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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rick Phillips Presents - The 2010 Barf Stew Awards - For ParaNormal And More

Hello all, welcome to the first annual Barf Stew Awards or what you can call the BS Awards. Now, today's list will feature the kinds of links that simply fit the category of Barf Stew. Meaning, the links are meant to be outrageous with just a smidgen of possible truth.

#11 Like this one to start the list off from the very end of 2009 (but sneaking into the 2010 awards) - Call it the Crashed Disk on Mercury - you may need to have a good imagination for this one:

(Click to enlarge - yes, the thing in the lower right)

Mercury (True Books)

#10 Now, you will NOT need your imagination with this one - as this was called the Jesus Penis Artwork: - Christians Super Pissed about Possible Jesus Penis - Impossible Accident?
(click to enlarge?)

#9 And, perhaps you remember that spring began with a bang - well, at least with a BEAM - in this impossible headline of the year - Mayan Pyramid Shoots out Beam of Light, in a Thunderstorm, as UFOs Hover All Around! -
                                                                  (click to enlarge)

#8 The Debunking of The Romanek Equations
Gotta make sure to hit this link to see the equation - looks like an Einstein Equation. Impossible. Now Classic Barf Stew.

#7 New Questions about President Obama
Next on the Barf Stew Awards List? None other than our President - once again. As, once again, there is a controversy about his very identity - such as with his Social Security Number -- yeah, that's right the MSM has had no interest in the story but you can read the slew here - Investigators: Obama uses Connecticut Soc. Sec. Number - then you can read about the Google suppresion of the story here - Read why President Obama's SS Number is impossible.

#6 the 'Starchild Skull'
Seems to me that almost every year we have some news about one of the Starchild Skulls. This time it was supposed to be the BIG news of proof of the elusive alien DNA - with pics and video.

#5 A Tale of Two Babies by Sarah Palin
Next up is a Barf Stew by any standards - as this link contains near proof about Sarah Palin's child Trig ...... oh, I just will have to let the link and the pictures speak for itself - are you ready for the impossible? A story simply beyond the MSM's abilities?

#4 Ranchers Capture 'Fanged, Hairy Humanoid' - Argentina with TWO pictures. Who says they never capture the impossible?
#3 The Perfect Bid On TPIR for a 1964 Bentley - Yes, a perfect bid. BUT - that isn't what is Barf Stewy - what is BS'y is Drew Carey's REACTION!

#2 And, how about the most hoaxy cool impossibly good UFO video of the year? One worthy of a mouth dropping upchucking Barf Stew reaction? 

#1 BS Stories Of 2010 - `Time-Traveler' Stories and Pictures

It seems that the year 2010 was the year that let loose, so to speak, time-travelers into the internet meme's. It started with an assumed hoax story on April First - Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future
and, somehow, the story got April Fools legs and was repeated for a day or so as if it were true.
That quickly led just a week or two later to the now famous `Hipster' photo in a 1940's photo

And, later in the year, both Abraham Lincoln and A Woman with a Cellphone - was found in a 1928 movie of Charlie Chaplin:

But, after the hipster and before the cellphone, Barf Stew brought the most outrageous `Time-Traveler' Picture of the year to the internet when a Mohawk Punk Time Traveler was spotted in on a banana pier in 1905.

(click to enlarge)

But, the Barf Stew was still not stirred well enough, as for one last time in 2010 a time-traveler was found - this time looking like a young John Lennon in a 1910 beach scene:
(more about time travel pictures -

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