Evidently,The New World Order - Explained

The mysteries of the world power structure remain as highly contentious an area of Barf Stew that exists. Here's a guy who seems to put his view on things totally together in this detailed one page interview. (Oh, BTW, the video of yesterday's Barf Stew has evidently been taken off the site already - the CNN report of the alien conference.) Anyway, the New World Order is Today's Barf Stew Tag. 
The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zombie Banks Are Destroying America
When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order
Fool Me Once: A New World Order Agenda for 2012

Is it possible that this missed your hometown newspaper? Extraterrestrials in the news, and maybe in America - Oh, that immigration problem....  Please - stir this Barf stew vigoriously.
Here's the link to what to do with a UFO report in the book given to firefighters as part of their training - -- and here is a link to the book - Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control, Second Edition

Here's a trippy blog that links to my blog The Heavy Stuff (small, great blogroll btw) - VERY Stewable.

Here's imported Barf Stew direct from Russia - Siberian Hunter Saves Yeti From Drowning -  (hat tip X's 100 to

Hot girl laying on the beach - Stewable ratios. Barf Stew Entertains.

And, more strangeness from Russia - Girl Sleeps in Siberian Town for Nine Years Non-Stop - A Barf Stew story if I ever heard one.

Another of those Beastwood photo's you find only here -

Seems there has been a few BIG fights in the last few days - but NOT this BIG - Barf Stew Entertains

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  1. the new world order is real and its right in front of your faces. bad times are here, and worse to come.

  2. Component activities of organized crime, have a character secret and well organized, of which case made a social impact very negative, in many states he constituting "cancer perfidious" which weakens the power society, threaten the integrity of government, cause increase taxes which adds the price of goods, endanger safety and jobs of citizens, cause damage businesses are in competition, control by force of moneyunions,finally achieving a strong influence in the sphere of economy, social and especially political.

    Romania is a mafia state with not working administration governed by organized crime.

    Human trafficking in Romania is a state policy and a modern retail which feed corruption and organized crime. Organized crime is constantly looking for legitimate business that could be used as a cover.
    According to data held by the Italian authorities in Roma: 85% of prostitutes in Rome are romanian woman. In Milano: eight of ten prostitutes which practice “job” in Milano are romanian woman including Ioana Visan, Berlusconi's hooker from Curtea de Arges (Curtea de Arges, pimps factory from Romania, manager: local corrupt police). Behind such companies, actually hiding network specializing in recruitment of girls who end up prostitute.
    These companies are used as a mask, to support illegal activities, to wash the money, but also because leaders mobs to be seen as successful entrepreneurs.
    Besides these companies, strongly related with them, in the town of Curtea de Arges-Romania exist more mafia groups(indestructible mafia groups because even the police are headed) which with the complicity of local taxi drivers, recruit, transport, and place girls to practice prostitution, girls which later are trafficked external in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, etc, by prostitution networks from Curtea de Arges. Denmark, Romania is the country with the most prostitutes and according to Europol, Eurojust, The Times, CNN, the first exporter of prostitution in Europe is Romania.

    "Traffico di esseri umani, rapine, usura, omicidi. Ricercati in tutta Europa, ma decisi al grande salto: il sequestro di Voghera. La vera storia dei romeni che hanno terrorizzato il Nord Italia...ha 37 anni e almeno tre identità: George Nan è quella vera, riportata nei certificati di nascita del comune di Curtea De Arges, una cittadina a 150 chilometri a nord-ovest di Bucarest, nella provincia di Pitesti" ...Francesca Folda,Panorama archivio, sulla mafia in Arges (Romania)

    That is new world order: ORGANIZED CRIME


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